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  1. Article: 8 years of KH13.com in the Kingdom Hearts community

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8 years of KH13.com in the Kingdom Hearts community

On October 9th, 2008, KH13.com was officially created. Today marks 8 years since the creation of KH13, and we'd like to celebrate that with a refresher on the history of KH13 and how it became to be one of the best Kingdom Hearts fansites for news and media.

KH13.com originally started in 2008 by KH13 Webmaster DChiuch, with the help of Co-Webmaster Aaron. The website started out as a simple project between friends, however, soon became a full-fledged website for Kingdom Hearts news, media and discussion. At the time, high quality videos and media were hard to come by, so KH13 initially established itself by providing high quality trailer and cutscene downloads.

The name "KH13" was eventually settled on in a brainstorming session, after it was discovered that KH1.com through KH12.com were all taken – it seemed fitting that the first available domain would match up with Organization XIII. Around this time, KH13.com began to report Kingdom Hearts news, with the first article on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

In January, 2009, KH13 decided to do the first major redesign, which was then released on January 14th, 2009. You can check out the design below.

Posted Image

(Looks weird today, doesn't it?)

The design that is currently in use today is the 3rd iteration of KH13.

Skipping ahead to 2011, KH13 had become more well known, allowing us to start sending representatives to E3 as part of the press. sqexgal (now from SQEX.INFO) was our first representative, and former KH13 News Team member Oishii, Kingdom Hearts community veteran @Churroz and KH13 staff member Toominator have all been part of the experience since.

One important feature that has been prominent throughout KH13 is our gallery & video archives. Former KH13 Archives Team Leader and News Team member Sora96 has brought the video archives and gallery to what it is today, featuring over 25,000 images and hundreds of videos from the Kingdom Hearts series. Thanks also goes to Everglow, our partner, for recording thousands of cutscenes and playthrough videos for KH13's archives. Our wide selection of videos and images has brought in many visitors for KH13.

As 8 years have passed, there have been many individuals who have helped bring KH13.com to what it is today. We'd like to thank the current team leaders of the KH13 staff, which are HarLea Quinn, Toominator, soraspromise, & AndrewHankinson. Aside from the team leaders, we'd also like to thank the current and past team members who have contributed to KH13.com such as (Past) Sora96, (Past) Lu Xun, and many, many more.

We'd like to also give the most important thanks of all: to all of you, our readers and the Kingdom Hearts community. Thanks to everyone here on KH13 for sticking with us for these 8 years. We hope to be around for many more, and to continue to provide the latest Kingdom Hearts news and media.

We'd also like to share one more thing: KH13 member Aqua7KH recently met Quinton Flynn, voice actor of Axel and Lea from the Kingdom Hearts series. Check out his message to KH13.com below.

What has your favorite moment been in the KH13 community in the past 8 years? Let us know in the comments below!

Their are many things that kh13 has given people since its upbringing from DChiuch and Aaron back in 2008. I myself have had full rounds with this good ole site(haha). So many Rp's were started. Many theories to about the whole kh franchise. So many old jokes from the first mods on here. I wish for the site to continue thriving as it has

I have been more then a a year on this site, so happy 8th Anniversary KH13!

Wow its been that many days since the website opened.


What a pleasant chap Mr Flynn is

The craziness has always been my favorite part of this site. All the wars with the hedgehogs and what not. This site is memetastic. Can't believe this site is that old already though. I've been here for about 6 1/2 of the 8 years, with a couple of exceptions of me leaving for certain amounts of time. I always find myself back here though. Here's to another 8 years for KH13.


Congrats on 8 years to DC and Aaron and thanks for all the KH news. Rob still misses Aqua being on the top of the site. lol

Happy 8 year anni, KH13! It's been pretty awesome, and we'll keep going on our quest for KH3!

Man 8 years wow.

I remember the time how i first found this website like it was yesterday.

How the old website looks and the old foroms.

time goes fast.

So happy 8th Anniversary KH13!


Crazy to think it's been 8 years already. Though I've only been here for 4.5 years out of the 8, it's great to see how much the site has evolved since then. KH13 is my favorite place for Kingdom Hearts news and also, my favorite community to be a part of, and if not for the site I wouldn't have met some amazing people, and made some silly, weird, and happy memories. 


Kudos to DC, Aaron, and the rest of the staff for being so humble and hardworking over the years, and also to the community for being so welcoming and friendly, KH13 wouldn't be the same without all of this and I look forward to seeing it expand even more in years to come. Happy 8th anniversary and long live KH13!~  0/*

We have come a long way. We have been through a lot. But here we are today still going strong. Cheers to all the past and current team leaders for all their hard work. And cheers to DChuich and Aaron for working hard on this site!

Happy 8 years. We cannot appreciate enough the countless Kingdom Hearts news that you guys provide. As a celebration, can we have Aqua back on top of the website again?

I've been here for pretty much 6 years now, I remember regretting not joining earlier back then xD

I remember finding this site in 2010 I wish I joined earlier

Happy 8th Anniversary to the best site in the world! :D

Thank you guys so much for all the hard work you put into this site and community. I'm so happy to be a part of this awesome family!

Whoooaa... So today's KH13's 8th anniversary? Congratulations, KH13! :D I gotta say, even though I only joined 1 1/2 years ago, I can definitely tell how much this community has changed and grown.

The site really looked like that at one point? Huh... well, I never would've guessed! I hope this website keeps getting better! :)

Happy 8th anniversary, KH13!

Rock on!

Happy 8th anniversary to everybody! xD 

Happy Anniversary guys! :D


I forgot what year I found out about KH13. Probably 2009. 

That early design is too different from the current one, but still, hooray for KH13! 

That early design is too different from the current one, but still, hooray for KH13! 


Yeah, that was when KH13 was using mybb (which is free). Now we use IP.Board, which requires payment, but is way better looking and has more features to utilize. :D

Man 8 years wow.

I remember the time how i first found this website like it was yesterday.

How the old website looks and the old foroms.

time goes fast.

So happy 8th Anniversary KH13!


Oh I remember that so well. I always came across it when I was a mere guest looking at this site for info.


Man, eight years eh? I have been going to this site for six of those eight and been a member for three of those eight. To quote Roxas "man time flies". I wonder when or if we get 4th iteration of the site and an app.

Wow 8 years huh? I first found this site in 2012 when I randomly thought one day "I wonder if there's any new Kingdom Hearts games coming out?" since before I only learned of new KH games from commercials. I went to Google and then this site came up first with news on the new Jump Festa trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D. I visited the site every day for a while to check out news and see what was going on in the forums, but I was to nervous to join. I would randomly not visit the site for a while, but if I randomly wondered again if there was KH news, I always came here again. I finally joined last year and I'm glad I did. This place has an amazing community and I never thought I'd get to join one of the teams here. Here's to many more years of this site providing more KH news and bringing more KH fans together!

Wow, 8 years!  Who'd have thought, eh?  This is awesome!  Happy 8th Birthday, KH13! 


I'm really happy and blessed that I came upon this site! I've met so many amazing people here, and I've grown as a person, ya know?  This site has truly become a united community, one that I'm glad more and more people discover each and every day! :D


To think that I came upon this site back in 2011 while searching for Kingdom Hearts III news...ah, nostalgia! <3


But yeah, ever since I became a member of this site, I've never looked back! I'm a five year veteran, and counting! This site will always be a part of my life! I love you all! :D


And thank you DChiuch and Aaron, for being the masterminds behind this exquisite site! I salute you! :')


Here's to many more years! :D

My god.. 8 years already?! Ah man, that older page with Aqua really brings back memories. Happy 8th anniversary, KH13! ♡

Awesome! Happy 8th anniversary to KH13