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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts stamps added to Line instant messenger

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  • Photo
      19 Sep
    Sakuraba Neku

    I can see why Nomura is not worried about having FF characters. He already has his plate full with all the KH characters appearing on KH3. The only thing I will miss is not having our traditional badass FF character in Olympus Coliseum. Fight the Gods with Hercule and a older Zack would be perfect.

  • Photo
      18 Sep

    Just realized something. How in the world does Sora get into Ventus’s heart if Ventus’s heart IS inside of Sora? The only way I see It happening is Sora using the keyblade on himself or something. Guess we’ll find out in the game

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Kingdom Hearts stamps added to Line instant messenger

Disney Japan have partnered with the Line instant messaging application for smartphones and PC, the most widely used social network in Japan, to add a pack of Kingdom Hearts-themed stamps to their instant messenger. These stamps are available in a pack costing $1.99, and can be seen below.

Kinda cool.

Once I saw this I quickly downloaded the app when will these be available?

They already are.

I'm getting this, maybe~ I wonder if they will add KH items to LINE play...that game looks fun~

Bring those to viber NOW!!!

I'm going to spam the Sora and Kairi ones and annoy people with my mediocre japanese

You see the one with Mickey Mouse in his Birth by Sleep clothes? Instead of having him just say, "I don't think so!", they should have made him say, "I don't think so! Mickey don't play dat!" That would be pretty awesome.

I'm getting this, maybe~ I wonder if they will add KH items to LINE play...that game looks fun~


You should! :D I'm on it, my username is churroz

"Well?"That's so Sora96. ^ ^

Hope they'll add them to Facebook chat :D

I've never even heard of line...