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  1. Article: Actor Drake Bell hints toward a potential role as Young Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts III

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      22 Sep

    Just read the article about the SkyTree Tower event in Tokyo. I am blown away with all of the PR for Kingdom Hearts 3. I have never seen such a PR push for a title probably since FFXV.

Actor Drake Bell hints toward a potential role as Young Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts III

Drake Bell, an American singer and actor, recently hinted with two retweets that he is apparently going to take the role of Young Master Eraqus, concerning the voice recording of Kingdom Hearts III.

Posted Image

Recently, James Woods, the voice actor for Hades, also confirmed through his Twitter account that he was working on a new Kingdom Hearts game. In addition, a rumor recently surfaced which involved the Spanish voice actors of Hiro and Baymax in Big Hero 6, hinting toward the possibility of them being involved with Kingdom Hearts III.

Do you think there are soon going to be new reveals about Kingdom Hearts III voice actors? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below!

Nani the firetruck

Oh I hope so! :)


Attached File  Young Xehanort.jpg   18.88KB   1 downloads

Looks like those speculations were correct. ;) I can see those fans now. Making those funny Drake and Josh videos. lol

I remember hearing several people saying that it sounds like Drake Bell (Myself included) It's nice to see this being the case if he is voicing him, if not this is a nice troll move by him as well lol.  I'm guessing they are getting the voice actors together to voice lines from the trailers that we have seen so far (And the game of course) with the Dandelion event coming up on Sunday I could see that could be something they show off, an English voiced version of a previous trailer.


Let's pray that one of his lines is: ''Who! Just take it easy man!''

hmm have to goggle who that is


edit: nope never seen him in anything

He's done a good job voicing Spider-Man, thought this was already official as I could have sworn that was him in the KH3 trailer from 2015. Hope it becomes official soon.
I knew it!!!

Drake Bell has a new voice of Young Eraqus, which he's became the trainer as the brother of Xehanort before he became the Keyblade Master!

So, it was the E3 2015's trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, all along! Right?

Thanks for informing us about this, Yoshirai! Omg, this is sooo freaking exciting! AND JUST DAYS AWAY FROM THE UNION X FAN EVENT!!! HMMM, COULD THIS BE A LEAD UP TO A NEW TRAILER!?!?


God, do you know how freaked out and happy I'd be if a new KHIII trailer did indeed appear at the Union X Fan Event? I think I'd just about die of happiness and then come back to life with that same happiness! xD


Seriously though, this is awesome news! And this takes me back to many videos and many members here debating whether Young Eraqus's voice was Drake Bell's or not! Now it seems these speculations are true! That's it, dubbing for the game is now probably coming full circle! First James Woods and now Drake Bell!? What a time to be alive! :D

Oh my Lord... I remember some people speculated about this. Woah... I got goosebumps.