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Joseph Demetrius Schultz

Member Since 11 Jul 2018
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In Topic: Limited Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro Revealed at Sony E3 Showcase

11 July 2018 - 04:37 AM

So is there any chance that it will be available in America as well? Because I've literally been waiting for an excuse like this to get a PS4 Pro, and it's perfect, except for the small fact that it is Japanese so far right now...



I would think they'd sell this in the Americas as well, given they showcased it at E3 vs. Tokyo Game Show. The questions are when, where, and for how much?



Thanks for showing this to us, NihonScribe!


The question is, though, as beautiful as this PS4 looks, will it be available for the rest of the world as well, or is this a Japan exclusive? Cuz I really want that beautiful PS4! D:


Yes!  xD This Edition will be available to at least the US.  :P  I'm not sure about the rest of the world, though. : But PlayStation 4s aren't region locked  ;) so if you had the money, you could theoretically pre-order it from Japan or US (upon it being open for pre-order) and receive it being able to play your other PS4 games, you just have to have your regions power cord.  <3

In Topic: Which Kingdom Hearts 3 edition(s) are you interested in?

11 July 2018 - 04:28 AM

I literally have three of this game pre-ordered.  :3 Well... I will soon.  xP  I have the Deluxe Edition pre-ordered for XBox One, I'm going to get the All-in-one and I'm going to pre-order the Limited Edition PS4.  xD  I do have a question if anyone knows the answer (it might be an obvious answer, if so, my bad.  >.< )  Does the Limited Edition PS4 come with the All-in-one or just the third game?  <3


P.S. If I do get three copies, the All-in-one Bundle is going to be gifted to my roommate to put on his account, then whatever comes with the Limited Edition PS4 copy is going to be on my account. Figured I'd explain it just in case anyone was wondering why the heck would spend that much on a game. That and money from my roommate, fiance, AND myself are going into this game, so I'm not spending that much money alone.  xP