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  1. Roxas




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likeabossdudeHD, May 30 2017 02:27 PM

Roxas's theme came first and is more saddening than Ven's.

LimitSora1, Nov 13 2015 10:28 PM

Whoever cried listening to this, say I

Reiko Diana, May 04 2015 06:34 AM

Sadness. :'(

PinkiePieSoraParty, Apr 23 2015 11:16 PM

*sniff* I feel so sorry for Roxas... Why do you have to be so sad? ...Darn it! Now you got me actin' all sappy...

Riku777, Apr 01 2015 11:59 AM

Poor Roxas. =(

No. 13, Apr 03 2014 02:34 PM

All of the KH music is emotional and gives me mixed feelings but this one song in particular is so well put together, it has to be my fav KH song

sora7487, Mar 31 2014 10:09 AM

why did Xehanort have to bring pain to all?

Keybladebloger, Nov 22 2013 09:10 PM

roxas is my 2nd favorite character in the series

Philip Ellwell, Aug 18 2013 06:47 PM

Gah, beautiful. I wanna download this....

KHUndertaleFan25, Aug 05 2013 03:14 PM

Oh, Roxas. I feel sorry for you :'(.