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  1. Article: Square Enix announces "Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers"

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    I'm currently playing Persona 1... it took some time to get used to the gameplay, but I'm staring to get into the flow and I'm surprised that I actually enjoy it quite a bit!

Square Enix announces "Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers"

Today at Tokyo Game Show 2012, Square Enix have announced a new Kingdom Hearts title in development-- Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers. This is a tentative title, and we do not yet have any more information about the game. Thanks to FF-Reunion for the report, and to Oishii from KH13 for translating it.

Update 1: Message from the KINGDOM has provided us with more information about Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers. Oishii is translating this information, and you can read it below.

■Kingdom Hearts for PC Browser (tentative name)

We introduce the series first social game intended for PC browsers. Controlling your own character, players will be able to travel through various Disney worlds on their internet browser. In the game you will advance by strategically battling with cards you obtain. At times you may need the help of a friend to fight against a foe. In this way we are introducing a new work with a system like nothing else in the series before. The adventure is fully loaded with item collections you build, and a game that will give you a long time of enjoyment.


It is the world of a distant fairy-tale.
The world is full of light.
Various worlds are born in that light and so the light envelopes them.
From the source of Kingdom Heart’s light, there is a x-blade that is protected.
To that limit, the worlds believed in the eternal light.
However, a strong light creates a dark shadow.
From that darkness, anxiety and fear awakened their desire.
With the darkness hidden within the depths of their hearts awakened, chaos began to spread across the worlds.
In order to stop the spread of darkness, those who seek the light created a copy of the x-blade, a Keyblade, and an adventure concerning the fate of the worlds began.


Made to be played on the PC browser, the series first social game for the PC has been introduced.
With the players main character, you can customize your avatar, travel to various Disney worlds, and much more. Explore each location for items so you can assemble cards and battle for victory or defeat.
This game has developed a truly new and novel system. Occasionally you will need your friends help to kill an enemy so they can join in the fun!

-Merchandise Summary-
Trade name/ Kingdom Hearts for PC Browser (tentative)
Supporting model / PC
Genre / Online game for PC Browser
Distribution game/ undecided
Suggested Retail Price / Item Rate Structure
※Please wait. The official site will be open shortly

Please be sure to wait for our follow-up report!!

Update 2: 4Gamer.net have published an article revealing some more small details about the announcements. Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers will have character designs by Monster Octopus, the character designer for Kingdom Hearts Mobile, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Brigade. Monster Octopus later denied this claim, and 4Gamer.net removed their statement.

Judging from a video that 4Gamer saw (there seems to be a video!), they state that the game is primarily an action game with simple 2D graphics, containing scenes with the hero jumping, and hitting a treasure chest with the Keyblade. All players can become Keyblade wielders, and be brought into the Keyblade War. Disney characters appear, including Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Update 3: Thanks to goldpanner, we now have a translation of ReBirth Wings' trailer impressions. You can read these below.

♪Dearly Beloved -Reprise-

・A promo vid almost entirely in text. Inserted into the flow of text here and there were screens of the opening movie from KH2, the secret endings ‘Gathering’, and ‘Birth by Sleep’.
The voicing was in English, with Japanese subtitles displayed. I’m sure it’s the same as the outline but I recorded the whole thing in case.

“Far, far away, in a fairy-tale realm...
The realm was filled with light.
That light gave birth to many worlds, enveloping them.
The source of the light, Kingdom Hearts, and the key that protected it, the χblade...
As long as they existed, it was believed that the realm would be in eternal light.
However, just as strong light will form a shadow, darkness was born.
The darkness called up fear, unease and craving.
Darkness, hidden deep in hearts, began to spread throughout the realm as chaos.
In order to drive back the spreading darkness, those who wished for light created Keyblades in imitation of the χblade, and embarked on adventures that spanned the realm.”

・ From the “darkness spread” part, screens of gameplay show.
Exploring Wonderland, Alice and the Cheshire Cat are confirmed.
The way to open treasure chests follows the current trend of throwing the Keyblade and then tapping it. I feel quite sorry for the treasure chests!
As for the screens of battle, there is a fight using the power of a card that has been drawn to confront (?) one enemy Shadow, sort of thing.
By the way, the player used a Limit Form Sora card. It used a Ragnarok-type technique.
Also, I was interested to see a treasure chest behind the Shadow. Field encounter style?

・There wasn’t a logo for the title, just text: Coming Soon

wat EDIT: wat
Mother of God!!!
EPIC NERDGASM AGAIN DSJGGFHDFGSEFD :D http://kh13.com/foru...tyle_emoticons/default/smiley-cry.png :wub: :) :D http://kh13.com/foru...tyle_emoticons/default/smiley-cry.png :D
I can do an LP!!!!! :blink: *heart attack*
It's totally gonna be Re:Re:Coded or something.
One cannot simply understand Square logic. Nuff said.
What. So it is an entirely new game? Or is there a possibility that it may just be all remakes for PC?
Perhaps something to explain the Keyblade War?
Posted ImageAre u kidding me!? A KH remake for PC!!?? What about XBOX?


O.o That could be a really good idea actually...
Port of KH HD? KH MMO? KH Mobile localized?
Hmm, sounds interesting. I wonder what it could be. I hope it's not an MMO, I don't really care for playing with other people.
Can't imagine something like that. Meehh Google Translate says something like Social Game and World filled with light, World of Fairy Tails, Avatar Customization and that stuff. Keyblade War on Facebook? o_O
Are you...Kidding me?
Ok. Square Enix CAN pull it off. The question is...will they?
My reaction:

Sep 19 2012 08:44 PM

http://www.marsenis.eu/rage/Cereal%20Guy...Are u kidding me!? A KH remake for PC!!?? What about XBOX?

Sadly Japan hates the Xbox
and will probably never make a KH title for xbox
For PC Browsers?? So maybe it's an MMO? I probably won't play it since it won't be too important to the story. I'm hoping for a port of KH Mobile just because I wouldnt want a KH MMO. But that's just me.
Apparently, this is supposed to be a social game for browsers. It has you customizing your own avatar and exploring worlds. Also, it has a card-based battle system.
WHAT!!!! O.o
Okay SE, I forgive you for the TWEWY trolling... for now. Don't mess this up. EDIT: Strategy game? Hmmm... this could be good. Looks like it might give out some Keyblade War info.
Is this the light title Nomura mentioned back a few months ago?