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[6/19/17] Premium Quests, Deals, Union Cross, Raid EV, 0 AP

19 June 2017 - 02:32 AM

The second half of Premium Quests for more Key Art #9 medal is available for purchasers of the VIP pack from June 19, 2017 12:00 a.m. to June 25, 2017 11:59 p.m. (PT) this week! Complete this set to get a total of four Key Art #9 medals and 1400 Jewels.
Combination VIP Quests will also be available.

Key Art #9: Speed/Upright // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 4 SP // enemy S def-2 for two turns, stronger with more HP, 9 hits

VIP purchasers this week will also have access to the Premium Skill EXP and EXP & Evolve & Munny Medals quest, which rewards players with:
・Evolution Medals (Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Fantasia Mickey A, Merlin, Yen Sid, Fairy Godmother, Cheshire Cat)
・EXP Medals (Huey, Dewey, Louie, Huey & Dewey & Louie)
・Munny (Moogle)
・Skill EXP

Jewel purchasers may find the Bonus Jewels Campaign useful, and this campaign is set to run until July 4th at 23:59 PT.

Also note that bonuses do not show up on the purchase confirmation message, but will be added upon purchase.

Players looking for certain skills may find what they need in the Skills to Thrill deals until June 22nd at 23:59 PT! These five deals each offer:
  - Attack Boost IV
  - ATK Boost III Max & SP GA II
  - ATK Boost III & Lux Plus
  - Second Chance
  - Triple Threat
Excluding the 6* Scrooge, these deals will guarantee five 6* attack medals and can only be pulled from once a day.


Get the Poppin' Notes avatar part (which grants a +2 Rare Enemy Perk) in this Union Cross update, running until June 25th at 23:59 PT!
Bonus hours for rare enemies are at 7:00~7:59 PT and 23:00~23:59 PT. There are four sets of Cross boards available, two for the Poppin' Notes avatar parts (male and female) and two Magic Mirror sets.

Participants in this week's raid event can earn Raid Coins, and exchange them for the Sunny Day Earrings avatar part and more! Bonus hours are at 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 PM, and 8 PM PT and will last for one hour.

Take advantage of this raid event to get your party ahead in the rankings for the Cancer Zodiac Accessories! The Cancer Chirithy Charm grants a +10 Rare Raid Perk, the Silver Crown grants a +2 Rare Enemy Perk, and the Gold Crown grants a +4 Rare Enemy Perk.

Lastly, until July 2nd at 23:59 PT, all quests and raid bosses will cost 0 AP! Be sure to take advantage of this!

Images from this update can be viewed below.

oSniNkZ9W oSchNjdYg oUoRNS4kQ (1) oSpINQGWG oqSXN9jVY (3) oSOlNAQtq oSOkNc36o oSnwN7cc1z oSpKNguwO oSpXNTGjS oSpUN70dKo

New Story Quests Added to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] JP

12 June 2017 - 07:10 AM

Fifteen new story quests were added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] following maintenance on July 8th (JST). These quests further progress the story taking place in Enchanted Dominion. Can the player protect Aurora from the evil clutches of Maleficent? Both untranslated and translated footage have been made available and can be viewed below, courtesy of Everglow.



Where will we go in the next update? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Click here to view the article

[6-12-17] VIP Quests: KA#9, Daily Jewel Challenge, Union Cross, HSC, Zexion EV

12 June 2017 - 02:25 AM

Wind down this week in this update of the global version of KHUX!


First of all, the Key Art #9 medal is available to purchasers of the VIP Jewel pack this week, and clearing all seven quests yields a total of four Key Art #9 medals and 1400 Jewels. Next week's VIP Quests will include another set of four Key Art #9 medals.

Key Art #9: Upright/Speed // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 4 SP Cost // enemy S def-2 for two turns, stronger with more HP, 9 hits


The Daily Jewel Challenge quests return this week! In this set, you'll need to avoid running into enemies and be on the lookout for shortcuts to the target. Each daily quest offers 200 Jewels and other rewards such as Chip, Dale, and Magic Mirror medals. Be sure to clear these quests every day for a total of 1400 Jewels at the end of the week!


A new update for the multiplayer function also arrives, offering the Sheet Music hand accessory avatar part! Four Cross boards will be available from the start--Sheet Music (male), Sheet Music (female), Magic Mirror Set 1, and Magic Mirror Set 2. Try completing all of them for Jewels and other rewards, too!

Completing the Sheet Music avatar boards will also reward players with new chat phrases--"Let's go again!" for the male avatar board, and "Got it?" for the female board. The Sheet Music accessory grants +5 Raid Boss Perk.


Lastly, a High Score Event featuring Donald Duck is open until June 19th at 23:59 PT! Featured prizes include the Illustrated Donald and Donald & Daisy medals. Be sure to equip bonus medals for a higher score!

Illustrated Donald: Upright/Magic // Tier 5 Guilt // Single-Target // 2 SP Cost // enemy def-2 for one turn, stronger if set in Slot 4, 8 hits 

Donald & Daisy: Upright/Magic // Tier 3 Guilt // Single-Target // 4 SP Cost // S atk & M atk +2 for one turn, 13 hits


[Update 6/13]

This month's Organization XIII event, featuring the Organization's No.VI, Zexion, is now live! Players have until June 19th at 23:59 PT to clear these thirteen quests for Zexion B medals, Zexion's hairstyle, and a title. Don't let the illusions fool you!

Zexion B: Reverse/Magic // Tier 3 Guilt // Random-target // 0 SP Cost // Atk+1 for one turn, stronger if more skills have been triggered in the stage, 6 hits 


Images can be viewed below.


oSnDNc47Q oSchNjdYg oSMhNpESL oSneNxH2J oSX8NpBgD oSnrN7cYWF oSXFNftwZ oSXaNaS41 oSn9N8bWq oSvmNt1XE

Anniversary Medal Carnival, Anniversary Events & Campaigns Arriving (4/5)

05 April 2017 - 11:29 PM

The Union χ[Cross] update to the global version of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ is scheduled to go live following the conclusion of today's maintenance scheduled for 4/6 at 4AM PT!


Along with the Union χ[Cross] update is the anticipated Illustrated KH2 Kairi medal, who will be guaranteed within five pulls on her banner with three ability dots already filled! Illustrated KH2 Sora is also available in this deal, though he will also come with three ability dots already filled if pulled, he is not guaranteed within a set number of pulls. 

Illust KH2 Kairi  // Upright/Magic // Tier 5 Guilt* // 0 SP cost // multi-target // Curaga, 10 SP Gauge restore, PSM atk+1 and PSM enemy def-1 for one turn

*deals a fixed 20,000 damage at max Guilt

Illust KH2 Sora // Upright/Power// Tier 5 Guilt // 3 SP Cost // multi-target // enemy def-1 for two turns, more damage if set earlier, 6 hits


If either Illust KH2 Kairi or Sora are guilted by 4/25 PT, players will receive the special Key Art #5 medal! Up to two Key Art #5s can be earned--one through Guilting Illust KH2 Kairi, and another for Guilting Illust KH2 Sora.

Key Art #5 // Upright/Speed // Tier 5 Guilt // 3 SP Cost // single-target //  atk+3 for one turn, 6 hits 


Also expected are campaigns and events to celebrate the game's first anniversary! New avatar boards will arrive, along with previously released boards!


The 1st Anniversary Event Quests, open until 5/3 at 23:59 PT, offer 2,000 Jewels upon completion. The quests are divided into two sets of fifteen, and the second set will open 4/20 PT.


To celebrate the launch of Union Cross, until 4/25 at 23:59 PT, a 0 AP Campaign for all quests will be held, story quests will yield triple Lux, and the VIP Daily Cid Medal Challenge will be open for all players. 


[Update] Images regarding events and campaigns from the in-game notices can be viewed below. Will you pull for Illustrated KH2 Kairi? :wink: 

oPwaN7mP3D oPwDN7m4sM oDVzNj5Wu oPMQNu37Y oPMdNWe3v oPM2NBVSt oPMRN7Hsdi oPevN8rQz oPchNG2iJ oPcDN795Qf oqSXN9jVY (2) o4RiN4DAz

Union χ[Cross] Update Arriving to Global Unchained χ

05 April 2017 - 11:04 PM

After launching in the Japanese version of the game last month, the anticipated Union χ[Cross] update to the global version of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ is set to go live after today's eight-hour maintenance--just in time for the game's first anniversary!

The app can currently be updated via the Google Play Store or on the iTunes App Store, but note that maintenance is not scheduled to end until 4 AM PT on April 5th. In the meantime, some things to look forward to as mentioned in the update notes listed on both app store pages include:
  • added the "Union Cross" multiplayer feature--team up with up to six of your Party members or six other players in your Union to clear these special quests!
  • added the Medal Traits feature--fusing two duplicate medals of the same rarity will unlock a passive ability, such as Ground Enemy Defense -20%
  • Increased Buff/Debuff limit to 7 tiers
  • edited the App icon
  • changed the title, title screen, and opening movie
  • added the Theater Mode feature to
  • improved UI
  • various issue fixes
UPDATE: The game's update notes have been released. Details can be viewed below.

■Image Updates
・Design of the app icon has been updated.
・The opening cutscene has been updated.
・The title screen has been updated.
・The BGM for the title, home, and UI screens have been updated.
■New Content and Features
・Multiplayer mode "Union Cross" has been added.
・Theater Mode has been added.
・Medal Traits have been added.
・New facial expressions and skin colors have been added.
・Tutorial Quests have been added.
・The Beginner's Deal is now a permanent feature.
■System and Parameter Updates
・Strength buffs (including attribute-based strength) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
・Defense debuffs (including attribute-based defense) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
・You will now be able to reduce the cost of Medals up to 20 (previously 10) using ★6 Cid Medals.
・You will now be able to recruit players that belong to a party.
・Game data will now be downloaded after a player completes the tutorial (Quests 1 through 6).
・The ability to unlock Special Attack Bonus on a Medal will now be achieved upon completing the Quest 34 (previously 200). 
※ If you had completed Quest 34 before the update, the Special Attack Bonus feature will be unlocked once the application has been updated.
■UI Updates
・"Union Cross" has been added to the Quests page.
・The Special Attack Bonus tier will now be displayed as a number in addition to the previously used icon.
・The Medal filter feature has been expanded.
・The Medal will now display the Special Attack Bonus tier upon being pulled.
・Added shortcuts to the Keyblade selection screen.
■Battle Speed Adjustments
・You will now be able to act immediately after the text “PLAYER TURN” appears when engaging an enemy.
・Increased the speed of the jump attack animation when battling raid bosses.

Set to launch alongside the Union χ[Cross] update are event campaigns to celebrate the game's first anniversary, as well as the game's first premium draw guaranteeing a 3-dotted Premium within five draws.

Additionally, a new teaser for the Union χ[Cross] update can be viewed below.

The official @kh_ux_na Twitter account has shared some previews of upcoming content in the Union χ[Cross] update, which can be viewed below.

C8sp9j3UAAoPgcWC8nNoeDXsAAyvRSC8sp2VXUAAALeArC8iWBXcXgAEpUEaC8sp5W VwAElDooPeVN7HmUWoPePNTgisoPMIN7llJioPwMN7o8Z1oPeLNqGcgoPeyN5APWoPMpNrwuaoPeVN7HmUWojHyN5xYqoP8CNnuctoP8JNuuPkoP8tNXU9KoPWtNd8K5oPeoNhbWeoP8TNhxk3oP8zNCgMn

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