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  1. Article: Final Kingdom Hearts II manga volume cover revealed & chapter 63 scanned and translated

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Final Kingdom Hearts II manga volume cover revealed & chapter 63 scanned and translated

The final volume of the Kingdom Hearts II manga will finally be released next week (August 22) in Japan. After starting back in 2006, it's great to finally see this manga series coming to an end. You can view the cover below. Thanks go to @ArikaMiz for the tip. Additionally, we also have chapter 63, the final chapter of volume 9 scanned and translated thanks to taime, catmaster0116 & corfidbizna.

20150812 01b

Album: Chapter 63
41 images

Update: Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series posted a tweet regarding the final volume of the Kingdom Hearts II manga via the official Kingdom Hearts Japanese Twitter page. In the tweet he shows his appreciation on how well Shiro Amano, the artist for the Kingdom Hearts manga series has done with the manga. You can view a translation of the tweet below thanks to goldpanner.

The last volume of the comic adaptation of Kingdom Hearts II, by Shiro Amano, the first person other than me approved to officially draw Sora and the gang, releases on the 22nd this month. I wrote something for the paper wrapper. Please take a look. Now I am looking forward to the day he next does the honour of drawing for me.

Update 2: For the Japanese release, each copy of the last volume of Kingdom Hearts II manga includes a special message from the Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura. You can find the message below in both Japanese and English. Translation provided by KH13 News Team member soraspromise.


Due to the characters' high spirits, my heart was beguiled into reading this before it came out. For the next work, I will wait patiently.

The Kingdom Hearts Manga had so much better character development then the actual game, especially for Kairi, Square should take note do this with Kairi seriously don't F this up in KH3, great chapter by they way can't wait for the final Volume to come out and then for them to be translated


No offense, but....

The cover kinda seems underwhelming for an epic final volume. It looks more like volume 1 or 2, not the final. 

Riku's Face is the best face ever...

I absolutely adore how Kairi looks here <3 It looks like she's trying to hold hands with Sora but failed xD

oh crap I need to fix my scanner soon

I love how it took like 10 years to finish the KH2 manga. I really don't mind and I completely understand how annoying it is and how long it takes to make any comic, but I still find it kinda funny. Great to see it finally ending though. Did they ever release BBS or is that still pending?
Woaaaa you're great guys! Thanks, thanks a lot for scanning and translating! xD
I love the KH mangas, and Kairi is a badass in them! This is great news, thank you so much guys! Also, I don't think Bbs is getting a manga because of problems between Disney and the artist :( I dont care if we never get a DDD one but I'd love a BBS one sooo much

*sees waifu*


*sees that i already read this chapter and beyond from other sources*

This is the last chapter I translated with the manga team for KH13.

I was glad to see Sora and Riku reunite before I left.