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  1. Article: Tetsuya Nomura interview, Birth by Sleep Final Mix and 3D.

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    It was a silly thing to worry about, but I'm SUPER glad Zachary Levi is voicing Flynn. It wouldn't have been the same without him. And a soft confirmation of Mother Gothel being in KH3 is nice too :)

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    I really want to get together with some freshly new KH Youtubers and create a new group for the next generation of Kingdom Hearts players. The Next Saga is going to be upon us sooner or later and i want to be ready!

Tetsuya Nomura interview, Birth by Sleep Final Mix and 3D.

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly has included an interview with the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura, where he discusses Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts 3D. Most importantly, Nomura reveals that Sora and Riku are in fact in their original clothing for 3D, and that every Disney world in the game will be new. FF-Reunion have uploaded a scan of this article, which can be seen below in our gallery. HEARTSTATION.ORG have translated the interview, which can be read below.

“The events written in the Ansem Reports took place between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts.”

Data Sora had a heart, didn’t he?

Nomura: Theoretically he doesn’t, but I entrust the answer to the imaginations of those who’ve seen the ending.

In the Secret Movie, it’s said they seem to know the location of Ven’s heart, leaving only Terra left. If we may assume, those two know that Aqua is located in the World of Darkness.

Nomura: That is what’s being hinted at.

Is it possible that the King met with her in the World of Darkness during Kingdom Hearts I?

Nomura: About that, I can’t yet say.

Yen Sid asks what if the revived Xehanort isn’t alone. What is the meaning behind that?

Nomura: Its meaning is literal. What would you do if there was more than just Xehanort? I get a bad feeling just thinking about it. (Laughs.)

So it’s possible that other members of Organization XIII can be revived?

Nomura: If their Heartless has been defeated then it’s possible.

At what point were Ansem and Xemnas separated from Xehanort? When did they lose their memories?

Nomura: Sometime between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts I. It happened during the events in the Ansem Reports from Kingdom Hearts I. Was it really memory loss? In the Birth by Sleep Secret Movie, Braig doubted it.

Additionally, there is only one master right now, and that’s the King. When did the King become a master?

Nomura: During Birth by Sleep, the King is in the middle of his Mark of Mastery exam. Therefore, by the time of Kingdom Hearts, he has become a Keyblade Master. Yen Sid is a retired master and he can proctor the Mark of Mastery exam. Thus, this time, he will administer the test to Sora and Riku.

So the letter Sora receives in the ending has to do with the Mark of Mastery?

Nomura: Well, how about that. Incidentally, even though Kairi can wield a Keyblade, she won’t be a testing candidate.

So will Kingdom Hearts 3D be the telling of their Mark of Mastery exam?

Nomura: Kingdom Hearts 3D will be the platform for it. We’ve completed the axis for the system, right now we are testing how things are implemented, continuing in the trial and error process. In 3D you will be able to play as Sora and Riku, but we are considering making their main operation systems different. In Chain of Memories they both used cards but they used them differently. We’re thinking about having two types of play styles like that.

Sora and Riku appear in their Kingdom Hearts I outfits, why is that?

Nomura: That’s still a secret. I can only say that for the story it is necessary.

Then the worlds will be the same as in the first Kingdom Hearts?

Nomura: No, except for the original worlds like Traverse Town, we plan on using all new Disney worlds. Right now we are selecting worlds, though I have a lot of ideas I want to include.

Will it use the solid 3D display that is distinctive of the Nintendo 3DS?

Nomura: There’s that, but not just that. Kingdom Hearts 3D connects to Kingdom Hearts III; I plan on showing how they evolutionarily progress.

Connected to Kingdom Hearts III?!

Nomura: Yes, both the system and the story are tied to Kingdom Hearts III. It’s likely that the ending of 3D will continue into the story of KH3.

So, how is the system progressing?

Nomura: The Kingdom Hearts series has fundamentally been a single player game. Since it’s different than the Final Fantasy series which is founded on party play, the way the characters level up is different. Because there are various things that can and can’t be done, the things I can’t do in Final Fantasy Versus XIII I’m doing in Kingdom Hearts. Still I think those sorts of differences are there.

Is Birth by Sleep Final Mix taking center stage at the moment?

Nomura: The manufacturing of Birth by Sleep Final Mix is just about finished. Since the new ‘Secret Episode’ is being included, those fans who pay close attention to the mysteries of the story will want to play it by all means.

This Secret Episode, will it be different than the Secret Movies shown so far?

Nomura: In the Secret Episode, you’ll be able to virtually move as the character. I think it’ll be a different surprise fans can savor compared to just watching a movie.

Will fans be able to play a Birth by Sleep Final Mix demo at Jump Festa this December?

Nomura: Yeah, you’ll be able to. A single player and a multiplayer mode are being prepared. In the multiplayer mode you will be able to enjoy battling against Monstro.

What other things titles will be exhibited?

Nomura: The demos for The 3rd Birthday and Dissidia 012 [duodecim] will be available. One part of the promotional figure display from the Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded launch will also be there. I figured it’d be a good chance for Re:Coded players to cross paths, so please attend if you can.

The conference relating to Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII is occuring in January 2011, how is that coming along?

Nomura: We are in the midst of preparing for it. Please wait for a detailed follow up report.

Finally, a message for the fans.

Nomura: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep’s release date is January 20th. Since I’m thinking there will be a long wait before I can send a follow up report about Kingdom Hearts 3D, please look forward to it.

Great, reveals a lot of stuff. King Mickey is a confirmed Master, pretty cool. I believe it's because the outfits they wear in Kingdom Hearts II, make them more powerful and they need to prove themselves using their own strength (More meaning besides that of course though).
I wouldn't say it's the outfits, If that's the case then chances are their appearances wouldn't have changed to resemble that of their original ones when they were younger. Really looking forward to 3D now and finding out the worlds they pick. And I can't wait to see some Final Mix footage.
Yeah Re:coded NA and EU along with BBS FM JP are cutting it close to release the full site rather then a preview site. NA and EU 10 or 11 screenshots, JP TGS 2010 trailer.
I am defenitly getting bbs final mix. I want to play the secret episode. SO PUMPED!