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Member Since 12 Feb 2018
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In Topic: Yen Sid analysis - Just a pancake

Today, 12:55 AM

I wonder if he will make a joke out of the nine years missing between Kingdom Hearts and BBS.

In Topic: Hopeless Fate Poem

Yesterday, 11:57 PM

You think it is so easy to express yourself,

You think depression is just a myth.


I should just go out and live my life.

But how can I if I feel like I am imprisoned?


Everyday goes by,

I leave scratch marks on the wall.


I am ticked off and frustrated at what my life became.

No longer free to enjoy the pleasures that I once had.


Every narrow obsession turns into a frustration.

I just want to cry.


I maybe petty.

I maybe just wanting to be the victim.

I should probably just grow up and get a life.


How can I?

If I never learned.


Things aren't as easy as they are for you.

Things that come naturally are my chains.


I cry all night,

Thinking if my luck is slowly running out.


Nobody will hear me in this bottomless blackness.

No one will bother to come searching for me.


I am just a mere toy and life is nothing but a game.

So, why do I keep failing it?


Why can't I be normal?

Why am I such a nomad?


Everyone just goes away,

Because my misery demands they stay.


I am so bewildered,

Am I in the wilderness?


Why are you lucky?

Why do I have to try to be lucky?


It just isn't fair,

But fairness has alluded me for years.


So, why am I such a loser

When I am really a poser?

In Topic: Larxene in the new trailer

Yesterday, 11:47 PM

But I don't think that Larxene has that kind of power. The only one I could think of that could tap into the darkness via Heartless would be Ansem, since he himself is a Heartless, and old man Xehanort himself! And Heartless's eyes are a beady yellow, not that hazel yellow that identifies a person as a Nort! And remember that Ansem The Wise has orange eyes as opposed to yellow, so there's that, too! So odds are that Larxene is definitely a Nort. Though one never knows! We'll just have to wait and see for what happens when we get the game! :)

Yeah and that's what makes it all so aggravating.  I feel like Nomura is pretty much repeating the same old plans that Xehanort's past incarnations did rather than just going for a full battle.  I wonder if Master Xehanort is actually putting Larxene on a wild goose chase and is just lying to Sora and her about Elsa being a princess.  I mean, he might be the type to do that sort of thing.  Trick someone that is wary of you into doing your bidding by giving them a distraction.


Of course, I imagine many fans including Larxene herself would be peeved at having to go on a wild goose chase while slowly being corrupted into the man that she and Marluxia fought against.

In Topic: What if Days...

Yesterday, 04:43 PM

It would be really neat if we would be able to have full access to the castle too along with the relationship building feature. This way we would really get a look into who the Organization really is and that being the meat of the game. Days did have some of this, with the optional dialogue with the other members in the Grey room, but it was scarce. 

We also barely caught glimpses of the other rooms in the castle like the library (according to the novel, it's in Castle Oblivion), some of the bedrooms (Axel, Roxas, Xion's), and the Gray Area.

In Topic: Larxene in the new trailer

Yesterday, 03:58 PM

Well, that would be cool, but she's most likely a Nort. Her yellow eyes are a dead giveaway!

Heartless also have yellow eyes.  Maybe, she's tapping into the darkness or something, not necessarily being controlled by Xehanort.