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KINGDOM HEARTS III is an upcoming title in the KINGDOM HEARTS series for the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. The director of the series, Tetsuya Nomura, has confirmed that this title is now in development. KINGDOM HEARTS III will be a direct sequel to KINGDOM HEARTS II, KINGDOM HEARTS coded and KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance].

PlayStation 4 & Xbox OneRelease date (Japan) TBARelease date (North America) TBARelease date (Australia) TBARelease date (Europe) TBA

What We Know

  • KINGDOM HEARTS III will focus on Sora.
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded and KINGDOM HEARTS 3D have been leading up to this title.
  • The game was announced at E3 2013 for the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.
  • The game has been in development since 2010.
  • The game is being developed by the "Osaka team", the team responsible for KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep and KINGDOM HEARTS 3D
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III will most likely deal with the effort to save everyone, and with the effort to finally defeat Xehanort.
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III is said to be the end of the "Xehanort saga" in the Kingdom Hearts series, and after this, a new saga should begin.
  • Interview Extracts

    June 2009: KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Ultimania

    -- So is it possible that there will be another game connecting BbS and KH1? And might that be KH3...?

    Nomura: Who knows? I already have ideas for the next installment. But since Birth by Sleep isn't even out yet, I don't have to think about it until awhile from now. Recently everyone kepts asking me when I'm planning on coming out with KH3. Even though I'm currently busy with Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I'm also thinking that it's almost time to start thinking about it seriously. Though it's entirely possible that the next game in the series won't be KH3.

    June 2010: E3 2010 via GameSpot

    Question 7: It's been a while since we've seen a new generation of Kingdom Hearts titles. There have been a lot of handheld and mobile version, but no console versions since the PlayStation 2. Are you thinking about making a next-generation Kingdom Hearts? Or do you prefer working on handhelds?

    TN: All I can say is that if there were to be a Kingdom Hearts III, then it would be on consoles. I have a desire to create this game, but it's just not the right time. I'm under pressure from KH fans, Disney, and Square Enix, and they all want Kingdom Hearts III. I know this, and I don't hide my desire to make this game. The biggest problem we're facing is our main developer on the franchise is busy with Final Fantasy, and the Birth by Sleep team is busy making Kingdom Hearts for the Nintendo 3DS. But we'll do it when the right time comes.

    September 2010: EGMi interview

    For any sequel of the mainstream storyline of the Kingdom Hearts series, that would be Kingdom Hearts III. But the problem is that the opportunity of developing the sequel is not currently [possible]. The team is busy, I am busy. I'm thinking about what's going to be next after Kingdom Hearts II, the future that is Kingdom Hearts III. Time has nearly come to [work on] that concept.

    Yes it might be possible. It is my desire to develop the next Kingdom Hearts on the existing platform, but the problem with a new console is that it has new technical requirements. So, yes, I'm willing to create something on the existing console because when we aim for another non-existing future console, the release of the title will be far in the future. That's my concern.

    July 2011: Famitsu Weekly interview

    -- Alright, last question on the topic. There are an overwhelming number of people who want Kingdom Hearts 3 to be released.

    Nomura: The answer for them has been prepared in KH3D.


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Darkshadow8500, A day ago

Kingdom Hearts III should be released in 2014 because many sources claim that this game was in development since 2010 and to me that's a very good amount of time to develop a very important game like this. Heres what i dont get, most people are acting like it just started developing last year ago when E3 announced KH3 AND FF15 and yet most sources say its been in developed since 2010 including this website, I also wonder how or where they know that its been developed since 2010 which was when birth by sleep was released so why the longer wait they should just release the game in either late 2014 or early 2015.

AnimeXColorless, 4 weeks ago

I just can't wait to get the Kingdom Hearts III game! I'm so excited for this!!!!

RE_NO, 4 weeks ago

I Really Can't Wait For KINGDOM HEARTS 3 I Want it right now TهT
It Will Be The Best Game Ever <3

bearconrad, Mar 10 2014 03:29 PM

When I heard that KH3 was in development I had squeald like a girl, witch that isn't hard too for me to do. LOL.

Disdanny, Jan 11 2014 02:22 AM

I am so pumped for KH3 I've been waiting on it since forever lol but the side games have been good follow ups I believe

Roxas Awakening, Dec 23 2013 07:20 AM

I can't wait to see the opening to KH3.

Vanitas'ssister, Dec 12 2013 07:21 AM

Can't wait for kingdom hearts 3! These most recent games were awesome! Better than the original! If what they is true and adds3 will be better then I am going to love this game!

Aura64, Nov 17 2013 02:22 PM

Right now, I'm thinking *this first one we all know is coming* 2.5 comes out in 2014, X-Chi *look it up* comes in 2015, KH3D HD Remake with a possible 358/2 days remake for the PS4 in 2015 as well, and probably Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015.

Sorry, I meant Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2016 *It better be. I'll be in 8th/9th grade then! I don't wanna wait any longer than that!*

WayfinderKeyblade, Nov 10 2013 12:48 PM

BBS and DDD are easily two of the best games in the series (in my opinion) This game is going to be amazing
BBS and DDD are easily two of the best games in the series (in my opinion) This game is going to be amazing
BBS and DDD are easily two of the best games in the series (in my opinion) This game is going to be amazing

Roxora, Nov 07 2013 02:24 PM

Kingdom hearts 2 is awesome but Kingdom Hearts 3 will be better than them all