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#1934189 Monogram Direct to release Series 2 of Kingdom Hearts 3D Foam Key Rings

Posted by Leamax on 19 March 2017 - 11:29 PM

Monogram Direct have announced their Kingdom Hearts 3D Foam Key Rings collection will grow with the addition of Series 2. Monogram Direct announced Series 1 back in September.

Included in this series are Final Form Sora, Lexaeus, Vexen, Larxene, Zexion, Ansem (Seeker of Darkness), Yen Sid, Anti-Form Sora, Maleficent, and both Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades.

Posted Image

It's currently unknown when the figures will be available. We'll update once we find the release date. Thanks to KHInsider for the tip.

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#1932246 Upcoming Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - Dates

Posted by Leamax on 10 March 2017 - 10:16 AM

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - has officially begun. With the first of the Tokyo concerts complete, the tour will be in full swing for the rest of March, May, June, and into July. Here's the dates of the upcoming concerts:

-Saturday, 11 March 12:30 PM JST Tokyo International Forum Hall C, Tokyo Japan​
Event: https://www.facebook...22861574688725/

-Saturday, 11 March 6:30 PM JST Tokyo International Forum Hall C, Tokyo Japan​
Event: https://www.facebook...46887765594501/

-Saturday, 18 March 8:00 PM CET Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
Event: https://www.facebook...96313937147754/

-Sunday, 19 March 3:00 PM CET Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
Event: https://www.facebook...32075147006587/

-Friday, 24 March 8:00 PM BST Central Hall Westminster Official, London, England
Event: https://www.facebook...72379532955046/

-Saturday, 25 March 8:00 PM BST Central Hall Westminster Official, London, England
Event: https://www.facebook...64324207235448/

-Saturday, 6 May 8:00 PM SGT Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore
Event: https://www.facebook...70499163344130/

-Sunday, 7 May 8:00 PM SGT Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore
Event: https://www.facebook...44233962538487/

-Saturday, 13 May 8:00 PM MYT Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Event: https://www.facebook...55932538176892/

-Sunday, 28 May 7:00 PM CST Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China
Event: https://www.facebook...85809321593692/

-Saturday, 10 June 8:00 PM PDT Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Event: https://www.facebook...98642440384668/

-Sunday, 11 June 8:00 PM PDT Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Event: https://www.facebook...51766378250544/

-Wednesday, 14 June 5:30 PM PDT Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Event: https://www.facebook...95276623989707/

-Friday, 23 June 8:00 PM EDT United Place Theater, New York City, New York
Event: https://www.facebook...45401658892897/

-Saturday, 24 June 8:00 PM EDT United Place Theater, New York City, New York
Event: https://www.facebook...96345520401572/

-Saturday, 8 July 7:30 PM JST Orix Theater, Osaka, Japan
Event: https://www.facebook...53179068323596/

Are any of you attending any of these concerts?

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Posted by Leamax on 08 March 2017 - 11:26 AM

Actually, I liked the extra time for loading. There were a few times where because of the extra load time, the boss' attack finished right before I switched forms which otherwise I would get creamed. 

#1922893 Square Enix reveals Aqua Play Arts Kai figure releasing July 2017

Posted by Leamax on 01 February 2017 - 10:51 AM

Square Enix have recently announced that Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage Aqua will be joining the Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai line. The figure will be on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany from February 1st to February 6th. The release date and pricing for the figure haven't been announced yet.

16473566 1215220491847179 3099970186500723080 N16402940 1215220508513844 5437309382999400832 O16386994 1215220495180512 6793862021050366764 NAqua Kai release dateNew york toy fair

Will you order a Aqua figure? Who do you want to see as a Play Arts Kai figure? Tell us in the comments below.

UPDATE 1: A clearer photo of the Play Arts Kai has been taken, now displaying a clear release date of July 2017 for the figurine (far left photograph).

UPDATE 2: The official North American Twitter account for Square Enix Merchandise has revealed a new image of the Aqua figure at the New York Toy Fair. You can view the image below:

Play Arts Kai Aqua Toy Fair

The figure will be released in July 2017. The price is yet to be known.

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#1920852 Kingdom Hearts Pop Funko Figurines To Release In April

Posted by Leamax on 24 January 2017 - 03:28 AM

FunkoPopNews have given us a first look at a couple figures from Kingdom Hearts. Included are Mickey, Goofy, Wizard Donald (Hot Topic exclusive), and a Donald keychain.

These figures along with Chip and Dale, Pete, and Goofy keychain are set to release in March. Gamestop is currently accepting pre-orders for the figures.

View the images of these figures and keychains below:

PF1PF2PF3PF4PF5PF6PF7PF8PF9PF10PF11PF12PF13PF14PF15PF16PF17PF18PF19PF21PF20C3M1AnbWQAEE7ppGSGCDkingdom hearts chip dale funko Pop 2pack realkingdom hearts chip dale funko Pop 2pack real frontkingdom hearts chip dale funko Pop 2pack real backExclusive black and white peteOfficial chip and daleofficial knight goofypetewizard dolanking mickeywizard donaldgoofy

UPDATE: Pete, Mickey Keychain, and Goofy Keychain have also been revealed by FunkoPopNews.

UPDATE 2: Gamestop have revealed the Gamestop exclusive Goofy and Chip & Dale figures on a flyer. Thanks to Disney Dan for the find.

UPDATE 3: The official website for Pop Funko figurines has listed the aforementioned figures through their blog, displaying a black and white Pete model that is exclusive to Walmart. The figurines will be available in April.

Exclusive black and white pete

UPDATE 4: A photo was released by Funko that shows off some of the Funko figures as well as the recently revealed Funko plushies.

UPDATE 5: Two more photos were released by Funko that show closer looks at the three plush characters. View these photos as well as the photo from Update 4 below:

Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop Plush PhotoKingdom Hearts Funko Pop Plush Photo 2Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop Plush Photo 3

UPDATE 6: A bunch more photos were released by KHInsider and Disney Dan. It included photos of both the figures and the recently revealed Funko plushies. A video has also been released. View the photos below:

Funk TF 1Funk TF 2Funko TF 3Funko TF 4Funko TF 5Funko TF 6Funko TF 7Funko TF 8Funko TF 9

View the video by Disney Dan here:

UPDATE 7: A pre-order poster for the Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop figures has been seen at Gamestop. A photo of it has been taken by /u/Tgirl0 from their local mall. The photo can be seen below:

Funko Gamestop Poster

Which Funko Pop figure do you want? Let us know in the comments below.

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#1920075 If 0.2 has a secret boss, who do you think it would it be?

Posted by Leamax on 21 January 2017 - 09:57 PM

Zack Fair

#1919298 Square Enix will stream Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix's Secret...

Posted by Leamax on 19 January 2017 - 01:40 PM

In anticipation of the worldwide release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Square Enix have announced they will have a livestream of the Secret Episode from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix on their Twitch channel on Friday 20 January at 1 PM EST.

Please note that this isn't Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage -, but rather the last episode on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, the game that released in 2011 and was included in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.


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#1918955 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue sells over 130,000 copies in Jap...

Posted by Leamax on 18 January 2017 - 01:55 PM

4Gamer.net have released the sale numbers in Japan for the week of January 9th. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue came in at the #1 spot with 137,797 physical copies sold. Thanks to @aibo_ac7 for the tip.

For comparison of the previous two remixes, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix had 128,414 copies sold during its first week back in 2013 while Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix had 84,935 copies sold back in 2014.

Update: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue also topped PlayStation Network's digitial downloads in Japan. An image can be found below thanks to Twitter user SonyOfLastation.

Posted Image

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#1914134 GameInformer reviews Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue in its late...

Posted by Leamax on 04 January 2017 - 07:59 PM

GameInformer has reviewed Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue in its latest issue, giving it a rating of 8.5/10 and giving the game its Silver ranking, meaning it's the second best review in this month's issue.

The review begins with stating that the concept of the game is that it is the PS4 port of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts III. Also, the voice acting is solid, the graphics are crisp and the environments are very detailed, and the controls are as smooth as ever for a Kingdom Hearts game. The camera controls are also easier to use than in prior games.

A good portion of the review talks about Birth by Sleep 0.2 -A Fragmentary Passage-, saying that it will be about 3-4 hours long. Getting accessories for Aqua will come from completing quests rather than just opening chests. Each level will have its own mission like finding the 5 gears to get to Cinderella's castle. Also, there is a Critical mode than can be unlocked when you complete the game. There is also going to be a scene that could be from or directly links to Kingdom Hearts III at the end.

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover is said to run about an hour long, but is going to be the best visual movie out of all of the HD movies in the series. Dream Drop Distance HD is supposed to run smoother on the PS4 and the touchpad will be used closely to what the touchscreen was on the 3DS.

You can read the full review here.

Screenshot 20170104 183924Screenshot 20170104 184026Screenshot 20170104 184051

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#1912371 Character Designer of Final Fantasy XV Roberto Ferrari would like to work on...

Posted by Leamax on 30 December 2016 - 02:34 PM

Akibagamers recently interviewed Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake Character Designer Roberto Ferrari, discussing his overall career as a character designer and gaming along with working at Square-Enix.

When asked about what his favorite franchise that he has been part of:

Q: What is the franchise on which you have preferred to work in the course of your career? And why?

RF: I really think Final Fantasy XV, not because it came out recently, but because I finally was able to work with Mr. Nomura in an important and leading role. With Mr. Nomura I felt respected artistically, and it was the first time since I live in this country. I sensed his deep confidence in myself and in my ability. It's hard to explain, but before then I felt just exploited.

When asked about which series or franchise would he like to work on:

Q: Is there any series or franchise on which you like to work? Something you love?

RF: I'd like to work on Kingdom Hearts because it has no realistic graphics.

Which Kingdom Hearts character(s) would you like Roberto Ferrari to design for a future title? Let us know in the comments below.

Credit to Akibagamers. Thanks to KHInsider for the tip.

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#1912153 Remember Back When We Thought This Was Kingdom Hearts III? :)

Posted by Leamax on 29 December 2016 - 10:55 PM

I remember watching it on G4's X-Play believing it was KHIII.

#1909997 Tetsuya Nomura sends Holiday Greetings to all the Kingdom Hearts fans

Posted by Leamax on 23 December 2016 - 11:45 AM

Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura send out a message to all the Kingdom Hearts fans wishing everybody a Happy Holiday, even through he had messy hair and decided to wear a hat. Also in his message, he talked about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, the 15th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (or 1.8 as he called it), and maybe a new development in Kingdom Hearts Unchained x.

What do you guys think about this video? Let us know in the comments.

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#1908995 Nomura interview with Dengeki discussing Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Kingdom Hearts I...

Posted by Leamax on 20 December 2016 - 04:22 PM

Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura was interviewed in this week's issue of Dengeki. In the interview, he discusses about the importance of 2.8, the status of Kingdom Hearts III, and what we may expect for the KH 15th anniversary.

An image of the cover featuring the art of the acrylic stands that are pre-order bonuses for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue in Japan has been uploaded to Twitter by Kojima Productions! Thanks to @aibo_ac7 for the tip!

Scans can be viewed below. Translations for the preview are available thanks to goldpanner.

He also spoke about how the story of KH3 has already begun in 2.8.

Pre-release wrap-up special article with info on the 3-in-1 title etc.

Special limited editions runs include a chibi colour illustration on the cover and title page of the article.

Includes interview with director Tetsuya Nomura.

- Remasters tend to be neglected, but the staff dedicated themselves to putting in as much content as they could without affecting making progress on KH3

- In 0.2 they followed on from the premise from the first title, that the worlds of BBS fell to darkness, but they went to great lengths to balance the volume of the new maps, as it's boring to have similar locations over and over

- One feature is that they put in a lot of varying platforms, Nomura is secure in his faith in the development team's high ability to compose maps

- Gameplay-wise, 0.2 does differ from KH3 in some fundamental ways, but it's an opportunity to get a feel for KH in PS4 quality

- Regarding lighting, he's currently considering how to do it on current gen consoles without damaging the vibe, and is going at it through trial and error, such as getting guidance from Visual Works, so it's going to look even better than it does now

- Regarding Situational Commands, there's been some trial and error, how to make sure it doesn't look like a simple quick time event etc.

- Situational Commands are the evolved form of KH2's Reaction Commands, and pivotal to KH3

- In 0.2 you can use higher level magic early, but he doesn't think KH3 will work like that

- Regarding the characters that appeared in the final trailer - look forward to experiencing it in the game

- Cutscenes created for next-gen consoles look unfamiliar in ways, but he thinks it's coming together, they have to remake all the character models which is a big job

- Characters in KHBC have faces hidden with masks, so he made sure to give them all individual personalities

- Keen players may have noticed that 'sin' is the keyword of KHUχ

- KH3D, with flowmotion and a light-paced scenario, was a turning point, so KH3 starts there

- The boxart for KHHD1.5 and 2.5 connects, so he's probably not doing a special illustration

- Regarding development for KH3, they're battling through remaking all the models but it's moving along so he'd like you to not to worry. He's currently working on the timing for announcing new information. He'd like to tie it into the KH 15th anniversary event but it's not decided yet

- He wants you to play 0.2 after having seen KH3D's secret movie, KHBC is completely stand-alone so you can enjoy it any time

- KH2.8, as the title suggests, is the prologue to the final chapter: the story of KH3 has already begun

Those are the topics that appear.

Full translations of the extended version of the interview posted on Dengeki Online have been provided by Catherine Mueller (nichiei.translations@gmail.com).

--The Situation Command in the battle system is a really interesting combination of the old reaction commands and command styles.

That was definitely a trial and error process. When I watched the Situation Command in the PV, I saw that the triangle mark came out more as a QTE (Quick Time Event) marker.

However, when we displayed the command window to the side, it was hard to see whether or not it was usable, and we were unsure of what to do. We settled into adding the message “STANDING BY” in the end.

It's not “push it,” it's more of a “you can push it now” kind of feeling.

--The Situation Command is a command that matches up to a player's fulfillment of certain conditions, right?

We had thought to put that method into [KHIII] while working on its beginning stages. There are many commands you can put into use, and we decided to make it so that the player can chose the command in a certain length of time.

I think that the system has come to hold a lot of breadth in battles, when thinking of this as the progression of the [KHII] reaction commands. In [KHIII], we're thinking that this system will become a large axis.

--It seems like you can use the higher level magic skills like “Firaga” and “Thundaga” in the Situation Commands.

[KH0.2]'s system is tightly packed with content, so the player's character suddenly can use higher magic, but even if the same content appears in [KHIII], I don't think you'll be able to use it so suddenly.

--While playing [KH0.2], I couldn't believe that the Heartless could do that much damage. (laughs)

The Realm of Darkness influences the Shadows to increase their strength at times. In the E3 trial game, you could fight against a conglomeration of Shadows as a boss, but the reason we were able to create that boss fight with so much movement on screen was definitely because of the current hardware's spec.

--The character decoration is the first in the series and is a novel component.

I thought that we needed something fun to play around with even in with the game's jam-packed volume, so the staff devised this at the last minute for me. It really changes the character's look, so please gather a lot of items and design your own Aqua.

--Will you use the decoration feature in [KHIII]?

We knew we could insert that feature into the game this time, but whether or not we can with [KHIII]...we have other priorities ahead of us so it depends on time, but we'll look at the reaction with [KH0.2] and consider it.

--There was also a meeting between Aqua and King Mickey shown, as well as them fighting together.

In the Realm of Darkness, the fact that Aqua and King Mickey met is something that the fans have grasped up to this point, I think. Until meeting King Mickey, Aqua was on her own, so it was hard to write dialogue for it all. After meeting the King, the conversation becomes more lively.

--In the final trailer, we briefly saw Terra and Terranort...

You can look forward to the details when you play. By the way, the Terra in that scene is connected to the official concert “First Breath” and his conversation with Namine.

--We were also able to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the final trailer, and I think that was a really happy moment for fans.

Even now, I'm starting to get used to the next game's event scenes a bit, but I've still got a ways to go, I think. The [KH] series up to this point is using the first game's character models and scenery as a work base.

But, since the hard spec of [KHIII] is so different, we have to start from the ground up, and it's been difficult.

--There was also a scene with Riku and the King in new clothes, and I'm looking forward to their debut in [KHIII].

The costume design is already done, and it's really nice. Just between you and me, the outfit that Riku is wearing in the [KH X] three-year anniversary illustration was used as the base.

The new characters leave an impression in just one glance!

--[KHBC] is a brand-new theatrical production, so what did you become aware of while making the event scenes?

All of the Foretellers' faces are hidden behind masks, and you can't even see the mouths of the Master or Luxu. In other words, you can't see their expressions, but we were conscious of giving them personalities that would give each character charm as they are.

The main characters are mostly appearing for the first time, as well as being voiced for the first time, so we had to empathize with the users during this short production.

--The scene with the Master speaking really surprised me with a mood that hasn't appeared in the [KH] series so far. (laughs)

That's just the Master's personality, so we can't help that. (laughs)

--The Master's light way of speaking stands out, but he also has an eeriness to him in which you can't read his thoughts.

A very cool and calculative character is maybe too easy to understand. Thinking of all of this, the embodiment of “a strangely amazing guy” inside of me became the Master.

He is incredibly sincere, so whatever he's up against, won't he conduct himself in that way?

--I think that the Master's personality is also influenced by the performance of Tomokazu Sugita.

We worried about the cast a lot. Since we had decided on how we wanted to picture the Master, after that, we searched for someone who could perform that kind of drama.

When I was thinking of someone who could really handle the gaps in conversation, I thought that maybe Sugita-san was qualified. We recorded each voice actor one by one, but that doesn't make it feel like a conversation.

--We also saw a lot of unique dialogue, but was there any ad-lib by the voice actors?

There was no ad-lib. So, the dialogue was all scripted. However, there is one line by Aced that isn't by the script.

In the scene with the Master and Aced talking, Aced bites back his words, but we thought it fit the scene and was interesting, so we were allowed to use it.

--With voices and movements, I think the players' impression of the Fortellers will change.

With some of the players of [KH X] and [KH Unchained X], their impressions of the Foretellers might be firm, so I also worried about that reaction when I watched [KHBC]. They might come to hate Aced...

--We also saw a scene in the trailer where Aced's emotions erupted.

Still, I think if you follow the story calmly you'll understand, but actually, Aced is always making sound arguments. After writing the scenes for [KHBC], I became watchful of making sure none of the characters could be perceived as very bad or very good.

However, Ava is still a good girl in the end, huh? (laughs) Well, Ava is the one pulling the most strings of tension in the story, so that doesn't mean she's without sin, either.

--In [KH Unchained X], if you use the strength bangle to change your guilt into strength, it seems like “sin” becomes a keyword...?

I think users who pay attention will pick up on that as well. It means an important preface has already begun.

--We got a bit of a close-up of Ephemer, but will he appear more in [KH Unchained X]?

Both Ephemer and Skuld will come to be pretty important in season 2 of [KH Unchained X]. The story of [KH X] is over, and [KH Unchained X] is following another storyline, but their relationship will be talked about more in season 2, so please wait for a follow-up.

--Since the story of [KH Unchained X] is continuing on, is there the possibility of making a sequel to [KHBC] in regards to the back side of the story...?

We don't think so right now. In regards to the Foretellers, we plan to delve deeper into their characters during [KH Unchained X].

--The prototype of [KHDDD]-- [KH3D]--is a four year old game, but do you have any memories from that time?

I think that for me, [KH3D] was a turning point in our action aspect and scenario aspect. We tried doing dynamic jumps with the Free Flow Action in the action aspect, and in the scenes we tried to add a lighter feel.

It's a title that also determines the direction of future [KH] titles, so for me, [KHIII] started from [KH3D].

-- In the HD remaster, there are three new Spirits added, right?

It's kind of a lively addition. Pondanyan, Biitopoi, and Yuagari Penkin were chosen from a number of different plans. It's kind of funny that Yuagari Penkin isn't actually living up to its name. (laughs) (TN: Yuagari means “having just gotten out of the bath”)

--There are over fifty Spirits in the game, but do you have a favorite one?

It's probably Wandanyan. Each time we create a new species of enemies, there's always one base (for Heartless, it's the Shadows, for Nobodies, the Dusks), but for the Dream Eaters, it was Wandanyan, so I have a lot of memories with it.

A bit earlier, for a display at Artnia (the official cafe/shop of Square Enix), I was searching for the original picture, and at that time I found my original picture for Wandanyan, and to be honest, it looked more like a doodle... I'm surprised at how cute he's become in the end from that design.

--At the time of [KH3D]'s release, you could obtain AR cards with Spirits in them, but how does it work with [KHDDD]?

All of the Spirits that were in the AR cards are obtainable in the game.

--In March of 2017, you'll be releasing [KH HD 1.5 + 2.5], but is there anything that has changed in the games?

It's the same content as the previous two HD remasters. Since all six games have been combined into one disc for the PS4, it's easier to play.

--Do you think you'll design a special package illustration for [KH 1.5 + 2.5]?

I probably won't. Since the three package illustrations for [1.5], [2.5], and [2.8] are all connected, to draw a new one would mean that it's not connected with that.

To the people thinking, “What is he talking about?”, please look at the three illustrations lined up next to each other.

--After [KH2.8] has released, it's finally time to start the wait for [KHIII].

As I mentioned before about the development, we've had to start all the models over from scratch with a large volume, so it's been very difficult, but please be at ease, because it is progressing. I have a lot of new information I want to share with you all, but now it's just a matter of timing.

2017 is the [KH] series' fifteenth anniversary, and there will be all kinds of anniversary events shown at the concert, so if possible I'd like to take those chances to tie in news about [KHIII], but that still has yet to be decided. We're sorry to make you wait, but please wait just a little longer.

--Please give a message to the fans waiting to buy [KH2.8].

Not just to those who have not played [KH3D], but to those who have already played it and remember the story, please give [KHDDD] a play. If you can get it, I recommend playing [KH0.2] after watching the secret movie (for [KHDDD]).

For the fans waiting for [KHIII], [KH0.2] has some content I'd really like you to try out. [KHBC] is a little bit separated from the original story, so I think you can enjoy that one whenever you'd like.

As the title says, [KH2.8] is certainly the final “prologue.” The story of [KHIII] has already begun.

coverAqua And screenshotsCaptureChirithy Ephemerclose Up Of Art 1close Up Of Art 2customizationflick rushforetellerskh3dLuxu screenshotsmickey And screenshotsmore screenshots Bbs 0.2 part 2more screenshots Bbs 0.2 part 3more screenshots Bbs 0.2New dream eaterspage 9 And 10

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#1895107 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue available for pre-order on PlayS...

Posted by Leamax on 16 November 2016 - 02:35 PM

Note that if you do get 2.8 through digital download, you will have to wait until 12:00 AM Pacific Time for it to be ready to play. (Of course it will take time to download.) Also, you will have to make sure you have enough space for 30GB of data. (Bad Internet connection could make you wait for a while)


I'm going to order the physical copy. Now, I'm waiting for a Collector's Edition to be announced before ordering (plus I'm low on funds and hopefully will get some Christmas money to order it).

#1893496 Utada Hikari will have a live-stream event,on December 9th

Posted by Leamax on 10 November 2016 - 12:53 PM

Utada Hikaru will have a live-streamed event on December 9th to show appreciation for her fans. Fans can send messages to her [questions, wishes, other messages] on Twitter using the hashtag #30代はほどほど and she might answer it live during the stream. She will also perform live.


The event, Sanjudai wa Hodohodo, will be at 9:00 PM Japan time [12:00 PM UTC/7:00 AM EST]. The event can be viewed on her website. [link below]




Will any of you be watching? What message(s) would you guy like to ask her?