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Topics I've Started

Pumpkin Head (Unversed)

18 July 2018 - 05:50 PM


From now on, I’m going to be posting pictures through DeviantArt links, since the uploaded is apparently too small to handle them.

I hadn’t drawn much anything of a KH enemy in a long while. This is an Unversed based off of Dorky Face from Final Fantasy VII. I was going to use pink for the bow tie, but I went with pale rose for more realism. I also added some spikes to its eyes to make it look more ladylike.

Description: These Unversed love to bounce around playfully causing mischief whenever they can. They appear in large groups, and in three sizes: small, medium and large. Blizzard is their weakness, but it’s better and quicker to use area-based attacks like Thunder or Aero.

-Funny Breath: Its mouth turns purple as it breathes. Anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up while be Confused for quite a bit.
-Swipe: Pumpkin Head slashes at the enemy.
-Cursed Slash: A powerful slash that paralyzes its target upon contact.
-Hot Lips: Pumpkin Head spits out fire, with a small chance of Burning whoever it hits.
-Ghastly Love: Pumpkin Head grapples whoever’s nearest to it and drains their HP slowly.

Feel free to check out my other submissions on my DeviantArt profile, if you want.

Name something you love that everyone else hates

16 July 2018 - 05:11 PM

As the title state; this the reverse topic of Allwil13’s “something you hate that everyone else loves” topic.

For example, I like Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, as many faults as it has.

How I would want Sora and co. to try to save Aqua

14 July 2018 - 09:58 PM

You guys know how Aqua is Norted in KH3? Well, I have an idea for how she can be saved:

Sora goes back to Mysterious Tower, and he finds out from Yen Sid that Aqua fell to Xehanort’s influence. Yen Sid believes the only way to save her is to defeat Xehanort, while Sora believes he can somehow purify Aqua. He has a falling-out with Yen Sid, and storms out of the tower with Donald and Goofy.

After encountering Aqua in Radiant Garden and nearly losing a battle (which is in an attempt to purify her), Sora escapes and realizes Yen Sid may’ve been right; defeating Xehanort May be the only way to save Aqua. While resting in the castle, Sora sees Mickey and lashes out at him for not saving Aqua.

After talking for a bit, the two slowly reconcile and come up with a strategy; Sora, Donald and Goofy will go find Xehanort and distract him while Mickey takes in Aqua for treatment and tries to purify her with the help of Yen Sid and the Three Good Fairies.

The Original Worlds

02 July 2018 - 07:27 PM

Hey, guys; for anyone official who works here, is it possible to ask someone who works for Square if worlds like Traverse Town, Radiant Garden, Castle Oblivion, and the Keyblade Graveyard will be playable in some form, assuming one of you is going to Japan Expo 2018 this year?

How do you think Dimps would handle Kingdom Hearts?

01 July 2018 - 11:12 PM

Just as the title says. For those who aren’t aware, Dimps is best known for both the Sonic Rush games. This got me wondering how they would handle the Kingdom Hearts series, in turn. In your opinion, how would Kingdom Hearts, in gameplay, be handled by Dimps themselves?