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Member Since 20 Jun 2018
Online Last Active 9 minutes ago
Finally getting back into Pokemon with Ultra Moon. Its been a while so lets hope i do well Updated 18 Sep · 0 comments

About Me

Not much to say other than the fact that I have about a solid 10 years of roleplaying experience, enjoy anime of all sorts, memes are great in my opinion, and that I suffer from avid insomnia and bouts of depression so yay. Dark jokes aside Im here to have fun and make friends. I hope we can become such acquaintances soon. Im usually very tired.

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Finally getting back into Pokemon with Ultra Moon. Its been a while so lets hope i do well
Sep 18 2018 08:23 PM


Does anybody have the first Divinity on Steam and want to play?
Sep 09 2018 12:19 PM

Riku WatashiHeartOfFerria

I don't sleep much... I find it easier to sleep when I listen to music, though. Sorry if this doesn't work for you. ( I love music, though. Sorry_
Aug 23 2018 01:22 PM
  • HeartOfFerria's Photo
    I listen to long videos like Christopher Odd’s Divinity Original Sin playthrough.
    Aug 23 2018 02:14 PM


Its been 2 months and I still dont know a thing about these member titles.
Aug 21 2018 09:20 PM


Any ideas on how to fix an inhability to sleep? Im open to suggestions.
Aug 20 2018 01:01 AM
  • Mystics Apprentice's Photo
    Mystics Apprentice
    I notice a huge difference in my ability to sleep when I limit my screen time. If I read before bed instead of get on the computer, play games, et cetera I'm able to sleep much better. I also don't do well if I get overtired, strangely. Hope that helps some. :)
    Aug 20 2018 01:46 PM
  • ITzDarthLordRevan's Photo
    As strange as it sounds, there are people that have suggested keeping yourself awake for at least for a day so you'll be tired enough to go to sleep the next time you sleep at night. Probably not the most healthy way to go about it though. Turning off all electronic devices an hour before you go to sleep is a good way to make sure your brain doesn't think so much when you go to lay down. Don't know if you're a writer or not, but if there's things troubling you, you could a...
    Aug 21 2018 10:33 PM
  • ITzDarthLordRevan's Photo
    -write them down in a notebook.
    Aug 21 2018 10:34 PM


Has anyone else had the issue of returning to a game and finding it harder to beat then you remember? Cause thats what is happening with me and fire emblem Fates...
Jun 20 2018 07:40 PM
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