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  1. Article: Theatrhythm producer mentions interest in Kingdom Hearts

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Theatrhythm producer mentions interest in Kingdom Hearts

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a rhythm-style Final Fantasy title for the Nintendo 3DS. The producer of the title, Ichiro Hazama, has participated in an interview with Siliconera where they mention an interest in making a Kingdom Hearts title of the same genre, and also explain how Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's art style draws inspiration from Kingdom Hearts Mobile. You can read these parts of the interview below.

--Did you always settle on the Kingdom Hearts Mobile art style or did you test other designs for the Final Fantasy characters before choosing the cutesy art style?

From the beginning, we were discussing how to present characters from the entire Final Fantasy franchise. When we saw the designs of the Final Fantasy guest characters in Kingdom Hearts Mobile we thought this is going to work.

--Do you view Theatrhythm as a series now? What series would you want to work with… Manarhythm? Theatrhythm… Hitman?

[Laughs.] Personally, I hope this will be come a series, but Theatrhythm Hitman will probably be really far off. There are many series that I would want to work on for Theatrhythm. Dragon Quest has a lot of music and Kingdom Hearts would be wonderful to do if it’s possible. I’m not to familiar with the Eidos collection, but Tomb Raider has a long history so it must have a great collection of songs. That might be fun.

Kingdom hearts has so many great songs, kingdomheartsrhuthm on the 3DS http://kh13.com/foru...tyle_emoticons/default/happy.png
OMG YES, THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN! Disney, give SE the green-light to make it happen. 8'D
A game all about listening to Yoko Shimomura's music?
I... have no words...
Or clean pants lol
If this were to happen, the amount of feels I would have would be too grand for me to contain them for even a millisecond .
that would be so cool if they did a kingdom hearts rhthm game i would so buy it am buying final fantasy theatrhrythm today xD
I probably won't even finish the game due to loss of jizz
Hell to the no.
I would most certainly buy a Kingdom Hearts edition of Theatrhythm. I love listening to and playing Yoko Shimoura's wonderful music.
I loved the idea !
It would be a great if there's a Theatrhythm with KH music!
I would love it if they just turned this whole Theatrhythm into a series, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono, Dragon Quest and Mana all get my vote.
the music is so great I hope they will do all consoles with ddd.
I was thinking that this should happen when i first saw Theatryhthm FF and it totally should! KH has some of the best gaming music!
I would love this so much. I'd probably be as hyped for it as KH3D.
I dont get why all of u like this idea,. In my opninion it would be a sham next to the other games, its an rpg not Guitar hero.
I need this. Right now. It'll be a while for KH3 so please. And a HD collection would be nice as well.