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  1. Article: Diamond Select Toys confirms Series 1.5 for DST Kingdom Hearts figures

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Diamond Select Toys confirms Series 1.5 for DST Kingdom Hearts figures

Diamon Select Toys have announced a Series 1.5 for its line of Kingdom Hearts figures, not too long after the figures of Final Form Sora, Shadow and Soldier, and Birth by Sleep Mickey from the series were listed by an independent seller on eBay, who claims to have found them at Walgreens last year.

You can see the pictures of the Series 1.5 toys and their boxes below.

DU4oHiAXUAMX0Y7 DU4oKGRWAAEbu6s DU4oJGyWkAATO9 DU4oLLwW4AAxZGM S l500 S l1600 (2) S l1600 (1)

Diamon Select Toys stated that the Series 1.5 includes:
  • Final Form Sora (single pack)
  • Birth by Sleep Mickey Mouse (single pack)
  • Shadow/Soldier (two-pack)
Diamond Select Toys have told us that the single packs are being sold exclusively at Walgreens stores, while the two-pack will be sold at Target.

Previously, the Series 1 included the Shadow and Soldier figures sold alongside Axel, and different variants of Sora and Mickey.

You can read more about recent DST releases for Kingdom Hearts figures here.

Thanks for letting us know about this, Aquaberry!


You know, just the other day, I was at Specs and I saw a bundle of Diamond Select that had Axel, Mickey and a Shadow Heartless if I'm not mistaken! It's pretty cool that more and more KH figurines keep releasing for collecting! :D