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Topics I've Started

What I want for Fire Emblem Switch (not to be confused with Warriors)

Today, 09:01 AM

Hey, guys. Here’s a detailed list of things I want for Fire Emblem Switch (in non particular order):

-Units holding two items at once
-A “lucky hit” system where hits occasionally do extra damage without needing to be Critical Hits.
-Slightly lower difficulty than Echoes (seriously, that game is hard).
-Gender diversity for a majority of the classes (i.e. Female Soldiers and Male Clerics).
-8-4 returning for localization.
-The return of dungeons, but different from Echoes (as in let have all available units during a battle).
-Less common missed attacks.
-The introduction of an MP gauge for Magic attacks.
-Let units level up from Bonus EXP (sorry for the emoticon).
-Bring back the Weapon Triangle.
-Get rid of moving enemies on the overworld map when you’re in your way to your objective.
-Make sure Arts (if returning) always deal a Critical Hit, and then cool down for a set of turns (as opposed to using MP).
-Have post-battle quotes be slightly more common than in Echoes.
-Introduce new classes such Rhino Tamer, Lumberjack, Bomber and Witch Doctor.
-Have Shields protect your units from any physical damage.
-Introduce Water and Plant Magic.
-Slightly lower the difficulty of enemy AI.
-Allow Mages and similar classes to learn healing spells.
-Give enemy units different outfits based on alignment.
-Retain Echoes’ art style and have a story like Echoes in terms of tone and storytelling.
-Retain the way Echoes gives choices will also advancing the plot.
-The return of Pair-Ups.

What do you guys think?

KH community be like…

12 March 2018 - 10:28 PM

Attached File  34C0F541-3439-4FBE-9E70-F293981A8220.jpeg   91.24KB   2 downloads

I’m sorry, but I don’t want this to happen. Not only would it not make any sense, it would also render the 0.2 buildup worthless. Like I’ve said-and still cling to-it should be…

-Sora goes to Twilight Town right after DDD.
-Sora finds a way back to Mysterious Tower WITHOUT a train.
-The rest plays out like 0.2, and Sora heads for Olympus.

Fire Emblem vs. Capcom

11 March 2018 - 03:40 PM

I know this is a bit out of left field, but does anyone want a Fire Emblem vs. Capcom?

For whatever reason, Nintendo vs. Capcom just seems too generic for me.

DDD: Now with Funky Kong

10 March 2018 - 05:23 PM

Attached File  7CBD9265-B5A9-4937-8708-C96ADBA5C913.jpeg   197.07KB   0 downloads

I know it should technically be Switch, but still.

UMvC3: Momo Karuizawa

08 March 2018 - 10:06 AM

Attached File  BA44C0FA-7861-49B8-9D60-05487AE62713.png   171.1KB   0 downloads

UMvC3: Momo Karuizawa

VA: Rei Sakuma

Theme: Ziggy Amusement Park (Theme of Momo)

Intro: Momo will skip twice, put her left leg in the air, and then get into fighting stance.

Outro: Momo jumps around in a frenzy, runs up to the camera, and glomps it while shaking it around.

Victory Screen: Momo puts her right finger right below her mouth while smiling, making pseudo-shushing gesture.

(General Quotes [NOTE: These are English translation subtitles as Momo only speaks Japanese, making her unique compared to other Capcom characters])

La la, la la la, la! 🎶

Where could Shoma be~?

You look kinda weird…

Win: *giggles*

Win: Yay~! I did it!

Win: Ah, I’m so happy!

Victory Screen: Next time you see me, just know that you can’t judge someone by their size!

Victory Screen: Hee hee…guess I’ll go report this to Mr. Kurow now.

Victory Screen: I won! You lost! I get the applesauce!

(Vs. Spider-Man)


Spidey: Seriously? A tennis racket?

Win: That was a lot less scary…

Spidey’s win: You’ve got good reflexes, but that just doesn’t justify your weapon of choice.

(Vs. Doctor Doom)

Doom: Doom is to face a meager child?

Doom’s win: What an insult.

Victory Screen (Doom): You are but a joke, even compared to Impossible Man. Be grateful you can still see the sun.

(Vs. X-23)

Ooh! Those look sharp.

X-23: You want a beating, you little twerp?

Win: Hope there’s no bad cuts…

X-23’s win: Little girls shouldn’t be around here, you know.

Victory Screen: I’ll give you credit for your use of claws, but Mr. Kurow can totally use them better!

(Vs. Deadpool)

YOU have a katana?

Win: Glad you shut up!

Victory: Now I know what that Hyo guy would be like if he had guns and jumped around like a chimpanzee.

(Vs. Rocket Raccoon)

Victory Screen: Aw, that raccoon is so cute! I just wish he wasn’t so bad mouthed.

(Vs. Taskmater)

Hey, wanna join me~?

Taskmaster: You look promising…your reflexes, not your appearance.

Win: That was pretty long…

Taskmaster’s win: Glad I wasn’t COMPLETELY bored with that fight.

Victory Screen (Taskmaster): I’d ask if I can go work for this Kurow guy, but your performance makes me think he sucks as much ass as you do.

(Vs. Iron Man)

Iron Man: So what’s this I hear about “Justice High”?

Iron Man’s win: What even kind of name IS that…?

Victory Screen (Iron Man): If I ever go to your world, I’m not sure I wanna visit a place with the name “Justice” slapped onto it. Sounds like a really bad superhero academy.

(Vs. Chun-Li or C. Viper)

Eep! Am I in trouble?!

Chun-Li: I feel something suspicious about you.

C. Viper: A little girl? All out here?

Win: Phew…that was close.

Chun-Li’s win: Alright, what are you hiding? Don’t lie.

C. Viper’s win: If you’re looking for someone, don’t turn to me. I’m no cop.

(Vs. Nemesis)

Blech! You smell like seaweed!

Win: Now I stink!

Victory Screen: I couldn’t give too hoots if you’re a giant zombie guy. You ruined my clothes and that’s that.

(Vs. Trish)

Stupid big girls…

Trish: Tennis? Thanks, but NO thanks.

Win: That’ll show ya!

Trish’s win: Game, set, match. You lose.

Victory Screen (Trish): And ANOTHER thing! I’ve got better things to do then watch you obsess with some stupid Yankee or whatever.

(Vs. Morrigan)

Morrigan: Well, aren’t you just the cutest!

Morrigan’s win: Ha ha! Children should be sleeping at this hour.

Victory Screen: You can turn into bats? Well, don’t go all flying around me. I’d be VERY annoyed.

(The rest of these are said in Engrish)
X-Factor: Let’s do it!

One ally down: Meanie! Meanie!

Two allies down: Hey! No fair!

Light defeat: Rrrggh…No way…

Heavy defeat: Waaaaaaaahhhh!!

Time over: What?! That’s not right!