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#1988275 What Disney film should've gotten a TV series?

Posted by ienzo628 on 06 August 2018 - 07:03 PM

Dittoing a comment earlier about continuity with Zootopia - I would love for the creators to address the origins of Zootopia and the possibility of humans in that world and what happened to them, which I feel could be explored in a TV show format with multiple villains / suspects leading to a grander scheme much like the movie. It would add a whole new level of depth to the Zootopia story imo.


There's not many cartoons these days that have a more mature appeal, like Avatar or Young Justice or Teen Titans (before Teen Titans Go). Even an Adventure Time twist to the Zootopia story would make it far more interesting.


The Incredibles I can see getting a TV show as well, there's so much left unsaid that can be filled in with TV episodes. Even the history of all the heroes and how they got to be so famous. 


Even Inside Out could get a TV show imo. It's definitely a formula that can be transferred to any person or character.

They could approach the Zootopia prequel in a fashion similar to the Secret of Nymh.  Humans experimented on the animals, the animals and their descendants that survived the genetic experimentation done to them decided to take over human society but because of different ideals of what to do with the humans.  Some fractured into societies and were left to deal with human lead societies that treat humans better than animals as evidenced by Cats Don't Dance while other animals remained more primitive like Dumbo and Bambi while other animals sought to be like the humans but keep away from them at all costs, hence Zootopia.


Granted, it's an insane theory.  We don't see any humans in Bambi but their impacts are felt.  Why not make a series out of a classic?  Namely if Disney can settle the lawsuit with the late creator and have the series be a coming of age focusing on Bambi and Faline's kids.

#1988084 ~Drawing Request~ Feel Free to Ask a request :3

Posted by ienzo628 on 03 August 2018 - 11:55 PM

Ahh ok. I get it now. xD

I am pretty much working on a fanfiction involving Max as kind of an anti hero.  Of course, this is college age Max Goof.

#1988026 [7-30-18] Coco VIP Quests Pt.2 and Equipment Cost Challenge

Posted by ienzo628 on 02 August 2018 - 10:06 PM

Thanks for informing us of this, Bearybear!


Hmm, well, there's nothing in particular of interest to me, so I'll just continue completing the Proud Mode Quests! :3

So, shall I.  I hope I can get more worthy metals.

#1987697 I had a weird dream about Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted by ienzo628 on 29 July 2018 - 03:35 PM

A dream about playable Kairi?! Now that's a dream I can totally support!

Better than the dream that I had a few years back about Sora closing his eyes before seeing Axel fighting off some Heartless with his chakrams and looking on disappointingly at Sora.  Sora of course was vanishing into darkness in what looked like nothing but darkness.

#1987673 Sora and the Forty Thieves

Posted by ienzo628 on 29 July 2018 - 10:00 AM

Great, continue your work! :)

I hope more people get interested on it.

I hope I can deliver.

#1987664 I had a weird dream about Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted by ienzo628 on 29 July 2018 - 06:22 AM

Was Kairi swinging her keyblade like a baseball bat once Mickey started throwing Heartless at her, sort of like a reaction command? I guess I have that Disney classic "Casey Bats Again" in my head. I am sorry that you had a nightmare.

#1987100 Sora and the Forty Thieves

Posted by ienzo628 on 21 July 2018 - 05:24 AM

Chapter 3

Hidden In the Basket

Sora glanced out of the window into the city and further into the desert, looking for any sign of Donald and Goofy. The two hadn’t shown up yet and it had left the brunette anxious. He figured they wouldn’t want to miss this special day. Al was a long term buddy of theirs. Why should they miss it just because the gummi ship crashed?

“Hey Sora,” a male voice asked.


Sora felt Genie’s finger press against his left shoulder. The teenager turned around and locked eyes with an old woman with some sort of crazy black wig on with blue highlights and curls to match the dark hair color and highlights. She wore a very tacky lavender dress that looked it had been made from alligator skin. “How can anyone be comfortable in that,” Sora thought.


The woman didn’t appear happy with the expression that the sixteen year old brunette in red gave her. “I could say the same thing about your choice of attire, young man,” the woman remarked.


“I’m sorry,” Sora apologized, sweat trickling down his face.


The woman with the bright hot pink glasses suddenly smiled, leaving Sora bewildered. “It’s no problem, Sora,” the woman said as she turned into an all too familiar blue skinned being.


“Genie, why-” Sora demanded.


“It’s the big day, my buddy is getting married, duh!” Genie explained to the brunette as if he wasn’t in on the joke. That’s because he wasn’t but none of us are really in on any of Genie’s shenanigans.


“Why did you tap my shoulder?” Sora asked.


“I need to ask you a favor,” Genie replied, instantaneously brushing the back of his palm against his neck.


“It must be serious,” Sora thought. “I’ll take it!”


“Oh you will! That’s great! Just remember to only knock, the bride’s maids don’t like guys entering the changing room,” Genie said before disappearing into blue smoke.


“What?” Sora uttered.


Sora stood outside of an oval shaped door with thick lilac curtains guarding it. He was bored out of his mind. It had been like two hours since the girls had made any progress. He kept knocking every thirteen minutes making sure they were actually getting ready but they would just tell him to buzz off. Sora was fine with that. He was doing his job, he wasn’t into dressing up anyways. The brunette just wished they would stop chitchatting with one another about this color not being appropriate, that outfit making one of them looking fat, laughing, and the occasional sound of something resembling glass shattering.


It was a pretty easy job, not ideal, but easy. Sora felt like he was going to take a nap. He just had been staring outside a window glancing out at the ever expanding mud brick buildings and deserts below. Hoping against hope that he would see Donald, Goofy, Aladdin, Abu, Iago, and anyone come through that window. Nobody did but Sora wasn’t going to get his long term break anymore. A scream was heard from the dressing room. The brunette grabbed his keyblade from the chair-like pillar beside him and stood up.


The screams continued to echo. Sora barged right in, seeing the girls standing on tables while a Heartless gawked at them hungrily. The brunette was all too accustomed to these creatures. The Heartless had the basically the upper half of the run of the mill Bandit Heartless, creatures that looked humanoid in appearance but wore white turbans, orange pants, pointed triangular shoes, wore red and white vests and most notoriously carried swords. The Heartless looked like a Bandit until the brunette observed its lower half, which looked like a snake.


The girls panicked, throwing whatever they could at the creature. Sora ran between the Heartless and the girls, bashing the side of its head with his silver bladed over grown sized key. “Get out of here! I’ll take care of this brute,” Sora ordered.


The girls nodded and scrammed out of the dressing room, not caring about how they looked. Sora was now alone with the creature. The creature opened his mouth, revealing a forked tongue. The brunette locked his knuckles against the golden hilt and caused it to slam down upon the Bandit-like Heartless’s tongue. It hissed and then sent its tail smacking into Sora.


Sora was sent spiraling into the wall, he got his bearings and ran towards the Heartless. He dodged its massive tail and stabbed the blade into it. The creature recoiled but something surprised the brunette. The tail began to disperse into numerous Heartless. Sora glanced up at the Heartless and noticed that it too was dissolving into multiple Heartless. The brunette managed to annihilate some but almost all of them got away.

Sora was now left alone with a messy dressing room. It was made worse by the entrance of the guards, the princess, the sultan, and many more faces. “I told you Princess Jasmine letting the genie give out commands was a bad idea. Just look at this pigstay! Why the street rat is more cleanlier than this brat!” Razoul complained.


“He saved the bride’s maids, Razoul. Give the child a break!” the sultan interjected, walking to Sora’s side and patting him on the shoulder.

“Yeah, but maybe keyboy might need something more I don’t less damaging,” Iago added, completely on board with Razoul.


“Oh, what would you recommend,” Jasmine asked.


"Definitely not my job,” Iago replied but then closed his beak with his two large wings.


“Oh me and my big old mouth!” the red parrot thought.


“Good then it’s settled, Iago switches places with Sora,” Jasmine exclaimed with a bit of a smirk.


“What, why?!” Iago objected.


“There were reports that you were sneaking off with the goblets of sapphire,” Jasmine responded.


“What, whoever told you that is a big fat liar!”


Chuckling could be heard, the crowd departed and faces met with the awaited guests and groom.


“Aladdin,” Jasmine said running towards her fiancee.


The two hugged and Aladdin smirked at the grumbling Iago.


Iago glared at Sora, but the brunette could only snicker.


Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Agrabah; Sa’luk was grumbling. Cassim padded one of the camel’s baskets. “Why did we have to bring them

along,” Sa’luk complained. “They only had junk on them, Cassim!”


“Patience, Sa’luk, I have a plan,” the man cloaked in blue replied.


“You always say that and we always end up coming out barehanded,” Sa’luk retorted.

“As if you could do a better job,” Cassim said getting aboard the camel.

“Why yes I-”


Before the gray skinned man could finish his explanation. Cassim and the camel were off along with the other camels in his care. Cassim glared as he put on some robes and boarded the last available camel.

#1986962 Sora and the Forty Thieves

Posted by ienzo628 on 19 July 2018 - 04:36 AM

Chapter 1


A grouchy grey skinned man in a purple vest overlooked the caravan of camels and stood impatiently as a cloaked man in blue leaned over three bodies.  The man grumbled, "We have no time for this, Cassim!"


The cloaked man in blue turned to look at the grumpy man who was now pointing sharp golden yellow knives at him.  Cassim's eyes narrowed.  "We can't leave them out here, especially...not the" The cloaked man's turned to a certain body, it was of a brunette that appeared to be around the age of sixteen.


"Boy?!" The grey skinned bearing man exclaimed.  "You want the Forty Thieves to play babysitter to what a mongrel, a poultry, two rats, and a brat that all look like they came from some place else?  They're dead-"


"They're not dead, Sa'luk!  I would think that even a man as powerful as you would know how to distinguish between sleep and death." Cassim retorted.


The grey skinned man in the purple vest known as Sa'luk crossed his arms in a huff.  "Well, I refuse to play babysitter to them.  You're close to ruining our plans-Hey!"


Before Sa'luk could stop the cloaked Cassim, several raggedy men in scars and beards crawled out of their assigned straw basket and headed towards the town.  Sa'luk tried to protest and block them but they just brushed them.  He pointed his dagger like claws at them, the men were now frightened.  They had seen what the second in command could do, let's just say one didn't want any kids around.  "Stand down, Sa'luk," Cassim ordered sternly.


Sa'luk wanted to rebel but something in his gut told him that he would ruin their scheme.  The grey skinned man begrudgingly nodded and let the scraggy trio of men pass.  Darkness soon faded to light, the sunlight peaked over the numerous sand dunes.  The sleeping quintet woke up.  Each of them took several double looks, trying to make sure they weren't dreaming.  "How did we get from-?" Sora was about to ask before two loud  ear piercing squeaks finished off his sentence.


Sora stared down at the panicking chipmunks.  "Gummi Ship-we need to-"


"Fix it!" Dale finished off Chip's sentence.


The brown nosed chipmunk crossed his arms and glared at the red nosed chipmunk.  Dale just wiped the back of his head in a pathetic attempt of an apology.  "Old habits die hard, y'know?"


Donald and Goofy stood up.  "Perhaps, we can escort them back," Goofy offered.


"Yeah, we know those little pests won't last in this heat much less with all the potential sandstorms running amok," Donald added.


"I guess," Sora replied, not quite sure of the situation.


It had been the second time since the Gummi Ship had crashed.  The first time was in Deep Jungle but Sora had accompanied Donald and Goofy off to fix the ship, despite their guilt trip.  He had technically caused it and Donald hadn't completely forgiven Sora for it.  However, this time was completely dissimilar since everyone had chipped into the crash.


"We can handle it," Donald suggested.


"Yeah, we can handle Chip and Dale.  You just find out what was going on in town, okay?" Goofy recommended.


"Okay, if you say so," Sora nodded and watched as the four left for the nearby crash site.


Sora headed for the gates but two swords blocked his way.  It was the guards, Razoul stood forward, pointing his sword at Sora.  "Where's your invitation?" the tanned skinned bearded guard demanded.


Sora thought long and hard.  He would try, "Hey Razoul, it's me, Sora!"


"Who?" the guard demanded. 


"Sora, Aladdin's right hand buddy!  Don't you remember?" Sora asked placing the most faux grin on his face that he could muster.


"I don't care if you're the sultan's concubine.  Where's your invitation?!" Razoul demanded, still pointing the sword at Sora.


"He's with me," a raspy interjected. 


Both guards, Razoul and Sora stared at the source of the voice.  It belonged to an elderly man that appeared to be carrying way too much on his back.  The man wore blue pants, red shoes, a turban, had peach colored skin and had a gray beard.  "Really?  And, where's your invitation," Razoul pressed, not pointing the sword at the old geezer.


"I would put that rusted weedwhacker if I were you, sunny boy!"  the elderly gray bearded man said.


"I'd like to see you try," Razoul scoffed.


The man stood up, dropping the heavy loud to the ground.  The earth shook as he did so and some cracks in the earth formed.  The man then smiled at the intimidated guards and bewildered Sora.  Blue smoke the same shade as his pants formed around him and out came an all too familiar face.  "Genie," Sora uttered.


"The one and only," the blue skinned man exclaimed proudly with his chest puffed out. 


"I saw you land last night," Genie whispered to Sora.


"What?  How?" Sora uttered.


"Duh, I put on a firework show last.  Oh that Jafar and all his malice," Genie declared as he now had on a red baseball cap on which was on backwards and held a mask of the late vizier.  Sora glared at him but Genie just placed the red baseball cap on Sora's brown spikes.  "It looks good on you, now let's go!"


Before Sora could object, Genie had already whisked the young lad away up in his arms at lightning fast speed.  "You can help with last minute preparations because Al's getting married!"




"Yup," Genie gloated.  "By the way, where's Donald and Goofy?"


Sora paused.

#1986897 Sora and the Forty Thieves

Posted by ienzo628 on 18 July 2018 - 06:48 AM

I don’t own Kingdom Hearts nor any Disney character.

Chapter 0

Houston, We’re In Trouble

Targets kept shooting at the gummi ship. Chip and Dale were barely maintaining the yellow aircraft and Donald wasn’t all too please since the steering wheel kept threatening to send him flying into one of the numerous windshields. Donald cursed under his breath while Goofy looked out. Sora just stared at the monitor, lost in his own thoughts.

“Sora, a little help would be needed!” Donald exclaimed.


“Huh,” Sora replied with a dumbfounded gasp.

Donald raised a feathered eyebrow. He was seriously wanting to whack the spiky haired brunette over the head with his straw hatted staff. However, Donald had his own fight with the steering wheel to deal with. The duck mage drove the two upward yellow and red handlebars to the right, he was pleased until….click. The handlebar steering wheel jerked left, sending Donald next to Goofy. Goofy had to peel the now two dimensional white duck from the glass.


“Why you…!” Donald rushed back to the steering wheel, stupidly jerking the yellow and red handlebars back and forth and left and right.


“Donald, knock it off!” Sora barked.


“You’re going to crash the ship!” Chip and Dale added.


“Stay out of this,” Donald retorted.


“We’ve got a problem, Houston,” Goofy said out of the blue.


Sora, Chip and Dale were too busy with Donald that they didn’t bother to look at the monitor like Goofy did. There was something red and yellow coming their way. They all screamed and all of them went towards the steering wheel. All of them mimicked Donald’s earlier struggle and all were sent flying into the windshields as the steering wheel subconsciously stirred up. The target hit them and sent them soaring, red alarms flashed on and off in the entire spacecraft and bold red letters “WARNING” flashed on the monitor. They tried to run back to the steering wheel, stubbornly not learning from their previous lesson of letting one person drive. It was too late, they crashed.


Donald spat up sand.  Another target shot up, this one red in texture and as it exploded.  Goofy read aloud the message, "Congrats Al & Jaz!"


Sora glanced around and saw the golden domed roofs of an all too familiar building in the distance.  It was Agrabah.  However, Sora wondered what Aladdin and Jasmine were up to.  It had been some time since he had last seen them.  It was still nighttime.


The crew were still sleepy.  Chip and Dale rolled out the blankets from some compartment in the now wrecked gummi ship, it's trunk had collided with a sand dune.  However, the ship's seats still functioned, so they converted them into beds.  Donald, Goofy and Sora grabbed the blankets and pillows.  It was still summer time, so they didn't have to worry about finding shelter.


They took a nap, they would check out Agrabah in the morning.

#1986693 Hopeless Fate Poem

Posted by ienzo628 on 15 July 2018 - 10:10 PM

Have you ever wanted to be someone else,

Not confined to this jail cell you call a body?


I am just talking to myself as usual,

After all I am behind a brick wall.


I can see what goes on outside,

Through this transparent brick wall.

But maybe I'm not getting the entire picture.


I am so different,

Or perhaps I am not.

It's not like it matters.


Plenty of people have thought of themselves

As different and trampled over other people.


Being different isn't a sin

But what do I know behind this transparent hellhole?


I have a lot of complaints,

Just more glass bricks to my futile asylum.


Do I really affect anyone?

I am just a barely seen face in the wall screaming at anyone.


Perhaps, I need to stop pitying myself.

#1986510 Sketch Requests?

Posted by ienzo628 on 12 July 2018 - 05:06 PM

Ah, well there we go then, problem solved! :D



I hope the links for you Nemesis.  Don't you think the fortress looks a bit like a cross between Enchanted Dominion and Land of Departure?

#1986467 Sketch Requests?

Posted by ienzo628 on 11 July 2018 - 10:51 PM

Well, at most, I'm sure it'd be as you said, and instead of having the power of the Hand Of Midas, we'd simply get a Munny related ability, and the Hand would be lost to the Arabian desert, ya know? That's if Sa'luk isn't featured as the villain!

Well, in this case, lost to the sea because the location was on the back of gigantic sea turtle that was difficult to chase.

#1986308 Sketch Requests?

Posted by ienzo628 on 09 July 2018 - 10:27 PM

Dang, that would be pretty dang cool! :D

Of course, it wouldn't work out if it's just Sora touching Heartless and turning them into golden statues.  What good would that ability do since Sora would have to be careful with his own keyblade and so would his buddies?  Basically, Donald would meet the same demise that Sa'luk met and be reduced to nothing but a gold plated yellow duck statue.

#1986295 Odd Phenomena and Weird Experiences

Posted by ienzo628 on 09 July 2018 - 07:54 PM

Yeah. I used to have an Aunt Frent, except she wasn't my aunt and she was dead. She had some attachment to the house I used to live in.

I've had spells done on me to temporarily get rid of my anxiety (they worked).

When I was younger we had some sort of exorcism or cleansing done, I don't exactly remember why.

And I'm almost certain that my dogs Zeus and Cleo came back after they died. I'd constantly hear stuff like the jingle of their collars in the basement (where they slept)

That's interesting. 

#1986242 Odd Phenomena and Weird Experiences

Posted by ienzo628 on 09 July 2018 - 01:30 PM

It really is upsetting.

I think I've heard that story before, or something similar.

I think some of the pictures are real, but a lot are probably faked to get publicity.

I've seen many ghost photographs.  Most of the time they just appear as orbs and there have actually been a few notable photographs supposedly proving that the supernatural exists like the infamous Brown Lady photo.  The Brown Lady, I believe was debunked because a previous negative got mixed into the photo taken or something like that.  Basically, the previous outline was that of the Virgin Mary and it got imprinted onto the photo of the staircase that was taken.


It's really interesting.  The old cameras they had weren't very reliable.  Heck, I believe there was actually some sort of fad where people actually paid to have their pictures taken with "ghosts".  When photography was first emerging, you basically had to remain still like a statue because the camera took too long to take your picture.  If you moved then there would be some weird movements in the picture, at least that's what I have heard.  Around this time, cameramen were also taking pictures of the dead and since they don't move, their pictures were easier to take.


There have been hoaxes and there are still some pictures that remain inconclusive. 


I don't know if you've ever heard of will-o-wisps or dopplegangers.