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[8/14/17] 0AP, VIP Quests, KA2+Broom Deal, Union Cross, Raid EV

14 August 2017 - 02:54 AM

Until August 20th at 23:59 PT, all quests and Raid Boss battles will cost 0 AP! Be sure to take advantage of this!


For VIP Purchasers this week, the second half of the VIP Key Art #10 Quests bring four more Key Art #10 medals, as well as an additional KH3 Sora EX medal.

Key Art #10: Upright/Power // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 2 SP Cost // PSM atk+1 and enemy PSM def-1 for three turns, stronger with more HP, 2 hits.


Additionally, the Key Art #2 & Magic Broom Deal is open until August 16th at 23:59 PT! Each pull guarantees one Key Art #2 (which may arrive with a Status Bonus) and one Broom medal, and all medals pulled will be of 5* rarity or higher. This deal can only be pulled from three times a day.

Key Art #2: Upright/Magic // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 2 SP Cost // enemy M def-2 for one turn, 4 hits


A Union Cross update has occurred as well, offering limited-time Pooh, Tigger, and Rabbit medals that can be evolved into a special Pooh & Tigger & Rabbit medal! This event runs until August 27th at 23:59 PT, and medal drops will rotate daily in the following manner: Pooh ⇒ Tigger ⇒ Rabbit ⇒ repeat until the last two days of this event period, in which all three medals can be randomly dropped.

There are a total of four Cross Boards this time, offering rewards such as Magic Mirrors and Jewels. The rest will unlock as each one is cleared.

To earn more coins, Challenge Boss Time will occur for 30 minutes each day during this event period at 7:00 and 11:00 PT, while Rare Enemy appearance rates will be boosted during the same time periods.


This month's Raid Event, running until August 20th at 23:59 PT, offers the Pineapple Headband avatar parts, which grant a +3 Skill Perk! Collect Raid Coins and exchange them on the Raid Board!

Raid Boss Bonus Hours are at 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 PM, and 8 PM (PT).


Be sure to aim high in the rankings, because ranking rewards offer the Leo accessories this week--the Leo Chirithy Charm (+6 Item Drop Perk), the Bronze Leo Crown, the Silver Leo Crown (+5 Raid Boss Perk), and the Gold Leo Crown (+10 Raid Boss Perk)!


Images from this update can be viewed below. What will you aim for this week?

KA2+Broom Deal Banner KA2 Monthly Raid EV KA10 VIP Union Cross PTR Pooh Tigger Rabbit Leo Crowns Leo Chirithy Charm KH3 Sora EX VIP

[8/11] Guilt Bonus Campaign, Tron HSC, Falling Price Deal

11 August 2017 - 02:26 AM

The Guilt Bonus Campaign returns, staying until August 28th at 23:59 PT! During this time period, it will be easier to roll higher Guilt percentages (see below), medal experience is doubled, and the Munny cost for medal synthesis is halved.


Normal Range // Campaign Range

Tier 5: +80~150% //  +100~150%

Tier 4: +60~130% //  +90~130%

Tier 3: +40~100% //  +70~100%

Tier 2: +20~50% //  +30~50%

 Tier 1: +10~25% //  +15~25%


Until August 21st at 23:59 PT, a Tron-themed HSC event will be open. Rank high to earn the SP Sora and SP Donald & Goofy medals! 


SP Sora: Upright/Speed // Tier 5 Guilt // Single-target // 2 SP Cost // enemy def-2 for one turn, stronger if set in Slot 4, 8 hits

SP Donald & Goofy (5* parameters): Upright/Speed // Tier 3 Guilt // Random-target // 3 SP Cost // 4 powerful hits 


Lastly, until August 17th at 23:59 PT, a Falling Price Deal offering at least one recent Tier 5 Guilt medal with 1-3 ability dots already filled is available! The first draw will cost 3000 Jewels, the next will cost 2500, then 2200, then 2000, and then 1900 Jewels from the fifth pull onward. 

The pool of available Tier 5 medals include:



Images from this update can be viewed below. Be sure to take advantage of the Guilt Bonus Campaign while it lasts! 

Falling Price Deal 1 Tron HSC Banner Tron HSC medals Tron HSC bonus medals

Fifth Dandelion Union Leader introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] JP

10 August 2017 - 01:38 AM

As of August 10th at 15:00 JST, ten new story quests have been added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross]. These quests focus on a trip to the beach with the player and their friends and include the reveal of the anticipated fifth Union Leader--a girl, Strelitzia, whose fate has begun to move.

Footage and translations will be made available as soon as possible.

UPDATE 1: Untranslated footage, courtesy of Everglow, can be viewed below:

UPDATE 2: Translated footage is now available, courtesy of Everglow. It can be viewed below:

Click here to view the article

[8/4 PT] Sora Art EX Deal, Marie Avatar Boards

04 August 2017 - 02:13 AM

From August 4th to August 17th at 23:59 PT, the Sora Art EX Deal is open! This deal guarantees HD Wisdom Form Sora within 5 draws, as well as a Tier 4+ medal with 1-3 ability dots already filled. The Sora Art EX medal is not guaranteed within any number of draws.

Both premiums will arrive with 3 ability dots already filled if they are pulled, and they may also have a Status Bonus. Note that Sora Art EX will only be obtainable in this deal for now.

HD Wisdom Form Sora: Upright/Magic // T5 Guilt // 3 SP Cost // AoE // enemy def-2 for one turn, stronger if more special attacks have been used in succession, 8 hits

Sora Art EX (includes artwork): Upright/Magic // T5 Guilt // 2 SP Cost // AoE // M atk+3 and enemy M def-3 for one turn, stronger with more HP, 3 hits


Marie avatar boards are also open for 2500 Jewels each until August 14th at 23:59 PT! These boards include a Power Gem, the Defense Boost IV, Attack Boost IV Max, and ATK B III Max & SP GA I skills, as well as Chips, Dales, Magic Mirrors, and a Cid10. Marie's Tail grants a +2 Rare Enemy Perk.


Images from the update can be viewed below. Will you take advantage of this deal? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


ouqoNThSg ouGzNV0ZA ouGsN9zED Marie Boards


[7/20] Version 2.2.0 Update, Proud Mode Update

20 July 2017 - 03:20 AM

Following the conclusion of maintenance at 12:59 AM (PT) on July 20th, the global version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] has updated to Version 2.2.0. Update notes can be viewed below.

● Added completion percentage to Quest selection screen (Menu → "Quests")

- Story screen: completion percentage for Standard Mode and Proud Mode challenges added.

- Special screen: completion percentage for active quest challenges added.

- Event screen: completion percentage for active event quest challenges, along with Raid Boards and Event Boards added.

- Union Cross screen: completion percentage for active Cross Boards added.

- Coliseum screen: current rankings will now be displayed.


● Added completion icon to Event/Special banners

- When you fully complete a challenge and board (if applicable), a completion icon will become filled in.


● Added MVP Rewards to Union Cross

- There are two categories for MVP rewards: total damage done and number of times reviving a player.

- The damage MVP status will be awarded to the player who does the most total damage during the quest.

- The player revival MVP status will be awarded to the player who revives the most other players while in the downed state.

- Rewards will be given for both MVP statuses.

- Should no players need to be revived during a quest, all players will receive the MVP rewards for that category.


● Change to Party Lux Ranking Specifications

- After joining a party, the Lux Boost button cannot be pressed until after 11:59 p.m. (PT) on the same day.

 *The Lux Boost button will be pressable again after remaining in the same party beyond 11:59 p.m. (PT).

- Party Lux Rankings will refresh in real time. (Previously once per day.)

- Party Lux totals will be the sum of Lux accumulated by each member while they are in that specific party.

 *Even if a member leaves the party, that member's accumulated Lux will not disappear from the overall Party Lux total.

 *If a player joins the party, the Lux that was accumulated before joining the party will not be added to the overall Party Lux total.


● Added category to filter "Outfits" accessories by each Perk


● Various UI tweaks

- Enlarged banner sizes on the Home screen to make them easier to read. Home screen can now display up to 5 banners at a time.

- On the Avatar Boards selection screen, for boards with accompanying announcements, a "details" button will now appear on the lower part of the Avatar Board.

- On the Medal List screen, a Special Attack Bonus icon will now display near the particular Medal.


● Other minor bug fixes


● Currently Known Issue

- An issue with the Facebook-linking feature where player icons do not display properly on several screens.


Additionally, Proud Mode quests up to no.325 are now available! Are you enjoying the changes made in this update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!