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  1. Article: Would you want a Kingdom Hearts movie?

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      24 Sep
    The Transcendent Key

    Ugggh, it's so frustrating not being able to come online here on a daily basis like I'd usually do! Sorry about that, ladies and gents! But I have been keeping up with the latest KHIII insanity, and it is beautiful! <3

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      23 Sep
    Sakuraba Neku

    Looks like we got everything from TGS, except a new World reveal. I'm not mad though. Next stop, Paris Games Week?! Hopefully it is, because Jump Festa is so far away.

Would you want a Kingdom Hearts movie?

Since the Kingdom Hearts series begun in 2002, starting with a PlayStation 2 game made by Square Enix in collaboration with Disney, the series has expanded to not only multiple platforms of video games, but also other areas such as music soundtracks, manga, novels and figurines. One area however that hasn't been explored is the idea of a Kingdom Hearts movie. So, we'd like to ask people to contribute. Would you want a Kingdom Hearts movie? Vote in the poll and leave a comment at our forum, explaining how you think it could be done. The best result will be featured, so make sure to participate.

I would be happy if it were in the computer graphics, to keep that original feel from the game. NO LIVE ACTION!
I say no, only cause I'd worry they'd ruin it. Most Movies from Games dont do well and they tweak things and ruin the plot/storyline for hardcore fans. BUUUUUUTT - If an anime series was made THAT would be great.
I would want one. It sure could be very funny/cool.
However, I think that only one wouldn't be enough. Maybe one film for each game.

For me at least, I think it should be an animation. I don't see how making it with real people would be... I think that they could only put three or four disney worlds in the movie because if they put more, it would be more than 180 minutes. Looking in a way, it would also increase the number of KH's fans, wouldn't it?

Wouldn't it be cool? Per instance.
Kingdom Hearts - 167 minutes
" This movie is based on the Kingdom Hearts game. It's the first one of the series. The protagonist, Sora, began to use the keyblade, but his home is destroyed."

See what Square Enix and Disney managed to do together! You can't miss the newest successful movie, "Kingdom Hearts" coming soon only to the better theaters. Watch in 3D as well. Have a full experience of being a hero of the disney's worlds.

So, what do you think about this? 8D
well I think there's too much in the games to make into a movie however if they actually did do something like FF VII Advent Children I wouldn't mind
I believe that if there was a Kingdom Hearts Movie, it should have a seperate movie for each game released. For instance, the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series has movies for each book, (so far). I believe that it should be a few worlds per movie, and if they make a movie for BBS, that it should show thier stories timelines overlapping to get a better view of what was really happening. The kind of movie that would fit this series is animation.
If they did make a movie, I would hope for it to have the same graphics as AC. A live action representation doesn't sit too well with me. And I would hope they don't change too much. > <
No, just no,i have said this a lot before,it seems like a movie would just not be able to convey the story of Kingdom Hearts very well.
I think BBS would make a good movie to kick of an anime series
In my opinion, a movie wouldn't be long enough to picture all the emotion. BBS is the best guess, tough.
Live Action: No way! Computer Animated: Sure it could work if done right
DChiuch, why isn't there an "I'm 50/50" and a "I don't care option"? Now I can't vote lol. Anyway, it would be cool for a KH movie, but then again it wouldn't. If Square makes a movie, it wouldn't be long, since they can start with the plot, then after Traverse town, they could skim, but show Sora going through the worlds and battling heartless, until there's an important part like Alice disappearing, then show Maleficent and the other bad Disney villians together, then skim, until another important part, meeting Riku in Monstro, etc.(if you understand), then get back to the plot. That could make it a good length movie, and wouldn't be long. Also, Square should use CGI like Advent Children, and if there is a show, it should of course be animated(KH would look good with either one, as shown in the HP bar).
Hmmmm i think a Movie would be OK but an anime would be better because its easy to do effects of cartoons and anime looks really good! so it would be cool like dat 8)

I say no, only cause I'd worry they'd ruin it. Most Movies from Games dont do well and they tweak things and ruin the plot/storyline for hardcore fans. BUUUUUUTT - If an anime series was made THAT would be great.

that would totally rock great mindes think alike
I think a movie would be ok but,HERE IS AN IDEA, y not instead of it staring sora it stars riku wen he was with Malificent I want to see how he met her and see things they dont show in the game and things they do, that and how ansem(terranort's heartless) got inside of riku
I'm all in favor of a movie, just not one about the games. We already know their stories, so I find it a waste of time to retell them in a movie.
Instead, I think the movie could done in these ways:

1. Telling the story from another perspective. For example, if BBSv2 won't really include Riku's story in it (I personally doubt it, but who knows?), the movie could follow him as the KH storyline progresses. Or maybe even from Mickey's.

2. Filling in a blank. The Organization is an excellent example. How much do we really know about them? Very little. The movie could start from when Radiant Gardens fell to, maybe, before CoM? Of course, that's one possibility for a movie that explains something we're missing.

As for how to make the movie, live action is a HUGE no-no. CGI is the only way to go.

Edit: Actually, while I was saving links to interviews, I found this little snippet:
[quote=Re:Coded Ultimania Interview]For the 10th anniversary there is talk of remaking the original Kingdom Hearts, what do you say to that?

I recently had a some interest in making an HD remake, but right now there simply isn
NO!!!!!!!! i feel it would make me say I DONT LIKE KH ANYMORE! nuff said
As mentioned before, a KH movie wouldn't be done with the freedom of adding everything that happened in the game, so would have to be very short. I think an opening movie would be ok, more like an OVA, but with BBS, compiling together important parts of Ven, Aqua and Terra's journeys. The OVA leading to an anime series, that would be much better and could show most details in the next KH games. Though if it was a movie, in CGI no doubt.
If it is going to be a live action movie, I wholeheartedly answer with a no. Plain and simple, there is way too much in Kingdom Hearts for a faithful movie adaptation to be made to it, especially for Kingdom Hearts 1, where every world was important to the main story of the game. In addition, almost all of the characters would have to be CG'd, so there would be a lot of live action interacting with computer imagery, which with so many of those kind of characters, would be hard to carry through an entire film. Couple this with the fact that there has yet to be a truly GREAT game-to-movie adaptation, and a movie would be a complete disaster. In addition, the studio would undoubtably change several things about the games in a movie, to try and broaden its audience. If experience says anything, it will only make things worse.

If it were a CG movie, like Advent Children, the answer becomes a bit more complicated. If it's just retelling the story of KH1, I would, again, answer with a no. Mostly for the fact that, again, there is too much in Kingdom Hearts to fit into a movie, plus most of the action scenes in the games are like action scenes in a movie anyway.

If it were an original story, however, they could make it work. However, this brings a lot of variables into question: would it fit into the KH canon, does it rely on past information heavily, will it be a completely different story in the same universe, things like that. Tough call, but overall, I'll still have to say no.

In short, keep the KH series a game series. It simply won't translate into a movie.
I would be okay with a CGI or anime movie. A live action would be absolutely terrible. I actually think that an anime series would work better than a movie.
be awesome to see a kingdom hearts movie. i loved the final fantasy 7 advent children movie. so if they do something something simalar for kingdom hearts it will be even more awesome.
I would love a movie, but i'd be pretty worried about how it would turn out. A lot of things like that aren't very good. If they did, it would be nice to see something like they did with ff movies since they are computer generated. Maybe the style could be a bit more realistic but real people would probably kill it and the voices.
I think it could portray a synopsis so far and tell us which scenes have actual value to the game and which scenes are not making references to future KH games. However, what is the chronology of the movie? Remember Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days coincide. ALso, where would birth by sleep fit in? If these issues could be addressed, I would support the movie.
Well here

I say no, only cause I'd worry they'd ruin it. Most Movies from Games dont do well and they tweak things and ruin the plot/storyline for hardcore fans. BUUUUUUTT - If an anime series was made THAT would be great.

actually despite me voting yes, i agree with this more e.g. if i SAW a tv comercial for a kh movie i would be overjoyed!
I have no idea what I want from KH in terms of a movie. If it turns out like Advent Children, I don't think I would mind too much, but yeah, I'm not sure. I have no idea what I want from KH in terms of a movie. If it turns out like Advent Children, I don't think I would mind too much, but yeah, I'm not sure.