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  1. Article: KH3D AR card archive updated with latest European cards

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      18 Aug

    Dude, my bro Kommo-o has a cool z-move in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! I am so happy they gave him something, cause he really needed something else to help him out, because he is a great Pokemon to me! :)

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      18 Aug

    SO I woke up to seeing that YouTube changed its layout again...and I hate it honestly. Why can't they just stick to one good layout for a year or two?

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      18 Aug
    Alicia Maddox

    Hey guys, I need some help finding an old arse Kingdom Hearts MMD. I'm not sure if anyone remembers it. It was waaaaaaay back in the day. It was a kind of weird MMD that had the singers singing some kind of weird German or Russian song. The song started off with the singers clicking like a clock.

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KH3D AR card archive updated with latest European cards

As you would know, 5 individual AR cards were produced for each version (Japanese, North American and European) of Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. The last 3 European cards were recently released through Club Nintendo, and the first scans of these cards have only just appeared online-- thanks to JayC from KH13. We've created an archive of AR cards, and have added the European cards to this archive. These 3 new cards can be seen below.

Um whats with the random vanitas drawing?
Well, isn't this nice? :3

At least now they have the rest :33

Um whats with the random vanitas drawing?

I've got them

On my screen it shows a drawing of vanitas instead of fruits cat
My cards still haven't arrived yet. :(

[I know I could scan those but I'm just saying the packets I got haven't arrived yet xD]
Just tried this too with Kab Kannon & Frootz Cat;
going through and download the images and printing them to scale allow the reader to import the Spirits onto your game.

Kab Kannon

Dark Firaga
Defense Boost (x3)
Fire Screen
Blizzard Screen
Thunder Screen
Water Screen
Reload Boost

Frootz Cat

Triple Plasma
Thunder Boost
Attack Haste (x4)
Magic Haste (x4)
Reload Boost

Thanks a ton for these!