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  1. Article: Square Enix releases Kingdom Hearts novel set in Japan

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    I'm still trying to comprehend the amiibo restock my Best Buy had... I never thought I'd see that many rare amiibo in one place. ._.

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    Wow the English dub for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is bad. Which is weird since I remember back in the original Naruto and , to an extent, Naruto Shippuden had some good to decent English dubbing. Looks like I'll be switching to the Japanese voices for this one

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    So let's recap today's day for me: 1. I get a bloody nose when I get ready for classes 2. After class 1, I would rather chew glass because my prof does not teach well 3. My day is really long Mmy oh my what a wonderful day! (Not really)

Square Enix releases Kingdom Hearts novel set in Japan

Square Enix have updated their e-STORE with a set of 20 different official Kingdom Hearts novels, all in Japanese. The set is available now and costs ¥14,450 (approximately US$185.45). The full list of novels included can be seen below. Thanks to bKvEBVAvUq for the tip.

Kingdom Hearts Vol.1 & Vol.2
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol.1 & Vol.2
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol.3 "Reverse / Rebirth" Riku
Kingdom Hearts II Vol.1 & Vol.2 & Vol.3 & Vol.4
Kingdom Hearts II Short Stories Vol.1 & Vol.2
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vol.1 & Vol.2 & Vol.3
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Vol.1 & Vol.2 & Vol.3
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Side Sora
Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Side Riku

Radical. Now give it to America.
I'd buy that in a heartbeat...if they were in English. Is it weird I've been dreaming of translated copies of the novels being sold? ;w;
Square is doing so much this year.
Japan Japan Japan! Square Enix should realize how many fans they have for this game outside of Japan. I wish I could get those Novels in English.
They should release these in America. ;~;

I'd buy them in seconds if they were translated to English D:
I need to learn Japanese...

Square is doing so much this year.

Hardly. It's only a book pack. It's as simple as making a box and putting the already released books inside.
...I'm going to need another job if they keep this up.

Are these novels official/canon?

Are these novels official/canon?

im pretty sure they are. im not to sure about the Vanitas ones though