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Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]Kingdom Hearts III23 January 2014 by Sora96

The connection between KINGDOM HEARTS χ and KINGDOM HEARTS III is believed to have been touched upon in the latest update for KINGDOM HEARTS χ, via the Fortuneteller's Script. goldpanner has translated this script via KHInsider, and it can be read below.


You've really shaped up as a Keyblade Wielder, haven't you.

Uh-huh, you're looking really fine, too!

I think it's time to tell you, then.

Before my master, He who created me, disappeared,

He bestowed His six followers with new names, and gave five of them a tome of prophecy.

These five followers, who were to become the Foretellers, read the future written in the tome.

Apparently a passage written on the last page shocked them.

"The war in that place will lead to the defeat and destruction of the Light.
The World will be enveloped in eternal Darkness."

In order to save the future World, the five Foretellers thought to use the power hidden in the tome of prophecy.

That's the power you are all using now.

Through the cards, you are using the power of the future to try and protect the light from the darkness, and avert the future enveloped in darkness.

Also, as you know, even though the five Foretellers share the same goal, they by no means share the same will.

So, you mustn't lose sight of it yourself.

HD 2.5 ReMIXKingdom Hearts IIIKingdom Hearts χ[chi]24 December 2013 by Arturo Molina

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly, releasing on December 26, 2013, has contained an interview with the director of the KINGDOM HEARTS series, Tetsuya Nomura. Here, Nomura reveals new information regarding KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX, KINGDOM HEARTS III and KINGDOM HEARTS χ.

hokanko-alt have published a summary of this interview, and staff translator goldpanner has translated it. Thanks to her, it can be read below.

> Game Information

- Final Mix version as base, plus Japanese voices
- Re:Coded has been fully remade as a movie, with new scenes

> Interview


- KH2.5 was created by the same team as 1.5, the Osaka Team. However, as the HD-ifying process had already been established, it went a lot more smoothly than 1.5 did

- A release time frame is in sight but they still aren't at a stage where they can announce a date

- They didn't have to change as much this time as they did for KH1.5, but the volume was equivalent

- Re:Coded isn't as long as 358/2 days, and most of the main story was already in cutscene form, which means they are applying new cutscenes to things that happened in Disney Worlds. Those require new voicing work, and last week they carried out the voice recording for Alice's world

- They are also adding battle scenes and a just little more to the scenario

- There's a scene connecting from Re:Coded to KH3D

- The reason for the HD remasters is to recap the story that leads to KH3, and since a) it's sad to think of just one title getting left out of being in HD and b) KH3D is a vital part in laying out KHIII, he knows he has to think of something


- He is currently being conscious of putting in mysteries and twists for the story. There's an episode of KHχ added that begins with a simple conversation with Chirithy, but then another Chirithy appears in the scene.

- The Guilt System had the working title of 'Orb', but they changed it. Perhaps you could expand on imagining collecting the sins (guilt) of the Heartless
-There is a natural predetermined meshing if he writes the scenarios himself, but as the goal approaches, he is becoming less convinced of that answer. He's exploring solutions to the question of how to surprise himself

- He thinks the KHχ scenario will actually be a surprise. An episode dedicated to the Foretellers will reveal, written in a tome of prophecy, events that are to happen in the future

- The last passage in the tome of prophecy is something shocking that connects to KH3

- As KHχ is online, it is by nature difficult to establish an ending to the story, but he has thought of a tentative conclusion. He's also currently thinking of online components for KH3, so he's hoping he can link them nicely, but he still doesn't know


- He was happy that the KH3 promo released in October had such a massive reception, but there is still way way not enough on the development side

- 'Attraction Flow', which allows the selection of techniques that respond to enemies and locations, has techniques particularly rich in individuality during boss battles. It's one of the core gameplay elements of KH3, evolved from KH3D's Flowmotion

- Other than the gun form, there are some out-of-this-world transformations for the Keyblade. When the staff told me it would become a [redacted] I burst out laughing

- I hope to use all sorts of gimmicks on the suggestion of the planning department

- KH3 and KH2.5 are both by the Osaka Team; they are being worked on side by side

- Nomura is currently rewriting the scenario for KH3

Update 1: Famitsu.com have posted a preview scan of the article concerning HD 2.5 ReMIX. You can view it below.

Update 2: SQEX.INFO have done a full translation of Nomura's interview, and thanks to them, this can be read below.

Today we’re speaking with Kingdom Hearts series creator Tetsuya Nomura about KH2.5 and KHX, as well as the latest title KH3 announced for PS4 and XB1. Get the inside scoop about what Nomura has in store for the undoubtedly amazing story!

- First off, I’d like to ask about Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. Did development start right after Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix was finished?

Nomura: That’s right. Just like KH1.5, KH2.5 is being handled by the Osaka team. Programmers established the system for making things HD with KH1.5, so this time it’s progressing even smoother than that.

- So it’s not as difficult this time around?

Nomura: I think I mentioned this before, but it was more difficult with KH 1.5 since there was no remaining data to go off of. (wry laugh) This time Birth by Sleep is included in the compilation and originally the Osaka team worked on that, so they have the know how and there haven’t been any problems so far.

- KH2.5 was recently exhibited at Jump Festa 2014. If development is going so well, is the release date close at hand?

Nomura: The release period is in sight, but I can’t say yet.

- Alright, let’s talk about content. For KH1.5, there were changes made to KH’s technical specifications to make it closer to KH2, what about this time?

Nomura: There haven’t been any changes so far. Nonetheless, we are not only making an HD version of KH2, but BBS and the Final Mix parts as well, and of course we’re implementing trophies, so it has considerable volume and I think it’s something players can enjoy thoroughly.

- Scenes from KH Recoded are also included in the compilation. How much footage from it will be included? And are voiced scenes being recorded?

Nomura: The scenarios of Recoded itself are rather short within the series, so it’s not as abundant as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was in KH1.5. But in accordance with the length of Days, scenes from it were structured mainly around the story involving Roxas and the series’ original characters. This time around, Recoded isn’t as long as Days, so most of the main story from the original has been converted to movie cutscenes. The events that took place in the Disney worlds have been newly made into movie cutscenes as well. Of course that means there will be new scenes that need voice recordings. Just last week they were recording the voices for events in the Alice in Wonderland world.

- That’s good news for Disney fans!

Nomura: After that we’re including battle scenes that we couldn’t put in at the time of Days and though they are few, we’ll be adding new scenarios too.

- Scenes that didn’t take place during the game version?

Nomura: Yes. Chronologically, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance takes place after Recoded, so there will be scenes that fill in that gap.

- Speaking of which, KH3D isn’t getting an HD remake.

Nomura: The HD remastered versions are meant to recap the story leading to KH3. While we’re remaking the series, it’s a shame that only one won’t be in HD, but KH3 picks up where KH3D leaves off so it’s an important title to the series, you can’t forget about it.

Side Note: According to Famitsu’s data as of 2013/12/8, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is the 2nd best selling HD title, behind Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. from Capcom. It sold 131,940 copies in it’s first week and has sold 222,995 total.

- KH1.5 remains the 2nd best selling HD remaster title in Japan’s history. Even though the final mix remake came out before the HD version, the HD version is selling. What do you think the main factor for this is?

Nomura: Well, probably because it’s in HD and it’s easier to play. (laughs)

- I think that’s the case too. (laughs) I think there are many people who want to play it on the high def screen and reaffirm the mysterious story.

Nomura: I keep it in mind when I put mysterious and captivating parts into the story. That way fans can imagine how things might turn out. For example, the other day a new episode was added to KHX and it has the first conversation with Chirishi. A scene where another Chirishi appears is added there, but the rest is left to your imagination. It’s established even if you only finish the conversation, I tweaked it a little bit, so it has some meaning.

- I see. Since it’s a scene you participated in, we’ll want to check it out. The new system in KHX involving “guilt” seems significant too.

Nomura: That too. At first in development they were called “orbs”, but the name has changed to “guilt” which has to do with “sin.” About the act of “gathering guilt from Heartless”, I think fans of the series will remember the connection it has. And then your imagination goes from there.

- Certainly we’ll pay attention and imagine something from there. But I doubt that we’ll be absolutely correct. How do you always think this stuff up?

Nomura: When I’m writing the scenarios on my own, it’s a combination of stuff coming naturally and the pre-established harmony. It’s because I keep writing towards my original goal. It becomes impossible to understand just by the visible answers. I want to be able to betray myself, by myself. From there I ask, “How can I surprise myself?” And then I begin to grope for a different answer. I also put thorough consideration into the fans viewpoint, wondering what might happen if this happened, etc.

- I see. Doing it like that, no one would be able to guess what’s coming, moreover a configuration with integrity is made. We will no doubt be surprised every time.

Nomura: I think that the scenarios of KHX from here on out will be surprising as well. In the episode concerning the clairvoyant, the prophesied events occurring in the future written by the clairvoyant will be revealed.

- By “the future”, what point of time do you mean?

Nomura: As for that, you’ll have to see for yourself. At any rate, the last verse of the clairvoyant is a major shocker. It’s something that connects to KH3.

- That’s a must see then! By the way, is there an ending to the story of KHX?

Nomura: As far as online characteristics go, it’s the hard part, but I am tentatively thinking about the conclusion. I’m also thinking about online elements for KH3, so if I could link them somehow that’d be cool, but I don’t know about that yet.

- At an event in October of this year a new KH3 trailer was premiered. How was the response?

Nomura: Everyone was really happy to see it, so that was good. But from the development side, only we knew what point it’s progress was at, and we showed something that still has a long way to go, something “insufficient.”

- But it looked immediately playable… Anyways in the trailer, we saw Attraction Flow, the system based on theme park attractions like Jet Coaster, etc. Are those kind of features going to be abundant?

Nomura: With Attraction Flow, you can choose techniques corresponding to the place, enemy, etc., so especially in boss fights you’ll be able to use techniques as abundantly as you like. It’s an evolution of KH3D’s Flowmotion and is one of the systems central to KH3.

- Speaking of new systems, we saw Sora’s Keyblade do a full on transformation.

Nomura: In the trailer, it became gun shaped, but it has unexpected transformations as well. The other day when I was doing a check up, a staff member said to me, “It turns into ___”, and I blurted out, “Are you serious!?” (laughs)

- What!? So already it’s not just a weapon? (laughs) After all, it was a vehicle in BBS…

Nomura: The planning side has suggested it should be used for some kind of feature. There are infinite possibilities with the Keyblade. (laughs)

- I’m sure we’ll be surprised. By the way, the Osaka team is also working on KH3, so does that mean they’ve stopped development to work on KH2.5 in the meantime?

Nomura: They’re working alongside one another.

- What are you currently working on?

Nomura: I’m working on KH3’s scenarios. Writing and editing, writing and editing.

- KH2.5 comes first huh. Lastly, I’d like to ask about the other titles that you’re involved with. How is Final Fantasy XV coming along?

Nomura: Right now we’re centralizing development. I hope you can wait until the time we can put out subsequent information.

- Alright well the other day it was announced that you are in charge of the character design for the arcade version of Puzzle & Dragons Battle Tournament. I’d like to ask about the details regarding that.

Nomura: I had the request for Gunslingers Stratos 2 and then a request from Producer Nobuki Kadoi, so I thought, “Me again?” (laughs) I was happy to hear there was a request from Gungho. At first they requested character designs with shorter body proportions, but I was being selfish and made them a little taller. I listened to the requests from the voice cast as well, and I think that the character casting came out pretty well.

- Sounds like there was a good collaboration effect going on. Lastly, is it challenging when you have those kind of jobs?

Nomura: I thought so with Gunslingers Stratos 2. It had been a long time since I designed characters for a new title and I was drawing freshly, so I thought that if I get the opportunity again, I’ll definitely go for it… Well, that’s how I felt anyways. We were able to talk about a lot of things this time. This old soldier is grateful for that.

Update 3: Famitsu.com have updated with an online companion article to the magazine article, containing many screenshots from HD 2.5 ReMIX and KINGDOM HEARTS χ. These can all be seen below, in our gallery. 4Gamer.net have also updated with some screenshots, including one extra that Famitsu did not. This is also included below.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]29 November 2013 by Arturo Molina

Square Enix have detailed many updates that KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi], the Japan-exclusive online browser game, will be receiving in December and January. These updates contain a message from series director Tetsuya Nomura, where he confirms that a passage written in the Foretellers' Script of KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] contains an important fact that leads to KINGDOM HEARTS III.

KHInsider have translated these messages, and thanks to them, the translation can be read below.

Development Team News #2

Thank you for continuing to play KINGDOM HEARTS χ.

We are soon planning a huge update for KINGDOM HEARTS χ [chi] to be more enjoyable.

As it was announced before in the Hangame site, new players that will be joining in December, the structure of the game will be revised to suit both new and veteran players. In January, there will be an addition of new worlds with plenty content that will be updated sequentially.

The Development Team News #2 will introduce some of the new updated content for December and January.

※ We will notify you of any addition changes during the update.
※ The images shown are currently in development.

■ The Worlds Finally Begin to Move...

1. A Serious Story Begins!!

Five Foreseers

A War for their Land

Servants Entrusted by Chirishii

The Last Message in the Foreteller’s Script

The ultimate story will begin in December 2013.

2. Addition of a New Worlds!

● Daybreak Town

(KINGDOM HEARTS χ [chi] original New World)

● Olympus Coliseum

Released in January 2014.

3. Release the Keyblade’s Power!

● Upgrade the Keyblade to a maximum number of 10 times.

● Upgraded Keyblades look more flashier and stronger!

Released in January 2014.

There is something fun everyday! New features!

1. Addition of Power Accessory “Strength Bangle”

● All players will be given a Strength Bangle!

● For a certain amount of time, you can boost your attack power by defeating specific Heartless in the field.

● The Heartless in particular are switched periodically. These Heartless can appear anywhere in the field. Get help from friends and you can find them quickly!

By gathering power around various worlds, you can deal great damage to Raid Bosses.

Released in December 2013.

★ Also, you can enter worlds with party members to help defeat these Heartless more easily!! Released in January 2014.

2. Raid Boss Variant appears with New Rules

● You can get large amounts of LUX by strategically defeating these variants with your party members.

● Raid Boss Variants can appear by defeating Normal Raid Bosses.

● The more quickly you defeat Normal Raid Bosses, points for Raid Boss Variant will accumulate quickly!

Released in January 2014.

3. The “Moogle Stamp” Opens!

● Everyday you log in, you get a chance to get a Mog Medal.

● The more you login, other prizes and Limited Avatars will appear.

Released in December 2013.

4. Addition of Recycle Draw

● As previously reported, Recycle Draw is still under development.

Released in January 2014.

5. Easier Gameplay Additions!

● Alongside HIGH/LOW rendering modes for cost performance, MIDDLE has been added.

● There will be a continue option for strong Heartless you couldn’t defeat.

● More phrases for your introduction bio.

● Party join notification added.

● Attack Card Boosts also correspond with Defense.

Released in November~December 2013.

There are also seasonal events!

● Functionalities that were announced previously will sequentially be added.

● Get Character Cards and Avatars from seasonal events!

● To be in the event spirit, Raid Bosses are also dressed up.

Christmas event! New Years event?!

Held sequentially in December 2013.

◆ Message from the Director ◆

Thank you for your patience.
Finally, I will begin to talk about the story of KINGDOM HEARTS χ.
There is a passage written in the Foretellers’ Script.
It is an important fact that leads to KINGDOM HEARTS III.

Everyone can be a character in this story and be happy to realize you can become a part of it.

In this KINGDOM HEARTS, everything is connected to the main storyline.
To all fans that have been playing the series, do not overlook this expansion in the story and please look forward to it.

Also, even though we have announced plenty of additional features, there is still more to expect.

We understand that many of you may be dissatisfied but there will be many updates that will enhance the game and the staff is committed to working everyday.

Thank you in advance.

So, I’ll be waiting for you in Daybreak Town.

KINGDOM HEARTS series director Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]19 September 2013 by DChiuch

Square Enix NA have uploaded a collection of Tokyo Game Show 2013 trailers to their press website, including the trailer for Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. This trailer features some upcoming additions to the social browser game, and unfortunately confirms that for now, Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] (or simply Kingdom Hearts χ, as Square Enix NA refers to it) is only aimed at the Japanese market.

Update: disneyjp on YouTube have uploaded an extended version of the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Tokyo Game Show 2013 trailer to YouTube. This can be seen below.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]12 September 2013 by DChiuch

4Gamer.net have posted an article containing some small new announcements for Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. Firstly, Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] has surpassed 200,000 users! This is a good outcome for Square, so it will be interesting to see whether or not they release the game through other avenues, apart from Yahoo! Games.

Secondly, they announced that they will be raising the level cap on Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] from 100 to 200. Users who reach level 101 will receive a Yen Sid card as a gift, seen below. Thanks go to goldpanner for clarifications.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]Kingdom Hearts III11 September 2013 by DChiuch

Updated September 11, 2013, see below.

Both Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] have been confirmed to appear at Tokyo Game Show 2013, via a press release uploaded to the official TGS website. Tokyo Game Show 2013 runs from September 19 to 22, 2013. At E3 2013, series director Tetsuya Nomura implied that new Kingdom Hearts III information would be released at the event.

Update 1: Square Enix have launched their official Tokyo Game Show 2013 website. Currently, the website covers various Square Enix titles appearing at the event, including Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. A page for Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] is available, containing some screenshots from the game. Stay tuned for more info.

Update 2: Square Enix have listed some merchandise which will be available at Tokyo Game Show 2013. Available for the first time is the Kingdom Hearts keychain set, pictured here. Amazon.co.jp have also listed this 6-keychain box, which is set for a release date of October 4, 2013 for a price of ¥3,215 (approximately $32.12).

Update 3: Square Enix have released their booth map for Tokyo Game Show 2013. This confirms that there will be an "Open Mega Theatre", which means it is likely that all trailers shown will be available for everyone to see (and secretly record). You can see this below.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]KH13.comHD 1.5 ReMIXKingdom Hearts III05 September 2013 by DChiuch

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]29 August 2013 by DChiuch

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly magazine, releasing on August 29, 2013, has included an article on Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. This article has revealed new details about future updates coming to the online browser game, as well as a special comment from series director Tetsuya Nomura, where he reveals that they plan to deliver a story that ties in with the main series. This seems to confirm that Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] will have some canon aspects!

@bKvEBVAvUq has uploaded scans of this magazine article, and these can be seen below.

Zephyr from KHInsider has translated this article, and thanks to them, the translation can be read below.

Page 1

The deadline for the contents key is November 30th.

Once you enter the contents key, you can’t use it again.

You can use the data from the contents key for the rest of the game.

Check page 194 for more information!


Data: Square Enix / Launches July 18th / Basic is free to play except for special items
Service: Yahoo! Games

The Kairi Card boosts your stats!

In KINGDOM HEARTS χ, a deck of attack cards and assist cards are utilized in battle. By receiving this serial code for the Kairi card, you can boost your HP and LUX rate. For detailed information, check the article in page 202!

Check page 202 for more information!

The deadline for the serial code is October 31st 23:59.

Once you enter the serial code, you can’t use it again.

You can use the data from the serial code for the rest of the game.

Page 2

A Special Comment from Director Tetsuya Nomura appears!

KINGDOM HEARTS χ released in July and are you guys enjoying it since? It is free to play so please feel free to try it by all means.

This title from the series feels considerably different and there may be some of you who are puzzled. I think, play it slowly without rushing. The title has only been around for a few months and gradually we will add more elements that will appear in the future and we also plan to deliver a story that leads to the series.

It has more than you might dub as KINGDOM HEARTS, of course I have some surprises in the future. Please pay attention to the behavior of a mysterious person.

Page 3

Defeat the Guard Armor and get an item!

As a reward, you get limited avatar items below and you can get a rare attack card. It should be noted that in this Raid Boss, it’s possible to get higher points by targeting a certain area.

In the series, it was necessary to deal with many parts of the Guard Armor such as the hands and the feet. In this game, this strategy holds the key to defeating it.

You can get a Namine Card and other new cards that will make an appearance!

Lastly, Square Enix have uploaded images showing off new cards to be included in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. These can be seen below.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]25 July 2013 by Sora96

Famitsu.com have posted an article about a new event and boss battle in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. You can view all the new screenshots and renders below, in our gallery.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]17 July 2013 by DChiuch

Square Enix have announced that Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], the online social browser game in the Kingdom Hearts series, is planned to launch on July 18 after its website undergoes some scheduled maintenance. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] has been in a open beta test period since July 8, and this was originally planned to last until August 1-- however, Square Enix have decided to launch the game early.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] official website

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] discussion forum

This announcement has also included some details about the final version of the game. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] will be free-to-play, but will include a paid service called "Charge Munny", where people can buy points to spend on in-game items. Items that you can buy include a rare card called 'Raise Draw', Megapotions, and Megalixers. You can also find Kupo Nuts in treasure chests on the field, and trade these in for rare assist cards.

Other updates will be announced at launch. Until the launch, you can still keep playing the open beta test, and your data will be carried over when the game launches-- so keep playing, and have fun! Square Enix thanks everyone for the help so far. When the game launches, there will be new maps and new worlds, with new characters, quests and raid bosses. Stay tuned for more details about Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. Thanks go to staff translator goldpanner for translating these details for us.