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  1. Article: New KINGDOM HEARTS Character Straps revealed

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New KINGDOM HEARTS Character Straps revealed

@Hidemi_mad_dog has uploaded a photo of some KINGDOM HEARTS-themed character straps. While we don't have any details about any of them yet you can view the photo below.

Update 1: Hidemi Matsuzuka has uploaded new photos of the "KINGDOM HEARTS Character Straps", showing each strap in much greater detail. These can be seen in our gallery, below.

Update 2: Amazon.co.jp have created listings for the KINGDOM HEARTS Character Straps, revealing that they will be released on December 27, 2013. The straps will be available at a price of ¥1,340 (approximately US$13.68) each. Thanks go to @aibo_ac7 for the find.

They better update the product line-up with characters of the game!!!

I'm so going to get these! I hope they come to my local area so i don't have to wait and go the extra effort to get them. I also hope they make ones of sora, kairi, riku and the rest :3

Are these straps supposed to be used for mobile phones or can they be used for anything else?

So cute!  I'm gonna get these when they come out for sure ^^

I want the Nobody and Shadow ones already. :D 

Any info on buying them?