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  1. Article: Various Kingdom Hearts merchandise to be sold internationally

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    I don't mean you have to do this, but if you buy MVSD Tipping Stars and don't want or need the code for the other system, then you can always give it to me. Just an idea that no one has to do, just letting people know not to waste a code and to donate it if not needed.

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    Funny how quickly you can ruin your entire reputation just by making a dumb joke involving #NotYourShield and #GamerGate. I can't tell if Tim Schafer is incredibly stupid or... well actually he sides with Anita Sarkeesian, so of course he's stupid.

Various Kingdom Hearts merchandise to be sold internationally

Square Enix Boutique, the official online store for Square Enix in France, have updated with 5 new pieces of official Kingdom Hearts merchandise. Previously, these items were only available in Japan, but they are now able to be purchased from Square Enix Boutique. While Square Enix Boutique is only a France-based store, it is promising to see Kingdom Hearts merchandise being released outside of Japan. All 5 items are set for a release during August 2012. This may eventually lead to merchandise releases in other locations. However, for now, check out the recently added merchandise, thanks to KHDestiny for the tip.

- Wonder Meow plush toy (29.99 €)
- Gold Keyblade keychain (19.99 €)
- Silver Keyblade keychain (19.99 €)
- Kingdom Hearts wallscroll (24.99 €)
- Kingdom Hearts II wallscroll (24.99 €)

I'm so glad that I already ordered my Wonder Meow plushie (ironically, from a French eBay seller), seeing as the SE Boutique doesn't ship to the UK. :)
Okay I need all of it
well i know what ill be buying :D
Misread Silver and Gold Keychains as Solid Gold Keychains. For 20 Euros, I'd buy a dozen :P