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#1969050 The Unpopular Opinions Thread

Posted by tekkenhunter on 24 December 2017 - 01:40 PM

Amen to all of that. Don’t watch the Fake News then.

Congratulations to President Trump and the Republican leadership in the House and Senate for passing the tax cuts and tax overhaul in a historic day. My family will definitely benefit from this legislation and it will help with the college expenses too.

The news in general is a mix of truth and lies, it is up to the individual to their homework. In my city they do a good job of reporting the violence.

#1968282 The Walt Disney Company makes $52.4 billion deal to acquire 21st Century...

Posted by tekkenhunter on 15 December 2017 - 08:42 AM

Disney own a monopoly now. (I don't really like that) I am excited for x-men to enter MCU.  For KH the Door has opened for a lot more series to enter.

#1968226 MVCI Story Mode (No Spoilers) Review

Posted by tekkenhunter on 14 December 2017 - 11:07 AM

Ah, I see! That's pretty awesome! I remember that there used to be a Street Fighter arcade game in a local pizza joint, but it was taken down quite some time ago! I also commonly find arcade fighting games at the mall where there's arcades and such, and then there's also the fighting games for consoles as well! :)


The dying scene of arcades is sad, but was replaced at least in Chicago and some other places with Gaming Lounges. Where they let you rent or BYOC consoles to PC, and a group of your friends or strangers you can play with in multiple types from party to fps and fighting games. Some even serve food.

#1968173 MVCI Story Mode (No Spoilers) Review

Posted by tekkenhunter on 13 December 2017 - 06:57 PM

Ah, I see! Interesting! So in a sense, you and your brother are fighting game experts! that's pretty cool! I've heard of Mortal Kombat's story through my best friends/soul brothers, and I've read that Tekken has a story mode, though I didn't know that King Of Fighters had one too!


In KOF you pick a the entire main team that's grouped and go through arcade mode. Seriously though the AI for the boss chars at the end are just as hard as MF in KH BBS. When playing the arcade version if you lose you can select options like start the boss at half health, or start with max meter. On console version you can choose the difficulty. (We played mostly on arcade) (on emu) No way we were wasting all that money on arcade. Way Too many losses

#1968081 The Unpopular Opinions Thread

Posted by tekkenhunter on 12 December 2017 - 07:10 PM

Chicago has become Gotham city. The mayor and people at the top are so freaking corrupt that booze became cheaper than soda pop. Shootings every day, and car jacking that happened near the cubs stadium. There is no batman to help us. (there is also that infamous torture video)


Watching the news today and now I am depressed. I hate watching news now.

#1968048 MVCI Story Mode (No Spoilers) Review

Posted by tekkenhunter on 12 December 2017 - 08:33 AM

Huh, so the story mode of the game did pretty well for itself, huh? Considering that fighting games tend not to focus too much on story, that's an awesome prospect! :D

My brother and I play a lot of fighting games with each other. Story mode is a third next to good game play and music. Combine all three and that is a really excellent way too have replay value. Combine just game play and music is a great way too have replay value. Both styles make you look forward to the next in the series.


The only franchise fighting games that have great story are tekken, kof, and mortal kombat series.

Tekken 7 has a pretty good story that has a boring narrator that brings the quality down by dragging it out. Exclude the narrator in most parts it would have been a better told story. Tekken's entire series is a great story from the beginning till now.

Mortal Kombat relies on a lot of violence that can draw alot of people off but some stories from past games are pretty good like MK9.(we don't play mk games, we watch youtube videos for story mode)

King of Fighters has a great story throughout it's time but only if you can stand pictures and text. The Nest Saga, Orochi saga, and a few others.


All except (MK) have great music.

#1967969 MVCI Story Mode (No Spoilers) Review

Posted by tekkenhunter on 11 December 2017 - 10:08 AM

Note: Not going too talk about art style or graphics, just story mode.


I recommend people to watch the story mode. (with or with out the in between gameplay). The dialogue has some good comedy and seriousness between the characters. Voice acting is mostly spot on with the characters. However their is no music on most of the cut-scenes, mostly the music plays when your playing in story mode  vs the cpu. The fight scenes are done decently, our favorite takes place in valkanda. My brother and I might sound crazy when talking about this but it is actually far better than what could have been. It's not maybe an award winning story, but it sure isn't trash (far from it).


Okay I am going to admit that I did not like story mode at first, but that was me expecting too much for what it is. After completing it we thought not bad. I showed the story mode to my older sister with out the gameplay just cut-scenes, who is a marvel fan and only has limited game knowledge. (she knows street fighter, x zero, Dante, does not know who Chris or nemesis is or where they are from). She Liked the story and thought that it is much better than she was expecting. We did not show her any story trailers for this game, she came in completely blind.


Story mode is 3.5 stars good, but not excellent. A good story to have at movie/popcorn time.

PROs: Good dialogue and Interactions, voice acting, some fight scenes

Cons: Not much music during cut-scenes.

#1967671 My The Flash/Barry Allen Intro Monologue Parody (Ze Flasher)

Posted by tekkenhunter on 06 December 2017 - 05:20 AM

My name is Barry Allen and I am Ze Flasher!

I run around my city at speeds faster than any speeding bullet.

To show my naked body to as many people as possible.

Young and old.

So the future generation can live one day truly free.

Without any restriction and even clothes.

Once again my name is Barry Allen and I am Ze Flasher!

Got it memorized?



Thoughts Comments. Did it make anyone laugh?

I just thought this up.

#1967572 VR KH BBS The Movie and other VR samples

Posted by tekkenhunter on 05 December 2017 - 01:58 AM

Hello I am new here. Just recently got psvr and daydream phone.

Watch with PSVR or DayDream VR on android! Retro game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep in stunning VR!

I captured using an android phone.


Note: Retro games have a 2d screen and no left or right. I made it curve enough to view straight, turning head left, right, top, and bottom. Back view is the screen repeat, so no official back view.

Thoughts good, bad, constructive criticism, comments. All are welcome.


Edit December 7 2017: My first virtual reality game project is Kingdom Hearts BBS. The plan is to show the cut-scenes, boss fights, mirage arena, mini games, and a showing of the level scenery.


Note: part 2 of the movie is better quality.


The Movie Playlist


VR Sample playlist - includes FF7, Spyro 2, and KH BBS Opening and Game-play