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  1. Viewing Profile: HeartlessAqua


Member Since 05 Nov 2015
Offline Last Active Jun 03 2018 05:04 AM

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  • Active Posts 34
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  • Age 23 years old
  • Birthday October 22, 1994

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- drops a tomato spellbook on your page -
Oct 30 2016 10:33 AM
  • HeartlessAqua's Photo
    Haha! My tomato is cooler than everyone else's!
    Oct 30 2016 02:44 PM
  • Cynquirana's Photo
    This kind of tomato still exists ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
    Now..I'm curious which tomato is cooler..~!
    Oct 31 2016 02:14 AM


A heartless Aqua eh?
Oct 26 2016 08:31 PM
  • HeartlessAqua's Photo
    Yup! Spending so much time in that realm withered and reduced her to a badass heartless!
    Oct 26 2016 09:04 PM
  • Sora's Photo
    She was badass enough already, how could she handle becoming even more badass owo
    Oct 26 2016 09:09 PM
  • HeartlessAqua's Photo
    I know right. X3
    Oct 26 2016 09:46 PM

Yessie MalteseHeartlessAqua

About what did I said to you, I really am sorry. It's just that my brother's dog pass away last night. Me and my brother been crying for hours. I'm really, really sorry, I hope you forget me. :(
Feb 28 2016 04:16 PM

Yessie MalteseHeartlessAqua

Hello there. I'm Yessie. :3
Feb 28 2016 07:14 AM

sora x kairiHeartlessAqua

Hey Aqua How Are You Today:)
Nov 21 2015 12:06 PM
  • HeartlessAqua's Photo
    Hi. :3 I am fine. You? :)
    Nov 21 2015 12:28 PM
  • sora x kairi's Photo
    sora x kairi
    I am good Thanks and hows your weekend going :)
    Nov 21 2015 01:57 PM


If I were to take a guess, Lightning is yours? XP
Nov 09 2015 08:52 AM
  • AngelTheWeirdStranger's Photo
    Not anymore. She still is one of my bae but this profile page is outdated. I need to change it but I'm too lazy, plus have little time. :P
    Nov 09 2015 09:22 AM

HeartlessAquaUnreal Aqua

Hello there! I see you're new to KH13. So am I. XD Hope you enjoy!
Nov 07 2015 11:16 AM

sora x kairiHeartlessAqua

hi how are u today :3
Nov 06 2015 09:33 AM
  • sora x kairi's Photo
    sora x kairi
    Omg Yes i do do you
    Nov 07 2015 09:26 AM
  • HeartlessAqua's Photo
    Yup. :3 Which one was your favorite? I like the original series a lot and think it's better, but I actually love GX more. It's a lot more funny and exciting and weird. XP
    Nov 07 2015 09:33 AM
  • sora x kairi's Photo
    sora x kairi
    Well the original ones were pretty cool i used to watch them all the time but its part time now but i do love both of them they both are really good :3
    Nov 07 2015 09:38 AM
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