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In Topic: Strelitzia's connected to Namine?

13 September 2017 - 01:08 PM

How did Marluxia even know of Namine's existence in the first place? I always wondered about this for a LONG time because Namine had just been born right around Sora's encounter with Castle Oblivion so how did Marluxia even have the time to find Namine and use her powers to meddle with Sora's memories?

Namine was born in Castle Oblivion. And she was born when Sora stabbed himself in the heart. That's a perfect amount of time to find her in Castle Oblivion and use her powers.

Why is Namine blond in the first place and not the sort of reddish hair like kairi?

Nobodies often have slight physical differences from their original selves. This is stated in the Secret Ansem's Report. For example, Axel has the markings under his eyes while Lea doesn't, Xigbar has longer hair that has gray streaks in it while Braig doesn't, Xaldin's hair is messier than Dilan's hair, etc. As far as we know, Namine has blonde hair simply for this same reason.

What if (here it comes) that Namine is VERY similar to that connection that being that she has the identity of Strelitzia's face and not Kairi's? Think about it, if you look at both strelitzia's and Namine's faces (other than the color) they do both look quite similar and you will also notice that they both have a white-ish kind of skirt on so theres a connection too.

I'm honestly surprised a similar theory like this wasn't even made like 5 years ago because if you look at Namine's and Kairi's faces they are not as alike as you would think. (kind of like when you compare Roxas's and Sora's face in KH2 which from that aspect I would have assumed people would think Namine's face was actually someone else's).

Namine and Kairi literally have the same character models aside from clothing and hair. Namine in Re:CoM has the same model and the same face as Kairi in KH1 and Namine in KH2 has the same model and the same face as Kairi in KH2.

With the fact that Roxas is for SURE gonna return in KH3, why not bring Namine back as well but through this method? (I do realize the frustrations with Roxas being back in KH3 and I can only tell the same frustrations will be with this) but come on, I feel like Namine compared to Roxas needs more of that screen time. I mean who else will the community ship Roxas with if Namine's not around?

There's no doubt Namine is gonna return in KH3 as well, but I doubt it'll be through this method.

In Topic: Should I watch KHχ[chi] now?

10 September 2017 - 01:44 PM

I'm all caught up on the x[chi] saga now and I'm more confused than I was before (that's KH for ya :/ ) so I still have a few questions? 

Is the turning down being a Danilion part onwards all a dream in both KHx and KHUx?

No, none of KHx is a part of the dream, except for the secret ending "Unchained 0[Zero]". The dream for the Player begins with Unchained 0[Zero]. And all of KHUx is a part of the dream.

Is the "Unchained world" the realm of light (aka the normal world) or is it another sleeping world?

It's the realm of sleep. The realm of sleep can either be dreams of worlds that have fallen to darkness or dreams of a person. In this case, it's the Player's dreams. The Player is inside their own dreams as far as we know. Just like how Sora got sent into his own dreams near the end of Dream Drop Distance. And each Dandelion is in their own dream.

If possible. can you point out where it says that KHUx is a time-loop?

This is kind of difficult since all of this info is spread across the games and you need to sort of piece it together, but I'll do my best. It mainly all comes together in Union Cross and explains it all.

  • Ava in x Back Cover: "This session may seem like it's familiar to you, but in a world that is different, one made of dreams..."
  • The Master of Masters in KHUx: "You won't need memories of tragedy in the coming era. I want you to go to a completely separate realm and experience for yourselves an age of no tragedy."
  • Chirithy in KHUx: "At first I thought it'd be horrible to lie to them, but now I really do want them to forget after all..."
  • Ephemer in KHUx: "Whenever something happens in this new world that diverges from the old one, I feel more and more uneasy."
  • The Player and Chirithy are laying in the same exact position in Unchained 0[Zero] as they were at the end of KHx at the end of the Keyblade War.
  • The Player having flashbacks of the Keyblade War when it hasn't happened in KHUx.

Is x Back Cover part of the dream?

No, it's an alternate perspective of KHx.

In Topic: Should I watch KHχ[chi] now?

09 September 2017 - 12:21 AM

Yes, you should definitely watch it if you have the time.


The process of what you need to do to experience the "χ" series of KH games' story is way overly complicated, but I’ll do my best to explain what you need to do for you.

Kingdom Hearts χ was a Japanese-only browser game. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is the worldwide mobile port of Kingdom Hearts χ. But, it’s been recently revealed to be a sequel, not a port. This is the complicated part. At the end of Kingdom Hearts χ, the Player goes into the Unchained realm which causes the Player to go through their entire journey again, except without the finale. The same thing happens to the Dandelions, except they went into the Unchained realm before the Keyblade War. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is you playing as the character from Kingdom Hearts χ going through their entire journey again, except without the finale. So, as you can see, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ sort of acts as a port of Kingdom Hearts χ, as well as a sequel to it. The reason they don't repeat the Keyblade War again while in the Unchained realm is a spoiler, so I won't explain it unless you ask me to.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ has ended, and recently a “season 2” to the game was released called “Kingdom Hearts Union χ." It continues the game from after the characters have completed going through their entire journey a second time.


So, what you have to do is this:


1.) Watch the Kingdom Hearts χ cutscenes, translated to English. I’ve made a playlist of them here.


2.) Watch Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. It’s the movie that’s in 2.8. It tells the story of Kingdom Hearts χ, but from the perspective of different characters.


3.) You don’t have to watch all of the Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ cutscenes, because they’re the same as the Kingdom Hearts χ cutscenes. Just remember to keep in mind that the characters went through the same journey from Kingdom Hearts χ a second time, aside from the finale.


4.) Watch the Kingdom Hearts Union χ cutscenes. I’ve made a playlist of them here. This takes place after the characters went through the same journey a second time.


5.) Play Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- if you haven't already. The beginning cutscene takes place after the finale of Kingdom Hearts χ.


6.) Wait for new Kingdom Hearts Union χ cutscenes. They’ll release slowly over 2017 and maybe even 2018. I’ll update the Union χ playlist I made whenever new cutscenes come out, so make sure the keep track of it.

In Topic: Sooooo... Is The World Dead Yet?

09 September 2017 - 12:07 AM

No, the world isn't dead yet. It might not even ever die. It's possible that the whole world dying thing was just a part of the fairy tale of the Keyblade War that has been passed down for generations and generations.


The Player even mentions that it wasn't some world ending battle that they always thought it'd be.


If the world does end up ending, then it most likely has something to do with Kingdom Hearts. In the first cutscene of 0.2BBS, we see Luxu standing in front of Kingdom Hearts after the Keyblade War. The title of the cutscene is "The World's End." The person who unlocks Kingdom Hearts gets reborn as something far greater than human (basically a god) and gets to recreate the universe in their image. So, basically whoever unlocks Kingdom Hearts gets to reset the universe and make a new one, and they get to make it how they want. So, Luxu most likely unlocked Kingdom Hearts and reset the universe. Not sure why Kingdom Hearts was lost to darkness after this though. Maybe that's just simply what happens when someone unlocks Kingdom Hearts?

In Topic: Could Strelitzias Nobody be Larxene?

08 September 2017 - 11:47 PM

As far as we know, Strelitzia died. Death is a completely different thing that being split into a Heartless/Nobody. You don't produce a Heartless/Nobody when you die. And I don't see the connection you're seeing between Strelitzia and Larxene. This is KH we're talking about though, so anything's possible I guess.