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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts Vol 3 to release on June 28, 2013

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Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts Vol 3 to release on June 28, 2013

Square Enix have created a pre-order page for Volume 3 of the Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts, which were first shown off last week. This pre-order page includes new photos of the figurines, and announces the Japanese release date as June 28, 2013. The box set will cost ¥7,200 (approximately US$78.04). The new images can be seen below, in our gallery.

Nice! :D

I might get these if I have the spare munny money.

Sweet :D!

Lol, Timeless River.

Those look cute for decoration :)

Darn. 7,200 yen is about 77 US Dollars. But definitely work it. Wish the images were a little bigger but I would definitely want those. Take my money already!