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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts 3D is August's 3rd top selling game in NA

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Kingdom Hearts 3D is August's 3rd top selling game in NA

NPD Group have released the sales chart for video games in North America sold in August 2012. GamesIndustry International uploaded this chart, which can be seen below. It reveals that Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] was the 3rd top-selling game of the month!

Nintendo Everything were able to get a response from Nintendo about the report, who revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3D sold over 180,000 copies in August 2012, in North America. Please note that this value does NOT include pre-orders, copies sold on July 31, or the Mark of Mastery Edition. (Which means the real will be higher!) Unlike the VGChartz estimates which we've seen before, this data is actually 100% accurate.

Yeah it's crazy. Everyone I streetpass nowadays has recently played DDD
Woohoo KH3D keep up the good work ;p
180,000 copies? Hmmm, we can do better. :'x
we can do better, but,... Congrats to kingdom hearts!
Sep 06 2012 10:09 PM
How come all the posts I see here are bold?
We can do better, but congrats to KH3D!!!!! :3
Black Ops and Arkham City are still selling constantly >.>
wow maybe its that kingdom hearts isnt doing ads on nickelodeon or disney channel I saw some on nickelodeon for re coded but sales should increase by this christmas http://www.vgchartz....-drop-distance/
Sep 06 2012 10:26 PM
Okay this is bothering me xD
But congrats to KH3D. If it was #1 that would be amazing
Sep 06 2012 10:30 PM
That's not too bad. :3

awesome 8D

Apparently, the 180,000 copies only apply to the regular version of KH3D, and don't include the sales for the MoM edition. Given how the latter quickly sold at many online stores, I'd assume that if the game's overall sales numbers, including it, would easily be over 200k. May have even surpassed BBS's initial month sales of 225k.

Hopefully, sales get stronger as time goes by. We need to get this to sell a couple million worldwide! :P
yes come on people recommend the game to everyone you know so that way we can beat the oyes franchise
I hear Darksiders is nice ^^ lol
Every week i can see top 10 best seller games on tv program, weird is i newer seen KH3D there wtf.
Awesome!!!! Kingdom hearts forever!! <3
Just watched top 10 on tv, they replaced KH3d with London 2012 Im so pissed :angry:
That's pretty good..it's not that i ever have had doubt in kh3d

Yeah it's crazy. Everyone I streetpass nowadays has recently played DDD

I never streetpassed anyone except my cousin...lol
Maybe because live in small country and pretty small town of that country..
Damn Mario. As expected of KH to sell.
I'm still surprised with super mario. It never fails to amuse me -_- CHEERS TO Kingdom Hearts~!
should have been #1... xD