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Member Since 24 May 2017
Offline Last Active Sep 24 2017 10:30 AM

Topics I've Started

What if

23 September 2017 - 07:40 PM

If you've not played Birth By Sleep don't read this as it'll spoil the ending.

So, I was doing some thinking and came up with a what if of sorts and was wondering what everyone else thinks on the matter.

What if Aqua didn't send Terranort back into the realm of light and instead they both fell into the realm of darkness?

What do you guys think would have happened? Ansem the wise wouldn't have been sent there, the organisation wouldn't have been started, lots of things would have worked out completely differently. So what do you all think would have happened? This is just curiousity and speculation :) Let me know what you all think.

I don't understand - cry for help. Sad reacts only. *Potential spoilers within

21 September 2017 - 06:26 PM

Ok so being confused is something we're all used to by now when it comes to Kingdom Hearts but if you pay attention you can figure out where it's going/what's happening but MY LORD I just don't understand Union Cross. Am I stupid? Because I feel stupid.

This is the only game I can't follow and I'm trying so hard lmao. One minute I'm alive the next I'm dead I just can't follow the plot at all. So if anyone out there fully understands the story so far, please can you try and explain it to me? Because I just don't understand...

I know that some aspects haven't been explained yet within the story so that's fine. It's the general plot, what's going on, etc. I'm not following. I've tried but I'm lost. I'm up to date on the story quests, I've watched back cover and played every other game and watched the secret endings and this. THIS GAME RIGHT HERE! Is what's throwing me. I can't even... -pinch nose-

This is a cry for help. Please, please, please can someone try and give me an indepth story analysis and run down of this mobile game. I've searched online and I've found nothing. I just want to know where we're at with this game. I should know but I don't. Everything that's happened has made go "what? But... what?" I even spoke with my sister who plays it to and she was like "f*** knows I'm lost too"

Spoilers for future quests that aren't out yet in the global version are welcome. Spoil away, I need to understand before I bust a metaphoric nut. Any help would be amazing and muchly appreciated.

Many thanks, Worreth_

Will Kingdom Hearts III have a secret ending or secret episode?

22 June 2017 - 10:55 AM

Hey everyone!

Just a question I was wondering. All KH games have secret endings, some even have two! There's also the final episode in BBS! Which leads to my question:

Do you think Kingdom Hearts III will have a secret ending or a secret episode?

I only ask because the other games do, but i also heard it's the last in the Seeker of Darkness saga so we should be saying goodbye to our usual KH crew. Will the secret stuff show the new characters? Or will it be secrets involving the characters we already know? Is this actually the end of Sora and the gangs appearance in the games?

Just a question on my mind, what do you all think?

Worreth :)

Is Tesco trying to kill me?

12 June 2017 - 06:31 AM

So I was on Tesco browsing through some games and I saw this. IS TESCO TRYING TO KILL ME!! There is no release date yet, but Tesco, why you do this to me?

HELP! Kingdom Hearts Manga!

30 May 2017 - 07:46 AM

Hell everyone, I was wondering if some could help me out on a few questions I have. I want to get the ALL the Kingdom Hearts Manga. I've been searching online and feel like an idiot because I'm not quite sure what to order (I'm stupid, I know ) here's what I'm wondering!

1) Should I buy Kingdom Hearts Manga or Kingdom Hearts Final Mix for the first games instalment? Does it make a difference? Or should I buy both?

2) How many installments are there? So for KH1 was there four books? How many in KH2? Etc.

3) Have they made Manga adaptions of each game? So I know they've done KH1, KH2, KHCOM, KHDAYS. Have they done the others?

4) Is it worth it?

5) Is there a complete box set I can buy that will give me EVERYTHING?

If someon could give me a full run down of how to have every book in English, where to buy, etc that would be amazing! And if I've missed anything you think I should know please tell me!!

Many thanks!