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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts III appears in Weekly Jump & V Jump

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      04 Jul
    Felicia Novita

    Maybe I'm a coward woman, but somehow I can barely say it to him at the end. I know that sometimes I'm too agressive and it makes other uncomfortable. But at least I know what the feelings now. And yeah. Maybe this is the goodbye, for my college friends as well. Thank you for the awesome 4 years.

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      04 Jul

    Can't wait to see the stories of Melee fanboys raging over the Smash 4 tournament at EVO this year. After that Zero incident, it's pretty much inevitable that it'll happen this time, too. :/

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Kingdom Hearts III appears in Weekly Jump & V Jump

The latest issues of Weekly Shōnen Jump and V Jump, releasing on June 17 and June 21 respectively, are said to contain an article on Kingdom Hearts III, according to bKvEBVAvUq. It is unclear if the articles contain any new information or pictures, but we will keep you posted as more details appear.