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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts 3D sales information for Week 2

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Kingdom Hearts 3D sales information for Week 2

Thanks to Media Create, via andriasang.com, we have game sales information in Japan for the week of April 2 through April 8, 2012. This is, of course, the second week during which Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] has been released. It sold 42,231 copies in the week (making it the second-most sold title in the week), for a total of 255,810 copies so far.

PS. Will KH3D sell 500K units?

Japan, no. Worldwide, firetruck yea.
cant wait to see the sale numbers when it hit the US and when it goes worldwide :D
Nice 2nd week of KH3D ! :D
i cant wait for it to hit the US :D

Japan, no. Worldwide, firetruck yea.

Most likely. I don't know why some sites are reporting this game as a flop.

Anyways, I hope Kid Icarus joins the Triforce (Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and MH3G). Sadly, I doubt KH3D will join them.