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  1. Article: 4th leader introduced to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] with five new story quests

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      23 Jul

    This is all hands on deck Calling out lost boys and girls I'm getting tired of the disrespect We won't stop tiII we rule the world It's our time we up next (next) Our sail's about to be set (set) They ain't seen nothing yet! Tell 'em who is in charge So they don't forget

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      22 Jul
    Alicia Maddox

    So. That's it. The end of my favorite manga since Bleach. I must admit, it ended a darn sight better than how Bleach ended. XDX Thank you so very, very much, Hiro, for creating my favorite manga/anime story ever! <3 FairyTail has been such a delight to follow all these years, and I am happy with how it ended. I look forward to your next work and I will continue my love of this amazing story! Forever a Fairy Tail Guild member! FIRE DRAGON ROOOOOOAAAAR!!!! :D

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      22 Jul

    Roadhog nerfed, yet Hanzo can still get one hit kills by shooting people in the feet.

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4th leader introduced to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] with five new story quests

Five new story quests have been added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. These exciting quests focus on a few of the Dandelions, the children who survived the Keyblade War. Particularly, the identity of the fourth Union leader is revealed in this critical installment. An untranslated playthrough of these quests can be seen below, courtesy of Everglow. A translated version will be available soon!

Are you excited to see more information about the Dandelions? What type of person might the fourth Union leader be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE: Thanks to KH13 Archives Team member Everglow, the new story update is now available with English translations for your viewing pleasure. You can check it out below.

So...Ardyn is the fourth Union Leader? Lol

So then FF characters playing main stage now? or was that not supposed to be Arydn

His name is Blaine

I don't care if his name is Blaine, THAT is Ienzo/Zexion. Or maybe a distant relative? Definitely some kind of connection.

Can't wait for the 5th Union Leader to be Olette lol (half joking/half serious).

Can't wait for the 5th Union Leader to be Olette lol (half joking/half serious).


The fifth leader is going to be our lord and savior, the almighty Pence.



The new Dandelion looks like some weird crossover between Zexion/Ienzo and Ardyn

The new Dandelion looks like some weird crossover between Zexion/Ienzo and Ardyn

Yep! Blaine does look exactly like a mix of these two!

Now that the translations are up, I think I understand what Kingdom Hearts X is. It's experiences that the Keyblade Wielders already went through, but the bad dreams are being swallowed up by Chirithy which is why events are only played in snippets.

The fifth leader is going to be our lord and savior, the almighty Pence.



Anyone who sounds like Spider-Man is instantaneously trustworthy in my book. X)"


Anyway, it looks as though they are including the final events of the original X in the form of dreams after all. That's pretty much what I've been hoping for this whole time, and I do hope that we'll get to see the all of it including the actual Keyblade War. That scene with the player and Ephemer was a bit early though, but maybe it was actually Ephemer's recollection of the scene, and they'll still play things in order. I hope they do, because this is a setup I can get behind.


Have fun carefree missions with your friends during the day, oblivious to the fact that EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE!!!! you're in a different world entirely, but at night you have dreams/nightmares of the events leading up to the Keyblade War that you actually took part in, experiencing everything in real time. And once you finally hit the final dream, the war itself, something big will happen. I'm hoping that they'll actually use that final scene of the original X as a good way of introducing the Enchanted Dominion as a new world to explore, or maybe you go there before having the final dream mission. Point is, it looks promising how they might be planning on going about this, I really hope they do end up doing it this way, it gives us everything we've been missing essentially.


As for the Fourth Leader, he seems...interesting so far. That's all I can say. He clearly looks a bit like Ienzo/Zexion with that hairdo and overall mysterious vibe around him, but the hair color is a bit different and he clearly has a much more expressive taste in clothing. I'm almost getting a sort of Ardyn vibe from him (from FF XV...in case there's at least one person on here who hasn't played/watched XV yet, lol), but it feels a bit too soon to say. I almost get the feeling that there's supposed to be something mysterious or iffy going on with him later on as the story progresses, but maybe I'm just overreaching and he'll actually be a pretty genuine guy. Then again, never trust those who don't show their eyes, they tend to be the iffy characters in the series...the Fortellers sort of half-count by having masks that have eyes, so I'd say that's more of a grey-area for them. Point is, we should watch this guy.


Can't wait to see who the Fifth Leader is! I'm kind of hoping it'll be a girl, it would round the group out a bit better, the whole 3 guys 2 girls thing. Plus I'd feel kind of bad if Skuld was the only gal there, makes it a bit too easy to assign her as a token, despite the fact that we've gotten plenty of exposure to her personality by now. No matter who it is though, I'm sure they'll be interesting.