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  1. Article: Who's your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?

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Who's your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?

Continuing with the trend, we're regularly updating our news for you guys, so that you get enough of Kingdom Hearts. Rather than list the upgrades we've been doing on the new site, which have mostly been behind-the-scenes (yet still very exciting. Stay tuned!), we'll instead have a question today. Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?

It's no doubt that characters play a large role in the success of Kingdom Hearts. It seems that every fan will have some characters they love, and some they hate. So this is why we're asking you, who is your favourite character? Simply leave a comment at our forum explaining who it is, and why. The best responses will be chosen and featured, so have fun!

well mine would have to be two one for good one for evil good would be riku evil probably xemnas or i should say all the forms of xehanort
Space Cowboy
Apr 25 2011 03:03 PM
Vanitas is without a doubt my favorite Kingdom Hearts character. He is one of the only characters in the series that is pure evil, and I like him for that.
Smexy Zexy of course :3
As many of you know, my favorite character is Aqua.

At first, I just liked her because she was the most beautiful and stronger woman in the game. But after some time, it changed. I like her for many reasons. Here's some:

♦She's always thinking on her friends' safety. That is really inspiring to me.
♦She's the only master. That makes her the strongest between the trio.
♦She's mostly friendly. Except for a few times, she's been very nice to every one.
♦She often expresses her emotion. If she doesn't like it, she won't pretend that she liked it.

This strong personality is just one of the many reasons why I love her :D Seeing that, how can someone not love her?

She also loves to make new friends. She's always worried about her friends if they're not with her. She gave her freedom for her friend's sake.. She decided to stay in the Realm of Darkness in her friend's place.. How can someone not adore her?
-Maybe I'll put more reasons later, but I dunno.
Probably cliche, but my favorite character would have to be Sora above everyone else. He's optimistic and can connect with anyone he sets out to talk to or help. Even through the darkest moments, Sora would have an upbeat attitude and with Keyblade in hand, he'd rescue anyone in need and knew exactly where his power drew from -- his friends. He never questioned the fact why he was given a weapon, it just came natural to him and risked himself in dire situations without even hesitating a moment. He portrays the ideal hero and encourages others to see the light within the darkness. He may be naive, but his valor is extraordinary and makes any KH fan wish they had a friend like him.
Roxas, mostly because he's so... human. He's constantly questioning his surroundings and his purpose, like most people do. Sora just goes along with whatever, but Roxas usually wants to know why and what's going on. He's also really smart, and he's really loyal to his friends. I'd love to have a guy like him to be friends with. :unsure: I guess that's it, hehe.
As my user name might suggest, my favorite character is Riku. The elements of redemption and loyalty in his story are things I enjoy in characters. Also his use of something that is considered bad is a concept that I think makes for interesting character development and conflict.
my fave is Vanitas duh cuz it's obvious he has the most badass voice ever and hes a gangsta so duh Vanitas of course
It'd be Riku because he controls light and darkness. And he's not afraid of either one. Plus he's the best character to play as in Days.
For me it is Sora, Because he is the hero of light and does anything to save his friends He is My favouite Kingdom Hearts character (Second is Axel)
axel for me. i think hes a really...deep character and is just plain awesome! :D his story's just so sad and even though he doesnt have a heart,he sure acts like he does.
definately mickey. dont ask why, but i guess its because he was around for the whole thing. and he is just awesome.
Automatically, Sora is my favorite because he's the main character, but after playing BBS, I learned that Aqua is my favorite character, even though Vanitas is badass. lol She cares about her friends. She's strong-minded, and not weak, being a damsel in distress. She sacrificed herself to save her friend from falling into the realm of darkness(unknowingly, she doomed us all lol). Oh, and did I mention she can be distracting(for obvious reasons lol).
My favorite character is Sora because for several reasons- -he is a goofball -he is awkward, and I like awkward people -he does anything and everything for the people he cares about -he stays almost always optimistic and positive -he says the cheesiest things in the games -he has awesome gravity defiant hair (I wish I knew what shampoo he uses, because that volume is amazing!lol) -he is awesome :) :) :lol:
Riku. He's like the Anakin Skywalker of Kingdom Hearts. :)
Well for the good guys I love totally Aqua because: She is always thinking in her friends. She had the best storyline in BBS. She became the stronger of the trio. She is sexy. She has a sad ending in BBS. Seemingly she has something to do with the events on the entire series while she was on the RoD (maybe) She is strong. She uses magic. xP And for the bad guys I would choose Larxene for the moment. Why? Because she is: Sarcastic like me. She is the villain who has gotten all my hate. She is hard to defeat the 2nd time. Well that's my opinion.

Roxas. I do like the way he currently is, but part of me wishes he was more developed in the way that the secret ending of KH was heading. Y'know, a BAMF. I enjoy how he is now though, an angstacular, clueless, idiot. This is because not only does that make him funny, but it also makes him easy to use in parody like things, and I guess I generally enjoy characters like that. I find his story tragic as well, and I simply love the music in his part of the story. Sinister Sundown and Roxas' Theme are two of my favorite themes.

For Villans, I enjoy Ansem SOD.

He's sexcy. For real, I just think he's a good villain. Xemnas isn't as good, and I love Braig. A lot. I just think Ansem needs a mention.

Braig is an awesome old dude though. Vanitas isn't too bad, I just think he needs a bit more I guess. He's a cool guy, clever, but he makes me want to make fun of him too. Mainly because of all the pairings with him x some other character, mainly because it doesn't make sense and it's just stupid to pair Vanitas up with anyone. I still enjoy his character, especially because of the way he treats Ventus.

With Ventus, I enjoy him because of his kiddish ways. He might be annoying, but it is certainly sad how his story ends. His selflessness he shows really makes me admire him, simply because he would rather take his own life when his friends are in danger. The flashbacks of him in a more blank state after getting his heart split makes me sad as well, especially the part where he screams out after being asked way to many questions by Terra and Aqua.

I just like all the characters of Kingdom Hearts for different reasons. I have to hate Xion the most though, I feel that days could have made Roxas and Axel much more BA instead of making them all soft and mushie. I especially wanted to see why Axel acted the way he did in COM, but apparently we will never know why.

If I did talk about all the characters here, It would be a TL;DR moment, so I'm not going to do that.

Roxas: Every teenager on the block.

Ventus: The cute, annoying kid.

Braig: Badass douche.

Ansem SOD: Badass Badass.

Etc.: Amusing.

Oh and

*** says
He's basically immortal pedophile.

fool. Xemnas
with out a doubt Roxas because all the troubles of his life and him not ending up evil to the core. if i was him i would pull a sephiroth and kill/destroy anything and everything that had to do with my creation and anyone who got in my way 1. he's the only character to be caught between two worlds with no one to tell him his place or advice that could really help him 2. he basically has to live with that fact that he is not an individual and was a copy a Sora and has no other purpose than to collect hearts and i don't know how you guys feel but if my mom told me i was just a copy of my brother made for a specific task and nothing more it would break me 3. not only did one of his best friends die in his but he had to kill her (now thats messed up)
I have 2 favourite characters. The first one being Roxas. It seems like Roxas is a far more relatable character than his counterpart, Sora. When Sora got his Keyblade, he kind of pulled a 'just go with it', and never really questioned why all this was happening to him. Roxas, on the other hand, when he found out he had a Keyblade, he wanted to find out why he was forced to carry its responsibilities, and didn't understand why everyone kept saying he was so important. Rixas just wants to spend his time hanging out with his friends, but it eventually becomes apparant to him that no matter how much he wants that, he will never get to. He has had to sacrifice everything, abandon friendships, strike down the last person he cares about, and still loses everything in the end. Even though he's a Nobody, he comes off as a far more human character than most others in the series. And he can dual-wield Keyblades. That's why he gets my vote. The other character is Vanitas. Mostly because he is such a major contrast from the other villains in the series. Most people argue that Organization XIII, while what they did was bad, only wanted their hearts back, and as such, weren't really evil, and actually somewhat sympathetic. You CAN'T pull that with Vanitas. He's a being of pure darkness who doesn't care about anybody but himself. He's cruel, sadistic, insane, and even though he answers to Master Xehanort, he won't think twice about abandoning his orders if he doesn't agree with them. He has come close to KILLING both Ven and Aqua on multiple occasions, and knows how to make someone VERY angry. And his face was probably one of the biggest twists in the series. He is a straight up, 100% evil character, something I think KH really needed. On top of that, he has one of the best themes in the series IMO.
Sora and Roxas! 8D
Apr 25 2011 06:22 PM
Sora is my all-time favourite character. I don't really feel the compulsion to list to why I like him. I have many other favourites (Kairi, Riku, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, Xion, Axel, Naminé, Mickey) but the one that holds a constant place in my heart is Sora. People get tired of him and his constant "FRIENDSHIP IS POWER" speeches. I would never get enough of his friendship speeches. They're what make Sora- Sora. :) Sora is the reason I live for Kingdom Hearts and why I fell in love with it.