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#1962143 Strelitzia's connected to Namine?

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 13 September 2017 - 01:08 PM

How did Marluxia even know of Namine's existence in the first place? I always wondered about this for a LONG time because Namine had just been born right around Sora's encounter with Castle Oblivion so how did Marluxia even have the time to find Namine and use her powers to meddle with Sora's memories?

Namine was born in Castle Oblivion. And she was born when Sora stabbed himself in the heart. That's a perfect amount of time to find her in Castle Oblivion and use her powers.

Why is Namine blond in the first place and not the sort of reddish hair like kairi?

Nobodies often have slight physical differences from their original selves. This is stated in the Secret Ansem's Report. For example, Axel has the markings under his eyes while Lea doesn't, Xigbar has longer hair that has gray streaks in it while Braig doesn't, Xaldin's hair is messier than Dilan's hair, etc. As far as we know, Namine has blonde hair simply for this same reason.

What if (here it comes) that Namine is VERY similar to that connection that being that she has the identity of Strelitzia's face and not Kairi's? Think about it, if you look at both strelitzia's and Namine's faces (other than the color) they do both look quite similar and you will also notice that they both have a white-ish kind of skirt on so theres a connection too.

I'm honestly surprised a similar theory like this wasn't even made like 5 years ago because if you look at Namine's and Kairi's faces they are not as alike as you would think. (kind of like when you compare Roxas's and Sora's face in KH2 which from that aspect I would have assumed people would think Namine's face was actually someone else's).

Namine and Kairi literally have the same character models aside from clothing and hair. Namine in Re:CoM has the same model and the same face as Kairi in KH1 and Namine in KH2 has the same model and the same face as Kairi in KH2.

With the fact that Roxas is for SURE gonna return in KH3, why not bring Namine back as well but through this method? (I do realize the frustrations with Roxas being back in KH3 and I can only tell the same frustrations will be with this) but come on, I feel like Namine compared to Roxas needs more of that screen time. I mean who else will the community ship Roxas with if Namine's not around?

There's no doubt Namine is gonna return in KH3 as well, but I doubt it'll be through this method.

#1961930 Should I watch KHχ[chi] now?

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 10 September 2017 - 01:44 PM

I'm all caught up on the x[chi] saga now and I'm more confused than I was before (that's KH for ya :/ ) so I still have a few questions? 

Is the turning down being a Danilion part onwards all a dream in both KHx and KHUx?

No, none of KHx is a part of the dream, except for the secret ending "Unchained 0[Zero]". The dream for the Player begins with Unchained 0[Zero]. And all of KHUx is a part of the dream.

Is the "Unchained world" the realm of light (aka the normal world) or is it another sleeping world?

It's the realm of sleep. The realm of sleep can either be dreams of worlds that have fallen to darkness or dreams of a person. In this case, it's the Player's dreams. The Player is inside their own dreams as far as we know. Just like how Sora got sent into his own dreams near the end of Dream Drop Distance. And each Dandelion is in their own dream.

If possible. can you point out where it says that KHUx is a time-loop?

This is kind of difficult since all of this info is spread across the games and you need to sort of piece it together, but I'll do my best. It mainly all comes together in Union Cross and explains it all.

  • Ava in x Back Cover: "This session may seem like it's familiar to you, but in a world that is different, one made of dreams..."
  • The Master of Masters in KHUx: "You won't need memories of tragedy in the coming era. I want you to go to a completely separate realm and experience for yourselves an age of no tragedy."
  • Chirithy in KHUx: "At first I thought it'd be horrible to lie to them, but now I really do want them to forget after all..."
  • Ephemer in KHUx: "Whenever something happens in this new world that diverges from the old one, I feel more and more uneasy."
  • The Player and Chirithy are laying in the same exact position in Unchained 0[Zero] as they were at the end of KHx at the end of the Keyblade War.
  • The Player having flashbacks of the Keyblade War when it hasn't happened in KHUx.

Is x Back Cover part of the dream?

No, it's an alternate perspective of KHx.

#1961846 Should I watch KHχ[chi] now?

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 09 September 2017 - 12:21 AM

Yes, you should definitely watch it if you have the time.


The process of what you need to do to experience the "χ" series of KH games' story is way overly complicated, but I’ll do my best to explain what you need to do for you.

Kingdom Hearts χ was a Japanese-only browser game. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is the worldwide mobile port of Kingdom Hearts χ. But, it’s been recently revealed to be a sequel, not a port. This is the complicated part. At the end of Kingdom Hearts χ, the Player goes into the Unchained realm which causes the Player to go through their entire journey again, except without the finale. The same thing happens to the Dandelions, except they went into the Unchained realm before the Keyblade War. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is you playing as the character from Kingdom Hearts χ going through their entire journey again, except without the finale. So, as you can see, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ sort of acts as a port of Kingdom Hearts χ, as well as a sequel to it. The reason they don't repeat the Keyblade War again while in the Unchained realm is a spoiler, so I won't explain it unless you ask me to.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ has ended, and recently a “season 2” to the game was released called “Kingdom Hearts Union χ." It continues the game from after the characters have completed going through their entire journey a second time.


So, what you have to do is this:


1.) Watch the Kingdom Hearts χ cutscenes, translated to English. I’ve made a playlist of them here.


2.) Watch Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. It’s the movie that’s in 2.8. It tells the story of Kingdom Hearts χ, but from the perspective of different characters.


3.) You don’t have to watch all of the Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ cutscenes, because they’re the same as the Kingdom Hearts χ cutscenes. Just remember to keep in mind that the characters went through the same journey from Kingdom Hearts χ a second time, aside from the finale.


4.) Watch the Kingdom Hearts Union χ cutscenes. I’ve made a playlist of them here. This takes place after the characters went through the same journey a second time.


5.) Play Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- if you haven't already. The beginning cutscene takes place after the finale of Kingdom Hearts χ.


6.) Wait for new Kingdom Hearts Union χ cutscenes. They’ll release slowly over 2017 and maybe even 2018. I’ll update the Union χ playlist I made whenever new cutscenes come out, so make sure the keep track of it.

#1961838 Namine is Sora's and kairi's nobody right?

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 08 September 2017 - 11:18 PM

She's Kairi's Nobody because she was created when Kairi's heart left a body. That body was Sora's though, so she's made out of Sora's body and soul.

#1961756 Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Donald and Goofy Funko Pop! Vinyl figures a...

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 07 September 2017 - 07:56 PM

Prototypes of Funko Pop! Vinyl Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Donald Duck and Goofy figures were leaked back in April, and now, they have been officially announced and shown off as a part of the Pop! Disney line of Funko vinyl figures. The Halloween Donald and Halloween Goofy figures will be New York Comic Con 2017 exclusives.


Check out a video showing off all of the NYCC 2017 exclusive Funko figures, including the Halloween Town Donald and Goofy, below:

Even though they are stated to be exclusive to New York Comic Con, Disney Dan, a reputable source in the Disney/Funko communities, says he is "100% certain they will be shared exclusives." What do you think? Do you think they will be exclusive to NYCC forever, or do you think they will eventually be sold elsewhere as shared exclusives? Are you looking forward to these figures? Let us know down in the comments!

Click here to view the article

#1961410 THEORY: Strelitzia's Death

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 03 September 2017 - 08:57 PM

The Dark Chirithy is the Player's Chirithy. It was born from the Player's darkness from using the Power Bangle to use Special Attack Bonus.

#1961176 Roy Conli talks to Collider about his involvement in Kingdom Hearts III

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 01 September 2017 - 11:54 AM

Executive Disney film producer Roy Conli was recently interviewed by Collider about certain films he's produced, films he's currently producing, the possibility of a Big Hero 6 sequel, and, of course, his involvement in Kingdom Hearts III.

He mentions how he's very impressed with the Kingdom Hearts III team and how they're so focused on quality. He also reiterates that the Big Hero 6 story in the game will be a new one. And he brings up how he's identified as Xehanort now.

View the full quote below:

― Were you guys involved in Kingdom Hearts 3? Did you give a lot of guidance?

Conli: I’m actually working a lot on that, yeah. I’ve been very impressed with that team. They are so focused on quality. One of the things that we really, definitely with the ‘Big Hero 6′ story, we really felt that it was great opportunity to recreate a new story, as opposed to fitting into the story that was there. It gave them an opportunity to be a little more open with their storytelling. We’ve been working on it and really talking about character and how character works within the structure. It’s been a delight, other than the fact that I’m identified as Lord Xehanort now.

― [Laughs] What?

Conli: There’s a villain, apparently, in Kingdom Hearts that has the same goatee that I sport, so I have been aligned with Lord Xehanort, which I’m somewhat proud of.

― Well you don’t seem villainous at all.

Conli: Watch out for those guys.

There's more in this interview than Kingdom Hearts III, so if you're interested, check out the full interview here!

Click here to view the article

#1960456 Will the Riku Replica become a Seeker of darkness? If so maybe he is the Key...

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 25 August 2017 - 09:22 PM

By "some hints DDD has shown us," do you mean when Riku saw himself in Prankster's Paradise? It most likely wasn't Riku Replica because Riku said "That was my... my dark side. I gave into the darkness once, and ever since, it's chased be around in one form or another. The seeker of darkness who stole my body, a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart, and now, I'm facing me." He lists the versions of his darkness that have chased him around in one form or another. He lists Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Riku Replica and then says that now, he's facing himself. Which implies it's not Riku Replica. Unless Riku's just assuming it's not Riku Replica. If it's just himself (Riku) that he was facing, then it could've been when he was a villain in the first Kingdom Hearts game that's time traveled to present-day to be a Seeker of Darkness. That also doesn't really make much sense though because Young Xehanort wasn't there with him. Nomura stated that Young Xehanort functioned as a "portal" that summoned the Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness from the past. And that's why he was there whenever they appeared. It would be the same for Riku Replica/Riku from the first game, unless he's an exception for some odd reason. Maybe Young Xehanort was there somewhere, but just hiding? Who knows lmao. Either way, they got some explaining to do.

#1960454 Have the KH series become fanservice (too much)?

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 25 August 2017 - 09:18 PM

It depends on how they're going to wrap things up and tie things together and where the story is going. It's too early to tell. I'm find with fanservice as long as it's done for a good reason. As long as it has an important purpose to the plot. For example, every says that they're only bringing back Roxas because of fanservice, but Nomura stated in a recent interview that he can't reveal too much behind why that is because it'll literally spoil everything. Which means Roxas returning is crucial to the plot of KH3 somehow. Which gives me hope.


The same might go for everything else. The new stuff happening in Union Cross included. We just gotta wait and see.


And it's never been confirmed that the "5th Dandelion Union Leader" can wield a Keyblade. His whole motivation behind what he did could be because he wants a Keyblade. Who knows.

#1960428 Kingdom Hearts and Disney mouse pads by Ingrem have been released for purchas...

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 25 August 2017 - 06:00 PM

Dtimes has recently revealed that Disney and Kingdom Hearts mouse pads, manufactured by Ingrem, have been made available to purchase on Gain Garage. There are two Kingdom Hearts mouse pads and two Disney mouse pads, making four mouse pads in total.

The Kingdom Hearts mouse pads feature the two designs of a Sora and Mickey Mouse silhouette design and a Sora stained glass design. Both are on black colored mouse pads. The Disney mouse pads have two designs that feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse. One of them is on a black colored mouse pad and one of them is on a red colored mouse pad.

You can purchase the Sora and Mickey silhouette mouse pad here, the Sora stained glass mouse pad here, the Mickey and Minnie red mouse pad here, and the Mickey and Minnie black mouse pad here. They are available for 1,922 yen ($17.57 USD) each.

Check out photos of the mouse pads in the gallery below:


Click here to view the article

#1960351 Some interesting details about the latest story advancements (SPOILERS)

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 24 August 2017 - 09:28 PM

If you don't want to get spoiled by the latest story advancements in the JP version of KHUX, then stop reading.

There's some interesting little details I've noticed about the latest story advancements with Lauriam (Marluxia's Somebody) and Strelitzia. Here's what we know for sure: Strelitzia was killed by someone. And Lauriam showed up at the Keyblade Graveyard as the last Dandelion Union Leader. The general consensus is that Lauriam is who killed Strelitzia, but we don't know that for sure. Many people say it could've been Blaine or that it could've been someone completely unrelated who's watching from behind the scenes who then told Ventus he was a Dandelion Union Leader, when he actually wasn't. I've noticed an interesting detail that might put to rest these theories and will further validate the general consensus of the murderer being Lauriam.

There are people getting upset about the fact that Marluxia's Somebody is in this game because it means that he's a Keyblade wielder. He's a Dandelion Union Leader, which means he has a Keyblade, right? Wrong. Maybe he was never able to summon a Keyblade and become a Dandelion or even a Union member, he was just an ordinary resident of Daybreak Town, so he killed Strelitzia and took her place to force himself into the Dandelions to try and become a Keyblade wielder. Assuming he's the one who killed her. "The Keyblade's power-- how I've longed to make it my own." - Marluxia in Re:Chain of Memories

Another reason people say that he is a Keyblade wielder is because of the noise of the weapon that killed Strelitzia. People are saying it's the typical noise you hear from a Keyblade slash. And this brings me to my point. The small, but interesting detail I've noticed. That is not the Keyblade slash noise. Listen to it closely. Sound familiar? Compare it to this.

And another interesting thing I've noticed is that the hairclip on Strelitzia's hair is the roman numeral for the number 11. Marluxia is the number 11 in Organization XIII. Nomura warned us all this time.
(Source for the hairclip info.)

#1960055 Unanswered questions about Maleficent's death

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 22 August 2017 - 12:47 PM

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, when referring to Maleficent, Vexen says "Don't be absurd. The witch is gone. She cannot return from the Realm of Darkness of her own volition." This means that after Sora destroyed Maleficent in the first Kingdom Hearts, she got sent to the Realm of Darkness. Why is this? Why did Maleficent get sent to the Realm of Darkness instead of just simply dying? Or did she just simply escape after the battle with Sora to the Realm of Darkness using a Corridor of Darkness? Also, why did she have to wait for someone (the three fairies) to remember her in order to come back when she could've just used a Corridor of Darkness?

#1958449 Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection releasing October 7, 2017; pre-orders now ava...

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 09 August 2017 - 12:31 PM

CaféReo has revealed various Kingdom Hearts badges in a collection that's appropriately named the "Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection." They are in the iconic stained glass designs, and they will be releasing in October 2017 for Japan. Each individual badge will be available to purchase for 600 yen ($5.46 USD), and you can purchase all 13 of the badges in a box set for 7,800 yen ($70.93 USD).

When it launches, it will be available to purchase at the official online CaféReo Partner Shop, nationwide anime goods and hobby shops, mass retailers, and major online shops.

1234567891011ITEM IMAGE2

The badges are approximately 75 x 75mm each.

Recently, Kingdom Hearts acrylic charms and badges have been announced for pre-order on AmiAmi. You can check those out here.

Thanks to @aibo_ac7 on Twitter for the tip!

UPDATE: The Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection is now available to pre-order on the official Japanese Square Enix e-Store for 8,424 yen ($77.12 USD). It'll be released on October 7, 2017.

Click here to view the article

#1958158 The awakened powers and abilities

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 07 August 2017 - 02:23 PM

I don't think their powers/weapons have anything to do with them being Nobodies, so I don't see why they wouldn't have full control again. People in the KH universe just simply have magic powers and abilities. They can summon magic weapons for the same reason Donald and Goofy can summon their staff and shield.

#1957232 Chuck Terceira answers fan questions about the Diamond Select Toys Kingdom He...

Posted by Elfdemon_ on 31 July 2017 - 05:07 PM

Earlier this year, Diamond Select Toys revealed, for the first time, the prototypes for their Kingdom Hearts figures at the New York Toy Fair. And later, they showed off improved versions at C2E2 2017 and at SDCC17. They've also been made available for pre-order. Recently, Kingdom Hearts figures for their Vinimates line have been shown off as well.

Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira, also known as DSTChuck, answered various fan questions about their figures and upcoming figures, which include things like Star Trek, Kill Bill, and of course, Kingdom Hearts, as a part of their Ask DST series. Check out the Kingdom Hearts questions asked, as well as the answers, below:

Jeremiah J.: Hello, I am very excited about the Kingdom Hearts figures. I placed a pre-order for the two sets as soon as they were announced this morning. I have a few questions:

1) It was revealed that there would be more figures in the first series. What happened to the rest? The missing figures that were previously revealed were: Roxas, Maleficent, Jafar with Abu and Iago, and Creeper Plant Heartless.

2) What are our chances of getting a Beast figure (from Beauty and the Beast)? He was included in that game in his purple cowl.

Besides people, myself included, have been asking for a Marvel Select Beast for a long time. I want Beast however I can get him! Joking aside, you could make the end all beat all version of Disney’s Beast. It would be an epic figure.

DSTChuck: 1) The situation of which characters we can do and from which games is constantly evolving. As we go along, we will get more characters OK’d, or get clarity on what is allowed. What we showed at Toy Fair was mostly to show what we were doing and to gauge interest.

2) For now, the Beast is not planned, but we’d love to include him!

Huston: 5. Kingdom Hearts looks amazing! When will these beauties be released?

DSTChuck: 5) Glad you like them! Our plan is to have one series out for holiday 2017 and several series in 2018.

Check out the entire Ask DST #363 here!

Click here to view the article