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  1. Article: English Walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Castle of Dreams Quests 601-615 now available

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      19 Sep
    Master Eraqus

    Note: What I will say is not meant to be taken completely seriously and is just an idea to think about and possibly break your hearts. ;P Remember that angel-like creature that stood behind Marluxia in Re:COM? What if that was Strelitzia's Nobody?

English Walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Castle of Dreams Quests 601-615 now available

An English walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ quests 601-615 taking place in Castle of Dreams is now available. Currently, these quests are only available in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, though it has previously been teased that Castle of Dreams will make it's way into the international version sometime in 2017.

This walkthrough has been made available thanks to Everglow and translations from Catherine Mueller (nichiei.translations@gmail.com).

Are you keeping up with both versions of the game or just one? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for putting this up!


I'm a free2play player and I haven't logged in for almost the last 2 weeks. So being able to watch how the game progresses without playing is a huge plus!


Everglow's medals are....amazing....I wish I had even one of those medals >.<

I wish I was strong enough where a simple hit causing over 20000 damage is standard. I was hallucinating when I saw +89 for health, right? I mean... +89?!

i am stil wait for this is 

That's interesting, so if Cinderella's dress is fixed, how will she get her signature dress?