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  1. Article: Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] coverage: Day 1

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Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] coverage: Day 1

Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] released in Japan today, on March 29, 2012. Our coverage of the game has begun. This news post will remain pinned at the top of the homepage, be regularly updated, and contain links to all images, videos and information surrounding the game. Spoiler warnings will be given when appropriate. Feel free to discuss Kingdom Hearts 3D on our forum.

11:09AM EST: Square Enix Members Europe have published a blog post showing off high-quality images from the opening of Kingdom Hearts 3D. You can see these screenshots below.

8:59AM EST: Thanks to a topic created by XXR from KH13, we now realize that the complete track listing of the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack can be extracted from its official website. You can see this complete track listing below.

Disc 1
1. Dearly Beloved
2. Storm Driver
4. Traverse in Trance
5. Hand to Hand
6. Dream Eaters
10. The World of Dream Drops
11. Le Sanctuaire
12. La Cloche
13. Sweet Spirits♥
14. Majestic Wings
15. Ever After
16. Wild Blue

Disc 2
1. Access the Grid
2. Digital Domination
3. The Nightmare
4. Rinzler Recompiled
5. Keyblade Cycle
6. Gigabyte Mantis
7. The Fun Fair
8. Prankster's Party
9. Broken Reality
10. Ice-hot Lobster
11. The Dream
12. Ready to Rush
13. Dream Matchup
14. One for All
15. All for One
16. The Flick Finalist
17. Victor's Pride
18. Xigbar
19. Distant from You...
20. Sacred Distance
21. Deep Drop

Disc 3
1. L'Oscurita dell'Ignot
2. Xehanort - The Early Years
3. The Dread of Night
4. L'Eminenza Oscura I
5. L'Eminenza Oscura II
6. L'Impeto Oscuro
7. My Heart's Descent
8. The Eye of Darkness
9. Link to All
10. Sora
11. Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening-
12. Symphony No.6 "Pastoral" Op.6
13. L'Apprenti Sorcier
14. The Nutcracker Suite Op. 71
15. A Night on the Bare Mountain

7:59AM EST: Earlier, we shared a post from 2ch that explained the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3D. goldpanner have provided us with a more detailed translation of this post, and you can read it at the link below. Keep in mind that it contains major spoilers, and also that there is a chance that it might not be accurate. However, another site confirms some of the information here, so it appears that it might be true. As for the translation:

Kingdom Hearts 3D ending explained in detail

5:30AM EST: crimmyice from Justin.tv is currently doing a live-stream of the game. You can watch this below. The playthrough is over, for now, however are able to watch a recording of it below.

4:58AM EST: We have received many photos showing the Kingdom Hearts 3D box, revealing its contents in detail. These photos were uploaded by takaturtle from KH13, who created a thread here. You can see the photos below.

3:26AM EST: A post on 2ch has possibly revealed the ending of the game. While we don't yet know if this is legit or not, a user on Tumblr has translated the post entirely. You can click the link to see it, but remember that this is not yet confirmed. Also remember that since this explains the game's ending, it obviously has spoilers.

2:33AM EST: Square Enix have updated their official website for the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack. This update reveals that Disc 1 (of the 3-disc soundtrack) will contain 16 tracks, and also gives the names of these tracks. You can see them below. Many of the tracks have audio samples to listen to, so please check it out.

1:41AM EST: Major spoilers with this update! A Japanese website has been updated with various information supplied by Dream World Navigation. This includes a list of worlds, a list of boss battles in the game, and the revelation that Critical Mode is unlocked after beating Proud Mode. Click the link below if you don't mind spoilers. Thanks to keytotheheart from KH13 for the topic.

Some KH3D spoilers/lists: Worlds, bosses & Keyblades

1:29AM EST: A user from 2ch has uploaded many photos of the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary 3D+Days+Re:coded Box. You can see these photos below.

9:30PM EST: We've uploaded all of the Traverse Town cutscenes to YouTube. Stay tuned, as more cutscenes will be uploaded later. Spoilers, obviously. In the interest of those who don't want spoilers, we will not put the cutscene names here. You'll have to click to find out!

Tutorial & Beginning of Traverse Town

Traverse Town 1
Traverse Town 2
Traverse Town 3
Traverse Town 4
Traverse Town 5
Traverse Town 6
Traverse Town 7
Traverse Town 8
Traverse Town 9
Traverse Town 10
Traverse Town 11
Traverse Town 12

12:33PM EST: apaulliao from TwitchTV has finished live-streaming, however, they have promised that they will continue their live-stream tomorrow. You can watch all 4 hours of their first live-stream below.

11:00AM EST: Kingdom Hearts 3D has officially released in Japan! Keep watching the live-stream below, and also check below for the game's opening on YouTube, thanks to apaulliao from TwitchTV.

9:40AM EST: At the current time of writing, apaulliao from TwitchTV is live-streaming Kingdom Hearts 3D. This is the first live-stream of the game, so make sure you give it a watch while you can! You can watch this livestream below.

[removed due to the live-stream being over]

That's a desk? WTF!
Woo Hoo! Now we just need more info and the NA release date!
I dont think we'll get NA release with the JPN release but nintendo power maybe.....im gunna spoil myself......i cant wait anylonger!
he should start playing kh3d right now and also grab a camera ;)
Oh well this totally ruins my joke.

That's a desk?! They should call Hoarders. Not to take everything, but to make it neater.

Oh well this totally ruins my joke.


Also, I'm surprised there is seemingly still no video as of yet.

Oh well this totally ruins my joke.


That picture is hilarious (Laughs maniacally). How did you come across it?

Also, I'm surprised there is seemingly still no video as of yet.

RIGHT!!!! Ussually we have this kinda stuff days in advanced!!! I mean this is close to the ending of KH (Xehanort Saga) You`d think people would wanna get spoiled.

That picture is hilarious (Laughs maniacally). How did you come across it?

A friend of mine made it; she was gonna throw it on tumblr too; I figured I'd share the love :|a
That person really likes eva, also yay for early release!!!
Yes, aftef months of waiting it's finally here! Please Square give us a NA release date soon...
I like that Soul Calibur V is there too!
That's even messier then my desk! xD

Good thing I was sitting on my toilet already while seeing the photo. Yeah, I was laughing THAT hard.

That's a desk? WTF!

A very neat and tidy desk. :P
Yes! You know, two-days-earlier-than-the-official-release-date sales are quite the norm in the videogame market. Good thing KH3D is no exception, although I saw that coming. Okay, now the only thing that'll make the wait bearable is the game's soundtrack getting uploaded on Youtube. By the way, you guys should check this out - link below - while you're waiting. Judging by the latest videos, it seems "Bells Of Notre Dame" didn't make it to La Cité Des Cloches, but it was worth a try. Keep it going, Youtube-user BlueNoctrn!

>:/ I really want the NA release to magically be next month.(That way I have time to raise money to buy a 3DS so I can actually play the game! :P)
Will you be able to trade your current 3ds for the one in the bundle if you get the bundle?
Sorry havn't been on here in a while, Gosh! Only one day to gooo! And people are already purchasing the game! :blink:
When will someone start playing the game...I feel like these pictures are taunting us...

When will someone start playing the game...I feel like these pictures are taunting us...

Give the people some time, it is nearly midnight over there. At least I think it is. Besides, we've been waiting this long one measly day won't kill ya. Oh who am I kidding, these last couple of days have been painful for me, I hate waiting.

Will you be able to trade your current 3ds for the one in the bundle if you get the bundle?

It's a Japanese bundle, so you can't.

I mean once it's localized.

I mean once it's localized.

If it's localized. In the past, the most we've got out of this series is post cards and decals over here, not actual NA localized bundles.