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In Topic: "Kingdom Hearts III could even tear out more laughter than in the past...

28 August 2018 - 12:15 PM

I'm wondering how Nomura generally goes shopping, how else has he been especially hardcore KH fanatics tracked down and captured to question the spoilers KH3?
(As for the latter, I'm sarcastic if that)

I just want to know WHERE he shops

In Topic: New private video uploaded on the Official Kingdom Hearts Youtube Page

25 August 2018 - 10:55 AM

These private videos are just old KH2.8 videos that were uploaded in 2016, and were then made from public to private.


This can be seen by googling the private videos' URLs - the search results will show you people linking these URLs to share a KH2.8 trailer (the E3 and TGS 2016 ones).


Here is the private video on the Spanish playlist: 

If you google this, the search result is of a user who shared this to show the E3 2016 trailer for KH2.8 with Spanish subs: https://www.elotrola...ue_2123719_s160


Here is the private video on the German playlist: 

If you google this, you can find many search results of people sharing the TGS 2016 trailer for KH2.8 with German subtitles. Eg: https://www.facebook...nbfqs&__tn__=-R


We don't know why these were made private.


You can also refer to the explanations provided so far by DChiuch:


If you Google search the private video's URL (https://www.youtube....h?v=4UPwEzA-Ye8) then it appears to be a old KH2.8 video – there are links to it in 2016. Seems like nothing to see here


They uploaded it in 2016 – it's probably always been in that playlist by mistake and has just been noticed by the community now. Or maybe they added it to the playlist by mistake and didn't bother removing it since it's a private video. But the video itself has been on YouTube since 2016


I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.


In any case, this does not negate that there could be new trailers releasing soon. Keep an eye on the PlayStation Lineup Tour and our upcoming TGS 2018 coverage!

In Topic: Kingdom Hearts III Demo and Photo Op coming to Summer in The City London 2018

12 August 2018 - 11:00 AM

yeah but i happens with everything, scotland almost never gets anything


More people would attend an event in hub locations, that's why, so it may be a bit of a loss to not take advantage of that

In Topic: Kingdom Hearts III Demo and Photo Op coming to Summer in The City London 2018

10 August 2018 - 02:52 PM

of course its london nowhere else in the uk exists apparently 


It's because the event that agreed to host it is in London. Most major events are in London or in big cities, as they are hub cities. They can also afford to host big events that attract a great attendee base in big venues like the Excel centre, where SitC 2018 is being held atm.

With EGX coming soon in September, there's a possibility KH3 could be available to play in Birmingham (at the NEC).

In Topic: UPDATED: Kingdom Hearts III to have approximately 80+ hours of playable conte...

31 July 2018 - 06:48 AM


Also I think the whole "no skippable worlds" thing was a error of translation, or something like that. I could be wrong on that though.  


Ah no that was our own mistake during translation! He said that there won't be any skippable world's since most people go thru every one anyway