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  1. Article: 25 New Story Quests, Jewel Purchase Error, and Update to HD Riku's Ability Description

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      30 Mar

    The new Trickster trap "Trickster Reincarnation" is well. . .rather broken I must say. I might be over exaggerating but imo, seems like something that should get an emergency ban or atleast limited.

25 New Story Quests, Jewel Purchase Error, and Update to HD Riku's Ability Description

25 new story quests taking place in Daybreak Town have been added to the international version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ! Play through these new quests to obtain an orichalcum!

An error has been noticed where players did not receive the jewels they bought or they were delayed. If restarting the app doesn't fix it, compensation will then be given to affected players at a later date.

Lastly, the description for HD Riku's ability on the Black Friday Deal: Part 2 stated that it was "Especially effective in High Score event stages". Some device screens weren't able to fit that text on-screen, so it was removed. The ability for the medal is still the same as it was before.

You can view the notices in the gallery below.

15419365 337249026661092 2046478360 O 15409580 337249029994425 979769427 O 15368970 337249033327758 1644268116 O 15388785 337249086661086 400581088 O 15388751 337249096661085 1156314397 O 15409880 337249106661084 728519049 O 15397679 337249113327750 1368760478 O

Thanks for this update, Exilra!


Wow, I didn't expect that we'd get more story missions before the end of the year! This is great! At least we'll be busy enough for when January's major story update comes! :D