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  1. Article: E3 2013: Livestream of Sony's press conference

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E3 2013: Livestream of Sony's press conference

Today at 6PM PST, Sony will hold its E3 2013 press conference. Here, Sony will show off the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Kingdom Hearts is not confirmed to appear in Sony's conference, however, with Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX appearing at E3 2013, and series director Tetsuya Nomura attending for promotion, there is a chance that we may see the game.

This conference will be livestreamed online, and we will be embedding the livestream below once it starts. Please make use of the comments section to share your speculation, thoughts and feelings about the conference! Enjoy!

Update: The conference is now over, and can be watched here. Kingdom Hearts III was officially announced at this conference.

So will there be a live KH13 chat room like you have done with all the other live streams?

I'll be watching the conference on IGN.


Don't forget guys, SE is having a 2 or 3 day livestream tomorrow on their youtube channel "Squareenixpresents"

So will there be a live KH13 chat room like you have done with all the other live streams?

Not this time, sorry. We want to encourage people to discuss the events in comments/posts instead, so that they remain there after the conference is over and aren't lost.

I think I might have to skip the Live this year. I don't think I will be able to get up at 2am and then go to school. I did it last year but my new DT teacher is Scary! :0


I really can't wait though. I just hope there are some good games and it's overall better than Microsoft's.

hope they release it for ps3 and psvita! tired of this 'exclusive things'

We shall see Versus XIII be revealed(again). Noctis is waiting for his Birth by Sleep.

11:00 AM for Sony! Cant wait!!!

No way KH3 is at this, and I doubt Sony will spend time covering KHHD here considering it's just a collection of old games (though they might mention it in passing if SE takes the stage and they would to point out the games they're releasing for PS3/PS4/Vita). I'm pretty confident that Versus XIII will appear though, since Nomura's at E3 and there have been many rumors that it'll show up. Excited for that. :D

With Versus XIII first being announced at E3 2006... I'll be impressed to see it again. Crisis Core was also announced at E3 2006. Later that year, TWEWY and KH2FM were also announced at TGS. 

At E3 2007, Dissidia was announced. 358/2 Days was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded at the Tokyo Game Show on September 20, 2007.

It was a very surreal time, to have so many awesome Square games announced to us at once in both 2006 and 2007. In a single year, we were announced nearly ten games. 

So what happened?

Crisis Core came out in in 2007 in Japan, a year after its first trailer.
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ came out a year later in 2007, but given that it was a remaster, only the fact that it included re:Chain of Memories makes this significant.
TWEWY came out in 2007 in Japan, a year after it's announcement.
Dissidia came out in 2008 in Japan, a year after it's announcement.
Kingdom Hearts coded (the cell version of the later re:Coded) released it's arcs throughout 2009, but the initial install was in 2008, just a year after it's announcement.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days came out in 2009, two years after it's initial trailer.

Before Birth by Sleep could even come out, it was announced Coded would be re-released on the 3DS as re:Coded.

Birth by Sleep was released in 2010, three years after it's initial trailer. And we felt this was a long time.
re:Coded came out later that same year.

While above I listed the games Nomura was directly involved in, I didn't include any of the other Final Fantasy titles. Since Crisis Core we've had Fables, Tactics, the remake of IV, Crystal Chronicles, Chocobo Racing, Final Fantasy XIII, XIV, Dissidia 012, another port of IV, Type-0, XIII-2, a Windows port of FFVII...

...and not to mention Dream Drop Distance.

I strongly, strongly, feel that Versus XIII is deader than dead. As beautiful as those initial trailers were, it's as lifeless as the FFVII teaser with PS3 graphics (that we had hoped meant we'd get an actual VII remake).

So, in conclusion... why does the media still think Versus XIII has a chance?

So, in conclusion... why does the media still think Versus XIII has a chance?


Surely you must've heard of the story of Duke Nukem Forever by now, you know, the game whose name is synonymous with vapourware? That was finally released after 14 YEARS. If that could happen, I wouldn't count anything out.

We have embedded the live stream on our home page/news post. It's starting shortly. Please tune in and discuss it here.

I can't wait! Bring it on! My body is ready!

What is with the lag?

What is with the lag?


No lag on my end. Must be your computer or Internet connection.

Have you tried lowering the quality?

1 minute!

Have you tried lowering the quality?


I just gave up and went to the Youtube stream instead, not getting any problems there.

Ow god there was a Mickey spot  So excited mayby KH3.

alright did they announce anything yet?

I don't even know half these games

Man, that Grand Turismo 4 trailer was boring.

And I left DC when they went over the top with Nu52. I preferred Flash/Impulse anyway.


Grand Theft Auto 5



Arkham Origins looks great!

Where's that PS4 at Sony?

Great Scott! :O

The PS4 looks like the Xbone.