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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections update.

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      24 Sep
    The Transcendent Key

    Ugggh, it's so frustrating not being able to come online here on a daily basis like I'd usually do! Sorry about that, ladies and gents! But I have been keeping up with the latest KHIII insanity, and it is beautiful! <3

  • Photo
      23 Sep
    Sakuraba Neku

    Looks like we got everything from TGS, except a new World reveal. I'm not mad though. Next stop, Paris Games Week?! Hopefully it is, because Jump Festa is so far away.

Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections update.

Famitsu.com have updated with an article about Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections, which is to be released on May 27, 2009. This update announces three tracks of the album, The Other Promise, Dearly Beloved and Organization XIII, and includes photos of Yoko Shimomura working on the project. Also, the article announces Square's official website for the album. You can view the included photos below.

xD !!! I can't wait till it comes out!
same here! http://kh13.com/foru...tyle_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYZ I WANNA GET IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* and the first one im gonna learn is organization XIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay!!! i love The Other Promise~!!!