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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections announced.

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      26 Sep
    Green Sparrow

    It was a silly thing to worry about, but I'm SUPER glad Zachary Levi is voicing Flynn. It wouldn't have been the same without him. And a soft confirmation of Mother Gothel being in KH3 is nice too :)

  • Photo
      25 Sep

    I really want to get together with some freshly new KH Youtubers and create a new group for the next generation of Kingdom Hearts players. The Next Saga is going to be upon us sooner or later and i want to be ready!

Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections announced.

Square Enix have announced that Yoko Shimomura, the composer of the music from Kingdom Hearts, will be releasing an album named "Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections". It will be released in Japan during May 2009, available at a price of ¥3,000.

Do you think we should cover little pieces of news like this? You know, that aren't really related to the games?
I do not.
Yes, I think that's a good idea.

I'll have to wait for an available chance to download these~ I have every single KH soundtrack song, drammatica and remix, and I'm not about to stop getting more!
yay!! i love the piano music from kingdom hearts!! then again, i love piano music in genral! http://kh13.com/foru...tyle_emoticons/default/smiley-confuse.png :) :) :D

and yes, i think you should cover little pieces like this. it's still related to kingdom hearts!!! that..and if you never said this, i'd never know about it. :D :D :D
yayz!!!!!!!!!!! i agree w/ kairiwilson1 it stil has 2 do w/ kh
well, its KH, so I think its fine too put stuff up like this. this is the website where i get all my KH facts. I WANT THIS ALBUM!!! IT BETTER COME TO THE STATES!!!

I do not.

Well, sorry Aaron, but everyone else disagrees... I guess we'll start covering non-game related news. You know, manga, novels, play arts, soundtrack, KH Mobile...
lol I WAS BEING SARCASTIC DCHIUCH im sure everyone else noticed...
yay!!! this album's gonna be great~!


im sure everyone else noticed...

I couldn't really. But who asked me, sry http://kh13.com/foru...tyle_emoticons/default/smiley-confuse.png
Lol, its ok, dont apoligise:P going on kh13 at school is fun:)


im sure everyone else noticed...

*playfully slaps you upside the head*
you can't be sarcastic on the internet!!! unless you specifically say or imply said sarcasim!!!!
http://kh13.com/foru...tyle_emoticons/default/smiley-confuse.png :) :) :D :D :D :D :D