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Member Since 11 Apr 2016
Offline Last Active Jul 17 2018 05:47 PM

About Me

What is there about me? Well, not all that much. I write, I play video games, love movies, and media, and characters. All that jazz. I dont know, these profile things are never my strong suit. It's all about me, and I love talking about me, but, I dont know it seems weird and pretentious to me. Like, there's nothing significant I can offer by doing this really. No real purpose, or point you know? Just a bunch of rambling, pointless rambling at that, like now.


Anyway, I dont like doing this, it's awkward, it's weird, all that. Talking about myself in the context of this sort of profile is strange to me. Love me, but that's like... I dont know, different? And way, I'll talk about Kingdom Hearts, because this is a fan site for KH. Kingdom Hearts means quite a bit to me, got a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in it, a lot of my childhood was spent playing it.


That being said, the series has flaws, the story is insane, and Nomura has an extremely unhealthy obsession with 13. Seriously, in World of Final Fantasy, where the Jiant characters, are designed by him one of them, a girl with white hair mind you, puts 13 cubes of sugar into her coffee. Seriously Nomura, you were a Creative Director on that game, that's probably all you 'Creatively Directed'.


Anyway, with Kingdom Hearts, two things make it for me, at least two main things. The Gameplay, being first, and foremost, because it is a game, and therefore it should be fun to play, and barring stuff like Re:CoM, with the dumb card system, it generally has Gameplay I can agree with, nothing has topped KH2 so far, but still. But the other thing is the characters. They are great, and they make the insane, sometimes inane, and dumb story something to stick with. I've invested way too much time and effort to give up now. I know KH3 is about 13 years off, but yeah, love the series. Ciao. Also, why did you read this? Curiosity? Because you can, you have to?

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Clouded SunZack1187

Just a friendly reminder to check the sign ups page if you haven't for Gifted. I have some critical information about the decision you can make in the RP.
Jan 17 2017 09:49 PM
  • Zack1187's Photo
    Yeah, I saw it. Both are great, so thinking it over. New Recipeh, and camping are uh... Pretty compelling, but we will see.
    Jan 17 2017 09:53 PM
  • Clouded Sun's Photo
    Clouded Sun
    Ooooh, awesome! Great to hear!
    There will be some fishing in select oasis around Lieth, and Sol still might cook. We have a bunch of posts to get to the decision part, so take your time!
    Jan 17 2017 10:20 PM

Clouded SunZack1187

Ay! Thanks for the friend request dude.
Jan 06 2017 04:21 PM
  • Clouded Sun's Photo
    Clouded Sun
    What kinda character are you thinking about?
    Jan 06 2017 10:26 PM
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