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  1. Article: Nintendo updates with English Kingdom Hearts 3D screenshots & translated Nomura interview

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Nintendo updates with English Kingdom Hearts 3D screenshots & translated Nomura interview

Nintendo of Europe have created a page for the earlier Tetsuya Nomura interview with Nintendo of Japan, where he discusses the Kingdom Hearts series and the release of Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. This interview has been completely translated into English by Nintendo, and can be read below. Nintendo have also added many screenshots to their Kingdom Hearts 3D page. These can also be seen below. Thanks to Terranort9406 from KH13 for the find.

Tetsuya Nomura interview with Iwata Asks (Nintendo Japan)

Cool! This game needs to come out already gah just about two more months! I'm loving all these screen shots btw, cant wait to get my hands on this game ;P
Nice find man.
I like the sound of "Timestorm".
Wow the graphics look amazing! i cant wait for more news and eventually that demo!
Shadowbreaker. Awesome. Nice find. :3
THATS SO AWESOME! Epic, how did you find that?

THATS SO AWESOME! Epic, how did you find that?

I always check sites about KH every day and thats why I find this
Great find! Hopefully they update the website again soon.
Those screenshots look exceptionally good. Can't wait. ^^
Anyone else besides me wonder why this news hasn't been on the home page yet?

Anyone else besides me wonder why this news hasn't been on the home page yet?

it is now lol

it is now lol

Alright cool. I was checking the front page to see iff DC posted this or not and saw that it wasn't up there yet. But thanks for letting me know.
Awesome news! awesome screens! Thanks for sharing, there's a bunch of commands that are present in BBS. they have different animations though I would say.
Better news than the London Expo.
Every time there's an update like this, my heart just jumps. I swear, I cannot wait.
I like how it noted when they "burst out laughing"
Ahhh makes me more excited for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D :D
(burst out laughing)
Can't wait for the game's release. The best part of the english cutscenes/screenshots is that we know they will be in the game. Unlike when the first japanese trailers for Birth By Sleep were released.
Looks like we have another website to keep an eye.