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  1. Article: 43 new Re:Chain of Memories screenshots from HD 1.5 ReMIX released

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      30 Aug

    Oooh I can commute to LA just fine for that 2.5 video. The only problem is showing up on said video where millions of people can see me derp and that's not kosher. :D

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      30 Aug

    I'm so happy they made a deluxe version of Kirby Fighters! Its an awesome Kirby fighting game, and I hope it gets to become something more in the future.

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      30 Aug

    I REALLY hope Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS doesent have as much of a hard time comming to the west as the wii version did.

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43 new Re:Chain of Memories screenshots from HD 1.5 ReMIX released

GAME Watch have posted an article concerning Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX-, with a focus on the Re:Chain of Memories portion of the title. This article contains 43 new screenshots of, as well as information about the game. The screens can be seen below, in our gallery.

Dang. We got a ton of re:com shots so far xD Definitely looks great

Screenshots, woooot~ Now bring on a new trailer Square

That 720/1080p looks really good. 

Ienzo in HD :O :) 

Wow. Lots of Re:Cahin of Memories screenshots. Makes up for why they held back with it. 

Pretty happy as always :D

that quality is just so beautiful 

Screenshots, woooot~ Now bring on a new trailer Square

in english with a release date ;)

That 720/1080p looks really good. 


The screenshots aren't in a HD resolution.


I honestly can't wait to finally play Re:CoM.

Im impressed with the quality and Im not a graphics whore.

looks like im getting the japanese version become the north american versionof kingdom hearts 1.5 gana be on ps4 witch is f up dude square f us in the but agen

The abilities look amazing.

The thing I'm the most impressed with is the glint in the eyes. It's a little thing, but it adds so much life to the characters.

I wonder how the 7 princesses of light look in Hollow Bastion. cause let's be honest about that in KH.... ._.' ._.' ._.'