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  1. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories & Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories & Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the second game in the Kingdom Hearts series, originally released on the Game Boy Advance. It was later re-released as Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories for the PlayStation 2. All Chain of Memories-related sections on our website are listed below.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Game Boy AdvanceRelease date (Japan) November 11, 2004Release date (North America) December 7, 2004Release date (Australia) January 13, 2005Release date (Europe) May 6, 2005

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
PlayStation 2Release date (Japan) March 29, 2007Release date (North America) December 2, 2008


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KHCentral_, Jun 13 2015 09:10 PM

Cant do this game doe. Marluxia.....]

spider2015, Jan 13 2015 03:54 AM

I don't know why, but the I still have been able to beat the game. The leveling up super slow, and I've logged in around 135 hours. Maybe on 1.5 I'll finish it faster? Hopefully? But I doubt it was half an hour for the whole game...because it's impossible.

*Have not been able to

Akini Akahana Akiko, Nov 23 2014 02:11 AM

Oogie Boogie is easy

Swagmaster Flash, Oct 09 2014 04:27 AM

Compleated game in 1/2 an hour. U MAD BRO

Demyx1, Aug 18 2014 10:35 PM

I got stuck on the Oogie Boogie level

FutureAssassin1, May 15 2014 10:19 PM

This one was definitly the toughest, especially Marluxia on proud

Xion889, Jan 18 2014 01:43 AM

I love this it was awesome! XD

Shiki_Phantasy-Style, Jan 24 2013 06:37 PM

I love this game, I rememebr that I couldnt sleep if I not end the game (So Imagine me sleepless so)

I guess because as disney has some rights, wanted to make it more tailored and child * cough-cough * - Although come to think carefully, and just waiting for something exciting infants ...

Remeber, we are here 4 the story

OathOfOblivionXIII, Dec 04 2012 06:21 PM

I really enjoyed this game. I didn't mind the gameplay at all. I thought it was fun.

kh Memories Skyskraper, Nov 07 2012 07:47 PM

Someone please tell me why the heck they put freaking CARDS into a game in the first place? I'm sure that sora can swing a keyblade without having to go "oh crap forgot out of cards! Better recharge right out in the open where i'm completely defenseless!" BAM he's dead. time to Re start that whole battle with Marluxia all over again.THAT was completely annoying! anyone else feel like that?

Yeah, I feel like that. they probably added the cards just to make us fail epically at the game xD Although Rikus file was waaaaay easier with the cards, because you could reload faster and you didnt have to make your own deck.