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  1. Article: Chuck Terceira answers fan questions about the Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts figures; they're planned to release in holiday 2017

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Chuck Terceira answers fan questions about the Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts figures; they're planned to release in holiday 2017

Earlier this year, Diamond Select Toys revealed, for the first time, the prototypes for their Kingdom Hearts figures at the New York Toy Fair. And later, they showed off improved versions at C2E2 2017 and at SDCC17. They've also been made available for pre-order. Recently, Kingdom Hearts figures for their Vinimates line have been shown off as well.

Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira, also known as DSTChuck, answered various fan questions about their figures and upcoming figures, which include things like Star Trek, Kill Bill, and of course, Kingdom Hearts, as a part of their Ask DST series. Check out the Kingdom Hearts questions asked, as well as the answers, below:

Jeremiah J.: Hello, I am very excited about the Kingdom Hearts figures. I placed a pre-order for the two sets as soon as they were announced this morning. I have a few questions:

1) It was revealed that there would be more figures in the first series. What happened to the rest? The missing figures that were previously revealed were: Roxas, Maleficent, Jafar with Abu and Iago, and Creeper Plant Heartless.

2) What are our chances of getting a Beast figure (from Beauty and the Beast)? He was included in that game in his purple cowl.

Besides people, myself included, have been asking for a Marvel Select Beast for a long time. I want Beast however I can get him! Joking aside, you could make the end all beat all version of Disney’s Beast. It would be an epic figure.

DSTChuck: 1) The situation of which characters we can do and from which games is constantly evolving. As we go along, we will get more characters OK’d, or get clarity on what is allowed. What we showed at Toy Fair was mostly to show what we were doing and to gauge interest.

2) For now, the Beast is not planned, but we’d love to include him!

Huston: 5. Kingdom Hearts looks amazing! When will these beauties be released?

DSTChuck: 5) Glad you like them! Our plan is to have one series out for holiday 2017 and several series in 2018.

Check out the entire Ask DST #363 here!

Sora looks terrifying oh my god

Sora looks terrifying oh my god


Oh good, I'm not the only one who thinks these figurines look silly.

Oh good, I'm not the only one who thinks these figurines look silly.

They all look terrifying... *Shudders* 

What is terrifying or silly about them?

Thanks for sharing this with us, Elfdemon!


It's pretty cool that KH is getting so much merchandising as of late! This is no doubt due to the series celebrating its 15th Anniversary, and also because of the fact Kingdom Hearts III comes out next year! So merchandising is at an all time high now!

Even though I consider them low quality and really ugly, I do think it's a good thing that merchandise for Kingdom Hearts is being published outside of SE's own department. It gives me at least a little hope that there will be some quality figures which are not action figures in the future and that they may decide to license them to GSC or Kotobukiya or other good companies which make quality figures at not too horrendous prices.

I don't mind SE's own merchandise, I just like figures without joints better since I don't really pose them much anyway. Not to mention that they cost a lot without people knowing if they will get a nice paint job. With PAKs, faces are always a gamble.

Sora looks terrifying oh my god


They all look absolutely terrifying, lol. 

Dear god why.

I don't know what to say about the "ugly" comments, but there will be minor differences in production, and they'll be able to strike different poses that resin protoypes can't, so hopefully people check them out in person, or at least read some reviews when they come out, and make informed judgments on their quality.


We'll be doing static PVC Dioramas, as well, so hopefully those are acceptable to those who prefer that kind of thing.