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  1. Article: Coverage: Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Dandelion Meeting 2018 in Anaheim, California

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Coverage: Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Dandelion Meeting 2018 in Anaheim, California

Welcome to KH13.com’s live coverage of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Fan Event at House of Blues Anaheim in Anaheim, California!

Aptly dubbed the “Dandelion Meeting,” the event lasts from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM PDT on April 15th, 2018. The schedule in PDT is as follows:
  • 11:30 AM: Check-in Begins
  • 1:00 PM: Doors Open / Event Start
  • 2:00 PM: Opening Remarks
  • 3:00 PM: KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Designer Panel
  • 6:00 PM: KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Developer Panel with Franchise Director Tetsuya Nomura
  • 8:00 PM: Event Close
Photography is allowed at the event; however during panel discussions photography and video recording are prohibited. It is currently unknown what will be showcased at the event and whether Kingdom Hearts III will make an appearance amongst the commemoration of the 2nd year anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].

News Team members Raxaimus and NihonScribe will be representing KH13 at the event! During this coverage, we will be keeping you up to date with info provided by attendees and all available news. Stay tuned!

Follow our Twitter Live Coverage.

Follow our other social media handles for news updates: Facebook, Tumblr.


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Jan 29, 2018: Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Fan Event announced for California on April 15; Tetsuya Nomura and other team members to be in attendance!
Mar 9, 2018: Kingdom Hearts χ[Cross] Fan Event: Dandelion Meeting agenda update!
Mar 9, 2018: Kingdom Hearts χ[Cross] Producer Hironori Okayama stopped by the Square Enix USA offices to record this greeting for the fans!
Apr 10, 2018: Schedule released for the Kingdom Hearts χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting!
Apr 13, 2018: Team Square Enix is on a quick lunch break before Sunday's Dandelion Meeting!

Day 0 [Apr 12, 2018]
3:50PM (USA PDT): News Team Staff Raxaimus sticks the landing! KH13 represent!
4:25PM (USA PDT): Square Enix USA is starting to set everything up for the event!
4:41PM (USA PDT): News Team StaffRaxaimus has located HMK!
5:26PM (USA PDT): News Team StaffRaxaimus and HMK have found Churro!
8:04PM (USA PDT): There will be message board for the Dandelions to write on at the event tomorrow!
10:05PM (USA PDT): A sneakpeak from inside the venue as Square Enix rehearsed for tomorrow's event!

Event Day
9:50AM (USA PDT): Seems like Shinji Hashimoto will be at the #DandelionMeeting as well! Thank you @HMKilla for finding him! He said "see you in a few"!
9:53AM (USA PDT): Nomura is already here!
11:02AM (USA PDT): News Team Staff NihonScribe and Raxaimus reporting at the Dandelion Meeting!
11:38AM (USA PDT): The doors to the #DandelionMeeting should be opening NOW! Event, start!
11:44AM (USA PDT): A Walt Disney World Resort Vacation will be awarded at 5PM!
11:51AM (USA PDT): They are now letting everyone in!
12:00AM (USA PDT): #DandelionMeeting name tags and stamp card!
12:10AM (USA PDT): There seems to be a lot of activites for the Dandelions at #KHUxDM! Collect stamps from Storybook 1, 2, 3, 4, Classics, Signing Wall, and a Draw Battle to redeem a special gift!
1:12PM (USA PDT): Storybook moments showcased at #KHUxDM!
1:48PM (USA PDT): The ticket booth sports some lovely concept art of the characters from #KHUx and Nomura's KHx[Chi] 3rd anniversary Key Art!
1:50PM (USA PDT): If you have any pictures at Toy Story Land, be sure to share them with us!
1:57PM (USA PDT): Stage featuring Daybreak Town present at the event!
2:00PM (USA PDT): Disney Suits foreseen from the back of the stage!
2:03PM (USA PDT): Dandelions have been playing #KHUx with special Mickey gloves and signing the message board!
2:10PM (USA PDT): Make sure to stop by the Moogle Shop! A whole lineup of merchandise is available at the #KHUxDM!
2:15PM (USA PDT): The concept art on display demonstrates how much work went into the making of #KHUx!
2:20PM (USA PDT): The event is also featuring Draw Battles!
2:28PM (USA PDT): The Opening Remarks of the show is about to begin! Dandelions have been asked to take seats!
2:33PM (USA PDT): More concept art and character stands!
2:34PM (USA PDT): Square Enix have finally taken the stage!
2:38PM (USA PDT): Shinji Hashimoto is on stage!
2:38PM (USA PDT): Hashimoto-san said "My friends are my power!" and hopes we have fun at the event!
2:40PM (USA PDT): Tetsuya Nomura is on stage!
2:44PM (USA PDT): Giantland confirmed as mini-game for Kingdom Hearts III!
3:13PM (USA PDT): Hayner, Pence, and Olette were reportedly shown in the exclusive KH3 video shown at the KHUxDM!
3:30PM (USA PDT): Sora is able to play these minigames on his own handheld, accessible from Twilight Town! He was seen playing it on a bench!
3:40PM (USA PDT): Megumi Yamamoto is going over the cutscene creation process!
3:43PM (USA PDT): An upcoming story cutscene just played. Maleficent trapped the player in her castle, just after Prince Phillip escaped!
3:53PM (USA PDT): There's Heartless concept art in washrooms!
3:55PM (USA PDT): Much more informations have been released during the panel!
4:00PM (USA PDT): Producer Hironori Okayama is in Anaheim!
4:06PM (USA PDT): The KHUx Artist Q&A is now ended!
4:25PM (USA PDT): Attending Dandelions to receive a Chirithy giftbag!
5:03PM (USA PDT): Hashimoto and Co. have come out to discuss Toy Story Land in Disney World and the interactive activities there!
5:10PM (USA PDT): They are now showing a video on the development of Toy Story Land!
5:16PM (USA PDT): There will be Toy Story Land collaboration with KHUx (North America only)!
5:20PM (USA PDT): They have announced the winner of the Dandelions sweepstakes! Ashley wins a trip to Disney World!
5:55PM (USA PDT): News Team Staff @RaxaimusKH13 has provided a photo of one of the mini-games: The Barnyard Battle!
6:03PM (USA PDT): The 2nd panel has begun! Nomura is on stage
6:08PM (USA PDT): New infos concerning the Giantland minigames! Those will take the name of Classic Kingdom, and will also be avaiable on KHUx!
6:13PM (USA PDT): KHUx PvP Gameplay is being shown on stage!
6:22PM (USA PDT): The demo is done, and Okiyama won against the data! New informations about the PvP functioning have been released!
6:25PM (USA PDT): Okiyama hints to a possible near release of the PvP system for KHUx!
6:28PM (USA PDT): Kendo is on stage now, talking about 7-star medals. All medals can be evolved!
6:30PM (USA PDT): Okayama says "Maybe" concerning 7-star medals avaiability. Furthermore, PvP will include evolve materials for those medals!
6:32PM (USA PDT): A new event has been announced. This event for your chance to appear in KH3 starts TODAY! Your name will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3!
6:38PM (USA PDT): The event, "Make your Mark" will begin at 8:00 PM PDT!
6:45PM (USA PDT): Nomura hints to a future Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, where a never seen character will make an appearance!
6:50PM (USA PDT): When asked about future collaborations, the team would love to hear suggestions on Twitter! Look out for future Twitter polls!
6:54PM (USA PDT): The Q&A Panel with Tetsuya Nomura has now ended!
8:08PM (USA PDT): Kingdom Hearts III trailer was released on Youtube!


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CK 01 CK 02 CK 03 CK 04

Dandelions Meeting

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The Dandelions

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1 DayAAYuXkAAS95a Dax 8oWVwAMjrdn DayJNmRU8AEDB1Y Da1m4b5U0AAMlHt Da1azy5UMAAPpso Da1ttuWV4AAAKPr KHUxDM - News Team Staff Da11vrbU8AAlMgW Da19XiaW0AEqBRh Da18dn7VAAA7pgK Da1 t5dV4AAtCxZ Da1 vXGVAAE31W Da1 PdvU0AARqw Da1 uwkU8AAguhy Da2C6E9VAAASWN Da2A27qUQAEbgUe Da2A27sVQAAlVGU Da2A260UMAA1j2B Da2BGO9UwAAAQjV Da2FqxDVMAAt83y Da2HnBBVQAAXYT7 Da2GnYzUMAAqC1j Da2G5qEU8AAt7Bj Da1p7WZVQAA3fAR Da14K1TUwAAAkXj Da2Ms2FUMAAMCzf Da2J55oVMAAAVF6 Da2LWUvU8AE22Fg Da2O YvUwAA2riK Da2OzUEUQAAAKNW Da2PC7xU8AAFEj Da2Ow0iUwAAXn6C Da2O2 YV4AEaqT5 Da2O62vVMAAYi 4 Da2NGx UMAAojfS Da2RpzOVAAA3z6n Da2RQ0dUwAAtNIo Da2RWU0U0AA5D A Da2S0BxU8AAQ4uX Da2SpNMU8AEoyXi Da2SrboVwAAOi2E Da2SvpBVQAAUDlw Da2R8gQUwAE53y9 Da2TKRwVAAAkpiB Da2UixqVQAAeFjb Da2UixsVAAA Hf0 Da2WRZMV4AAhvJj Da1y4nzVAAArpr9 Da16 68UwAA8 FF

This is it! If it's Union X news, I'll be happy either way. If it's KH3 news (no matter how unlikely), I'll be super happy!

This is it!! If it's KH Union X and KH3 News, I'll be so happiness!!

Because tomorrow, I want to see another new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 in KINGDOM HEARTS: Union X(cross) fan event and reveal the release dates on 2018 and reveal the new world, right before E3 2018 is getting started on June 2018.

Got that?
Have fun KH13 staff that are there! We’re all rooting for you!

Thanks for informing us of this, Aquaberry!


Gahhh, the time is finally upon us! Tomorrow, we shall finally know what is it that Nomura will reveal regarding Union X, and hopefully, new information on Kingdom Hearts III! The hype is on! :D


Even if there's no new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III shown, I won't be disappointed. Anyway, I hope the coverage hypes us up, regardless of what happens! :D

Oh boy! Here we go! :D

less than 18 hours left guys and gals! Here is to hoping we get some KH 3 news! Cheers!

Although I'm not interested in playing Union X, I've been watching the story online so far, but I am intrigued what could be coming for it next, so here's to seeing major development on Union X's story.

Can't wait until everyone writes complaints about Union X on that message board.

Japan JST: 10AM-12PM


PST: 6:00 PM: KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Developer Panel with Franchise Director Tetsuya Nomura

EST: 9PM - 11PM

CST: 8PM- 10PM

MST: 7PM - 9PM


WET: 2AM - 4AM

CET: 3AM - 5AM



I have a feeling something big is gonna happen because Hashimoto and Nomura are there.

There is something very fishy about all of this. Especially since Hashimoto and Nomura are there.

Welp. At least we got SOME KH 3 news. With 1 hour left in the event, I doubt we'll be getting anything more KH 3 related.

Not to mention, Papa Nomura is coming to the United States a lot more often to promote KH 3! YAS!

MY SON SORA LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Seeing him so happy while playing the watch and play-esque thing is so heart-warming!