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  1. Article: Full HD 1.5 ReMIX trailer from Jump Festa 2013 now available

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    I get why people dislike selfish people, but I just don't understand why people care about them. Yes, you CAN talk to them, but it's not the end of the world if you don't manage to convince them to be a better person.

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    Just because it’s the Lion Guard’s job to protect and restore balance to the Pride Lands does not mean that they have to be there for EVERY single problem and or tell everyone how to live their lives. If they were there to solve EVERY single problem then there would be no balance, for their job is to HELP a life, NOT live it for them

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Full HD 1.5 ReMIX trailer from Jump Festa 2013 now available

Earlier, Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- appeared at Jump Festa 2013 with a new trailer. Square Enix have uploaded the trailer online, and this trailer can now be seen below in HD 720p with English subtitles! Enjoy this lovely Christmas present!

Update 1: We have fixed the audio issue with the original upload!
Update 2: The trailer is now viewable/downloadable in our video archive.

Original version with Japanese audio & English subtitles (alternate upload here):

Unofficial English voiced version:

yay now just announce it for worldwide release

Now all I need is for this trailer to be in English and my life will be complete.

D`: Seeing that trailer brought back ALL of the nostalgia!  I want this so much now..

Um, the linked trailer is now the video for KH3D from Jump Festa last year...

Why is this the KH3D trailer?

Why is this the KH3D trailer?


Click on the link not the video

Okay the Days cutscenes officially have me sold if there's an international release. I see a ps3 in my near future lol!~


Yay for the jump festa trailer :3

The 358/2 Days cutscenes just look so amazing and so does the rest of the game, I can't wait for it to come out!



Pi day is so far now.

square saw my video and thought "$hit we gotta release it now" lol

Thank you for posting one with Captions/Subtitles in English. I saw the original on the website and was like T_T" I don't know any Japanese! Better start learning. Konichiwa. 


Really excited too. Xion, Roxas and Axel looks SO GOOD in HD *-*

And so does Sora :D

Awesomeness! Now I really can't wait D:

I bust out laughing as soon as Xion opened her mouth, it might've been the lines she said + that high pitched voice but...I found it funny. xDD Everything else was golden, I am so ready for an international release. σωσ
Enough is Enough! I want a international release date now!
Best Christmas ever :)
This is epic! Cool Christmas gift.
Ah, now this was what I was waiting for! It's beautiful. I really like how the KH CGI opening looks. Seems when they originally made it, it was produced in HD but had to be downscaled for the PS2 release, but now that's being released on the PS3, it has the chance to let loose its full greatness. :D
This is awesome! Lets just hope an international release will be announced soon.
I downloaded the trailer but it doesn't have any audio. How do I fix this problem?
If they do release the game stateside, I will buy a PS3 just for this game.
This is awesome! I know the words to the song that was playing.
this is freaking me out. but when is the english version appearing, thats only if it will appear
well we can finaly play KH FM and KH COM in 1 cart plus HD THEATER of 358/2 days