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#1976276 What I want for Fire Emblem Switch (not to be confused with Warriors)

Posted by Perkilator on Today, 09:01 AM

Hey, guys. Here’s a detailed list of things I want for Fire Emblem Switch (in non particular order):

-Units holding two items at once
-A “lucky hit” system where hits occasionally do extra damage without needing to be Critical Hits.
-Slightly lower difficulty than Echoes (seriously, that game is hard).
-Gender diversity for a majority of the classes (i.e. Female Soldiers and Male Clerics).
-8-4 returning for localization.
-The return of dungeons, but different from Echoes (as in let have all available units during a battle).
-Less common missed attacks.
-The introduction of an MP gauge for Magic attacks.
-Let units level up from Bonus EXP (sorry for the emoticon).
-Bring back the Weapon Triangle.
-Get rid of moving enemies on the overworld map when you’re in your way to your objective.
-Make sure Arts (if returning) always deal a Critical Hit, and then cool down for a set of turns (as opposed to using MP).
-Have post-battle quotes be slightly more common than in Echoes.
-Introduce new classes such Rhino Tamer, Lumberjack, Bomber and Witch Doctor.
-Have Shields protect your units from any physical damage.
-Introduce Water and Plant Magic.
-Slightly lower the difficulty of enemy AI.
-Allow Mages and similar classes to learn healing spells.
-Give enemy units different outfits based on alignment.
-Retain Echoes’ art style and have a story like Echoes in terms of tone and storytelling.
-Retain the way Echoes gives choices will also advancing the plot.
-The return of Pair-Ups.

What do you guys think?

#1975896 ~Drawing Request~ Feel Free to Ask a request :3

Posted by Perkilator on 11 March 2018 - 08:23 PM

Yeah sure. :3

Thanks, Yessie!

#1975877 Fire Emblem vs. Capcom

Posted by Perkilator on 11 March 2018 - 03:40 PM

I know this is a bit out of left field, but does anyone want a Fire Emblem vs. Capcom?

For whatever reason, Nintendo vs. Capcom just seems too generic for me.

#1975798 Allies in Kingdom Hearts III.

Posted by Perkilator on 10 March 2018 - 06:35 PM

That’s a good question. In fact, Olympus may not be just Hercules as the party member. For all we know, whichever kind of FF character Hades will trick (assuming Nomura keeps the tradition going) will be a party member.

As for Baymax and Hiro…it’s tough to say, really.

#1975794 DDD: Now with Funky Kong

Posted by Perkilator on 10 March 2018 - 05:23 PM


I know it should technically be Switch, but still.

#1975651 UMvC3: Momo Karuizawa

Posted by Perkilator on 08 March 2018 - 10:06 AM


UMvC3: Momo Karuizawa

VA: Rei Sakuma

Theme: Ziggy Amusement Park (Theme of Momo)

Intro: Momo will skip twice, put her left leg in the air, and then get into fighting stance.

Outro: Momo jumps around in a frenzy, runs up to the camera, and glomps it while shaking it around.

Victory Screen: Momo puts her right finger right below her mouth while smiling, making pseudo-shushing gesture.

(General Quotes [NOTE: These are English translation subtitles as Momo only speaks Japanese, making her unique compared to other Capcom characters])

La la, la la la, la! 🎶

Where could Shoma be~?

You look kinda weird…

Win: *giggles*

Win: Yay~! I did it!

Win: Ah, I’m so happy!

Victory Screen: Next time you see me, just know that you can’t judge someone by their size!

Victory Screen: Hee hee…guess I’ll go report this to Mr. Kurow now.

Victory Screen: I won! You lost! I get the applesauce!

(Vs. Spider-Man)


Spidey: Seriously? A tennis racket?

Win: That was a lot less scary…

Spidey’s win: You’ve got good reflexes, but that just doesn’t justify your weapon of choice.

(Vs. Doctor Doom)

Doom: Doom is to face a meager child?

Doom’s win: What an insult.

Victory Screen (Doom): You are but a joke, even compared to Impossible Man. Be grateful you can still see the sun.

(Vs. X-23)

Ooh! Those look sharp.

X-23: You want a beating, you little twerp?

Win: Hope there’s no bad cuts…

X-23’s win: Little girls shouldn’t be around here, you know.

Victory Screen: I’ll give you credit for your use of claws, but Mr. Kurow can totally use them better!

(Vs. Deadpool)

YOU have a katana?

Win: Glad you shut up!

Victory: Now I know what that Hyo guy would be like if he had guns and jumped around like a chimpanzee.

(Vs. Rocket Raccoon)

Victory Screen: Aw, that raccoon is so cute! I just wish he wasn’t so bad mouthed.

(Vs. Taskmater)

Hey, wanna join me~?

Taskmaster: You look promising…your reflexes, not your appearance.

Win: That was pretty long…

Taskmaster’s win: Glad I wasn’t COMPLETELY bored with that fight.

Victory Screen (Taskmaster): I’d ask if I can go work for this Kurow guy, but your performance makes me think he sucks as much ass as you do.

(Vs. Iron Man)

Iron Man: So what’s this I hear about “Justice High”?

Iron Man’s win: What even kind of name IS that…?

Victory Screen (Iron Man): If I ever go to your world, I’m not sure I wanna visit a place with the name “Justice” slapped onto it. Sounds like a really bad superhero academy.

(Vs. Chun-Li or C. Viper)

Eep! Am I in trouble?!

Chun-Li: I feel something suspicious about you.

C. Viper: A little girl? All out here?

Win: Phew…that was close.

Chun-Li’s win: Alright, what are you hiding? Don’t lie.

C. Viper’s win: If you’re looking for someone, don’t turn to me. I’m no cop.

(Vs. Nemesis)

Blech! You smell like seaweed!

Win: Now I stink!

Victory Screen: I couldn’t give too hoots if you’re a giant zombie guy. You ruined my clothes and that’s that.

(Vs. Trish)

Stupid big girls…

Trish: Tennis? Thanks, but NO thanks.

Win: That’ll show ya!

Trish’s win: Game, set, match. You lose.

Victory Screen (Trish): And ANOTHER thing! I’ve got better things to do then watch you obsess with some stupid Yankee or whatever.

(Vs. Morrigan)

Morrigan: Well, aren’t you just the cutest!

Morrigan’s win: Ha ha! Children should be sleeping at this hour.

Victory Screen: You can turn into bats? Well, don’t go all flying around me. I’d be VERY annoyed.

(The rest of these are said in Engrish)
X-Factor: Let’s do it!

One ally down: Meanie! Meanie!

Two allies down: Hey! No fair!

Light defeat: Rrrggh…No way…

Heavy defeat: Waaaaaaaahhhh!!

Time over: What?! That’s not right!

#1975552 Yet another 4Chan “Leak”

Posted by Perkilator on 07 March 2018 - 01:25 AM


Take a look. The “spoiler” tag doesn’t “spoil” anything.

#1974821 Once the release date is announced, will you still watch the rest of the trai...

Posted by Perkilator on 25 February 2018 - 02:01 PM

Yes. I’m one of those people who LIKE having things spoiled for me, so I’m not going to hesitate to watch trailers when the date is announced.

#1974721 House of the Dead bosses in KH

Posted by Perkilator on 24 February 2018 - 10:47 AM

If it were possible, would you want HOTD bosses in a Kingdom Hearts game? If I could pick one, it would be the Hierophant.

(Granted, most of them would have to be toned down quite a bit, but still.)

#1974683 Cream the Rabbit and the Ninja Kingdom

Posted by Perkilator on 24 February 2018 - 12:06 AM

Hey, guys. I was thinking that maybe Cream the Rabbit could have her own Storybook Series game themed around ninjas, with Ancient Japan as the setting.

Story: Dr. Eggman has entered the world of Japanese folklore in search of the fabled Yamato Katana, which is said to hold forces of both light and darkness as their guardians. An accident from trying to obtain it leads the blade itself into two halves; the Light Yamato, and the Dark Yamato, with Eggman using the latter. This results in an army of dark monsters, dubbed Akumu by Eggman, as well as two female guardian spirits named Chiaki and Honoka, to appear from the fractured blade, with the Light Yamato’s handle coming off. Now it’s up to the dragged-in Cream the Rabbit, along with her Chao friend Cheese, to use the Light Yamato’s blade to defeat the Akumu, repair the Yamato Katana, and foils the schemes of Eggman. Meanwhile Sonic, whom Eggman kidnapped behind his back, goes in his own mission to find the Light Yamato’s blade and strap the handle back onto it.

Cream’s guardian spirits is Chiaki, a woman with long black hair and a pink kimono. Sonic’s guardian spirit is Honoka, Chiaki’s younger sister with yellow pigtailed hair and a royal blue kimono. Cream’s gameplay is similar to the hack-and-slash gameplay from Sonic and the Black Knight, but much faster. She has access to things like shurikens, smoke bombs, etc. Sonic’s gameplay a mix between his Lost World style (but without a run button) and his Adventure style, with some stealth segments.

Would you guys want this to happen? Or are you still hoping for the Greek mythos one to come out?

#1974366 Possible Gen VIII starter designs leaked

Posted by Perkilator on 20 February 2018 - 10:42 PM

No, I’m not joking. These designs have been leaked; they are allegedly the starter Pokémon for Generation VIII (I guess the one for Switch, idk). If you look around, you’ll notice the same “CONFIDENTIAL” that appeared on the leaks for the final starter evolutions for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

What’re you’re thoughts on this? Personally, I think they’re real due to how much more official they look compared to the Alola leaks. Whether they are or not, we just have to see, and I feel like this warrants a little discussion.


#1974365 What nicknames would Sonic give to members of Organization XIII?

Posted by Perkilator on 20 February 2018 - 10:28 PM

This is a completely random thought of mine I had earlier tonight. If Sonic ever came across Organization XIII, what nicknames would he have for each of its members? Xemnas to Xion, I mean. Think something along the lines of his famous “Baldy McNosehair” quip to Eggman.

Xemnas: Factually Nothing
Xigbar: Open Head Space
Xaldin: Blowhard Toothpicker
Vexen: Eggman with Icicles
Lexeaus: Deep Six Hothead
Zexion: Bland Ol’ Bookworm
Saïx: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
Axel: Fiery Disaster
Demyx: Vector’s Worst Enemy
Luxord: Time Eater McGee
Marluxia: Rosy Rascal
Larxene: Crybaby Thunderstorm
Roxas: Not-So-Good Other
Xion: Diet Roxas

#1974278 Sonic 06 Remake: Sonic’s Story, Pt. 1

Posted by Perkilator on 19 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

Sonic 06 PS4 Remake: Sonic’s Story, Pt. 1 (Intro to Vs. Silver)

Scene 0: Dr. Eggman Attacks!

(Animated cutscene)

It is the Festival of the Sun. There are fireworks bursting out everywhere, and there is a boat with robed priests accompanying Princess Elise the Third of Soleanna. Somewhere in the distance, Sonic, Tails, and Amy are watching, all drinking ice water.

Tails: Wow! This is breathtaking! I never thought we’d find ourselves all the way out here!

Sonic: Yeah, this sure is exciting.

Amy: Sonic, are you even watching?

Sonic: Well, of course I am! I brought my binocs, didn’t I?

Amy looks at him annoyedly.

Tails: Guys, shh! They’re going to light the flames.

He points to the boat as it comes to a rest at the foot of a large ceremonial platform, and the princess walks towards a statue. As a priest brings in a torch and offers it to her, she looks at it and experiences a vision of large blasts of fire engulfing Soleanna, and a large monster roaring in the distance. Her lady in waiting, Anna, snaps her out of the hallucination.

Anna: Perdere Elise? Stai bene? (Miss Elise? Are you okay?)

Elise: Sto bene, grazie. (I’m fine, thank you.) Vi ringraziamo per il beato fiamme. Siamo in grado di tenere sempre per avere la pace. Figlio di Soleanna, guida e veglia su di noi con la vostra luce eterna. (We thank you for the blessed flames. We can always keep on having peace. Son of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light.)

Sonic: What’d she say? Something, something, Soleanna, right?

    Elise lights a flame with the torch that ignites the frame and surrounding pedestal and everyone applauds while fireworks are launched into the sky. Sonic’s head snaps forward as the sound of the fireworks get his attention. He joins Tails and Amy in applause. The celebration is cut short, however, as the Egg Carrier flies over launching missiles and dropping off Egg Gunners that surround Elise, which throws the Festival into chaos and panic. Then their orchestrator, Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, flies down aboard his new Egg-o-Matic, accompanied by Metal Sonic, his enforcer.

Eggman: (snickers) A pleasure to meet you at last, Princess of Soleanna. I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik; I’ve come to obtain a little secret of yours…the Flames of Disaster.

Sonic: (gasps) Eggman and Metal!

Eggman: And your little Chaos Emerald…(he points to the Cyan Emerald, which Elise clutches in her hand)…one of the seven miracle gems which are the key to your little secret.

Sonic: Tails, Amy…get somewhere safe. I’ll deal with Eggman.

He runs towards Eggman, who takes out his hand.

Eggman: Now, Princess…this way, please.

Just then, Sonic appears on scene as a streak of blue wind, then stops on a pillar.

Sonic: My, my…that’s a snazzy performance you got there, Eggman.

Elise: You…(has a vision of a silver hedgehog)…it can’t be, can it?

Eggman jumps back in shock, then throws a fist into the air.

Eggman: Not that irritating hedgehog again! Attack!

Sonic smiles as he avoids Metal Sonic and the other Egg Gunners’ missiles and dispatches them all, save for Metal, and then runs up to Elise.

Elise: Wait…who are you?

Sonic: I’m Sonic…(scoops up Elise)…Sonic the Hedgehog!

He runs off as Eggman has a semi-tantrum.

Eggman: What are you idiots waiting for? Shoot him down and capture the Princess!

Metal Sonic and the remaining Gunners chase down Sonic as he carries off Elise.

Prologue: Festival Raid

In-stage dialogue:

Elise: Um…not to be ungrateful, but why are you helping me?

Sonic: Eh, no special reason. Helping people was my job ever since the days back in Green Hill!

Sonic: Looks like there’s more Badniks after us. Let’s try to cut ‘em off at the pass.

Elise: (seeing Metal Sonic) Mr. Sonic! Behind us!

Sonic: Huh, I see Metal’s just as annoying as ever. But no worries; I’ve beaten him too many times to be concerned!

Metal Sonic: You’re not getting away this time, you impudent blue rodent! Prepare to be burnt to ashes!

Hint dialogue:

Sonic: Hi, I’m Sonic. I’m gonna teach you how to be me, game controls and everything! First off, press the X button to jump.

Sonic: When locked on to enemies, press the X button in mid-air to use the Homing Attack.

Sonic: Rings sorta serve as a shield of mine. Whenever I get hit, I lose 10 at a time. If I’m hit with 0 Rings, I’m dead.

Sonic: At some points, I’ll be gaining so much speed that I could crash. Press the R1 button to drift.

Sonic: Blue Springs let me land on special panels. I gotta jump just as soon as I land on a panel, or I’ll fall.

Sonic: Sometimes Rainbow Rings or special Dash Pads will let me do some tricks for extra points. Just go wild with the buttons and watch me roll!

As Sonic reaches the near end of town via a canal, a swarm of Gunners gang up behind him.

Sonic: Leave ‘em to me, Princess. Smashing bots is my specialty, as you saw earlier.

He puts Elise down and Homing Attacks the Gunners. As he does so, Metal Sonic sneaks up behind Elise and grabs her, right as Sonic destroys the last Gunner.

Elise: Sonic!

Sonic looks behind him with Metal holding Elise next to Eggman.

Sonic: Elise! Hold on, I’ll come-

Metal Sonic: Stop. Not another step.

Eggman: Heh, heh, heh…I’m afraid our little game ends here, Sonic.

Elise manages to wriggle an arm free.

Elise: Sonic, take this!

Elise throws the Cyan Chaos Emerald to him and catches it.

Sonic: Got it! And don't worry, I'll rescue you!

Elise: I know.

Eggman finishes up yawning.

Eggman: Oh, blast it. Why don’t you two cut it out with the roma-ma-ma-(he shocks as he sees the Cyan Emerald in Sonic’s hand) Bah, why should I even be worried? It’s only a matter of time before that Emerald’s mine again. Until then, (pointing at Sonic) you can hold onto it, and that’s me being nice.

He lifts the Egg-o-Matic into the air.

Eggman: Come along, Metal. We’ve no more business here.

Metal Sonic: Yes, Doctor.

They both fly off to the Egg Carrier. Sonic watches them, as the sun rises.

Sonic: Elise…

Meanwhile, a mysterious man with silver hair watches over Sonic on a roof, right after Sonic keeps running.

???: I’ve finally found him…the Iblis Trigger.

Scene 1: The Beach at Dawn

Hub World: The Town

Sonic arrives at the center of town. He can’t see Amy anywhere, but he does see Tails.

Sonic: Hey, Tails! Where’s Amy?

Tails: She ran off looking for, right after you ran off with…(looking behind Sonic) Hey, where’s the princess?

Sonic: Metal Sonic carried her off behind my back, and then flew off to the Egg Carrier. Before she was nabbed, the princess tossed me this.

Sonic pulls out the Cyan Emerald Elise gave her, to Tails’s surprise.

Tails: Wow! She just gave that to you?

Sonic: Yeah, and it’s better that we have it than Eggman.

Tails: So you’re going to rescue the princess, Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah. It’ll be fun, and it should be a piece of cake with your help. Any idea where she and Eggman went?

Tails pulls out his scanner [the one from Unleashed] and tracks down their location.

Tails: Okay, found ‘em. They’re headed toward the coast.

Sonic: Okay, lets go.

Just then, something in Sonic’s pocket glows. He takes it out and the bracelet that his old friend, Chip, turned into.

Sonic: Huh? You’re still alive…you’re going to help me?…Thank you.

With the help of your old ally, Chip, you can now use the Lightspeed Dash. Head over to Wave Ocean with Tails.

Sometimes, enemies will appear in the hub worlds. Defeating them can earn you Rings for currency use.

Meanwhile, in a hallway on the Egg Carrier…

Orbot: You let Sonic live again, boss?!

Eggman: This isn’t like last time, you dumbot. I hadn’t any idea he would’ve survived that one space trip!

Cubot: Well, that’s no excuse. Why didn’t you get all your robots and obliterate him?

Eggman: Because I do as I please, that’s why. Besides, what would you know?! You were only built a few weeks ago!

Cubot: Yeah, that’s true…

Eggman: How’s the princess doing in the prison hall?

Orbot: She’s surprisingly irresistant. She tried to fight back-she had a dangerous looking sword-but a couple of our Gunners made sure she got in her cell safe and sound.

Eggman: Good. We need her alive so she can spill some beans on the Flames of Disas-

Metal Sonic: Doctor.

Metal Sonic walks in on the conversation, and then salutes Eggman.

Metal Sonic: Sonic and his friend our catching up to us from the beach. What should we do?

Eggman: Well, what else? Send a squadron of Badniks down there to take care of them. And they don’t work, I’ll send in one of my secret weapons.

Metal Sonic: Yes, Doctor.

Metal Sonic walks away, and Eggman turns back to Orbot and Cubot right after looking at a monitor on his wrist.

Eggman: And you two! Head to the Kingdom Valley to take care of a couple G.U.N. rodents scurrying through my property there. And don’t. Mess. Up.

Orbot and Cubot: Got it, boss!

They both leave, and Eggman heads towards the front of his ship.

Action Stage 1: Wave Ocean

In-stage dialogue:

Sonic: Tails, we can’t dawdle. We gotta go save Elise.

Sonic: Interesting…one of these robots looks like they could be head honcho. Maybe if I defeat him, the others should follow.

Sonic: Whoa! This is a big one!

Sonic: Easyyyy…! Tails, we’ve only got about five minutes before he breaks loose. Find the gate switch so he doesn’t get out!

Tails: Okay, Sonic. I’ll be back soon!

(Mach Speed Section)

Sonic: Darn it! He’s speeding up! We gotta do the same if we’re gonna get to the Egg Carrier in time!

(Vs. Egg Wasp)

Eggman (through the Wasp): Oh ho ho ho ho! You think this is going to be easy, Sonic? Meet the wrath of one of my ultimate secret weapons!

Sonic: Hi, wrath. I’m Sonic. Wanna die?


Sonic: He’s looking a bit tired. What if he tries something else?

(One hit left)

Sonic: Almost there! Just a little bit more…!


Sonic: Huh, so much for “ultimate”. Elise, hang on! I’m coming.

Hint dialogue:

Sonic: There are some moments when running gets a little tedious. Press the O button a lot to perform a Spin Dash.

Sonic: With Chip’s help, I can perform what’s called a Light-speed Dash. Press the X button when near a group of Rings, and I’ll glide across ‘em.

Sonic: Sometimes, a Homing Attack isn’t enough for Badniks. Whenever multiple reticles appear on one of ‘em, they need multiple hits to be taken out. Press X when they appear, and I can take out these kinds of enemies all of once.

Tails: To help me fly, press and hold the X button after jumping. But be careful; I’ll get tired if I fly too much.

Tails: Press the Square button and I can do a Tail Spin on enemies.

Tails: Press the Triangle button to set down a Dummy Ring Bomb. It won’t use up any Rings, but it needs to recharge every now and then.

In-game: In Mach-Speed sections, use the L1 or R1 buttons to Quick Step left or right. Press the O button to Slide. Press the Square Button to Boost.

Sonic is on a cliff, almost at the Egg Carrier. He is about to board it when the Doctor drops a battering ram that knocks Sonic down to the ground. He regains consciousness and notices a feather floating down. Tails flies by.

Sonic: This isn’t working, Tails. And I was so close, too.

Tails (with his scanner): Hold on…they’re taking Elise someplace else.

Sonic: Wanna be a bit more specific than “someplace else”?

Tails activates his scanner’s map function. He manages to track the Egg Carrier.

Tails: Now, the Carrier is headed towards some ruins in the desert.

Sonic: Seriously? What is it with Eggman and ruins? Especially the ruins of the Temples of Gaia. (Sonic shakes his head.) Let’s just go back to the city and go to the ruins from there.

Tails: I have the Tornado parked in my workshop. We can head to the desert via flight.

Scene 2: Flight of Sonic and Tails

Hub World: Tails’ Workshop

Tails: The Tornado’s experiencing a few bugs. Want me to break out the Badnik dummies while I fix it?


>Sure, I don’t mind killing some time.
Tails: Okay, obstacle course initiate!

>Nah, give me some more time.
Tails: Okay, but don’t take too long.

Mission 1: Get thought the obstacle course within the time allotted (3 minutes) Bonus Objective: Get a B rank or higher.

Normal Clear Reward: Ancient Light (allows you to Homing Attack multiple enemies at once); can now be replayed freely in the Mission Menu.
S-Rank Clear: 500 Rings
A-Rank Clear: 400 Rings
B-Rank Clear: 300 Rings
C-Rank Clear: 200 Rings
D-Rank Clear: 100 Rings
E-Rank Clear: 50 Rings
Bonus Objective Met: Spring Yard Zone (Sonic 1 OST)

After Sonic does the course, he walks back to Tails.

Sonic: Everything ready, Tails?

Tails: All set! Let’s head to the desert and save the princess!

Sonic leaps onto the Tornado, which enters battle mode after it takes, and the two fly into the desert.

Mini-Game Stage 1: Sandy Overpass

In-stage dialogue:

Tails: Let’s be careful, Sonic. There could be a shipload of Badniks out here.

Tails: Move the left analog stick move the Tornado, and press the Triangle button to shoot. Press the L2 or R2 buttons to do a barrel roll. Press and hold the O button to activate the shield. You can’t shoot with the shield up, so save it for intense situations!

Tails: The gauge on the left shows the Tornado’s health, and the gauge on the right shows how much energy its shield can produce, which’ll charge back up whenever you don’t use it.

Sonic: Looks like we’re getting close. Can you make this go faster, Tails?

Tails: I can, but not much. Hold on, cause it could get a bit rough.

Tails: All right! We made it safe and sound!

Scene 3: Dog Pounding And Sand Speeding

Orbot and Cubot are guarding Elise inside the ruins, spears in hand.

Cubot: Remind me again why we have to be on guard duty?

Orbot: Because the boss doesn’t think what we gave him was enough.

Cubot: Dude, it was a 15-second recording of a cloud that moved up and down and all around. How is that “enough”?

Orbot: So what if it’s not? If I had known that the Sceptre would respond like that, I would’ve started recording sooner!

They both argue while Elise recalls a memory of her late father, the Duke of Soleanna, which she silently words out herself.

Duke: Remember, Elise…you’re a good girl; be brave, and don’t cry no matter what happens.

Sonic and Tails burst through, bringing Elise back to the present, and scare away Orbot and Cubot, who flee to another room.

Elise: Mr. Sonic!

Sonic: You can just call me Sonic, Princess. (Sonic opens the cage holding Elise.) You okay?

Elise comes and hugs Sonic, slightly astonishing him.

Elise: I’m just glad you came!

Sonic: Hey, I always keep my word, don’t I?

Tails notices something and alerts the two.

Tails: Hey guys, look at this!

The three look at a gigantic three-headed dog Badnik in his own cage, with Eggman coming in with Orbot and Cubot while they’re still looking.

Cubot: There they are, boss!

Orbot: Just as we told you.

Eggman: (chuckling) Well, well…it seems a certain pesky rat I know stuck his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Sonic: That’s hedgehog to you, Hippo Lobotomik!

Eggman offendedly recoils, angered. Orbot and Cubot chuckle, only to be pushed down by Eggman.

Eggman: Grrr…you can insult me all you want, you Mickey Mouse audition reject! The Princess is to remain mine until I solve the Flames of Disaster’s full riddles.

The giant Badnik growls softly but audibly.

Eggman: And…heh heh…I think Poopsie’s a little grumpy today.

Sonic: “Poopsie”?

The Badnik’s growling grows louder.

Orbot: Oh, you bet he is.

Cubot: The angrier, the better, at least in our robots’ case. Sic ‘em, boy!

The cage opens and the Badnik is set loose. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot hop into the Egg-o-Matic as the Badnik slowly exits its cage.

Sonic: Elise, stay here wherever it’s safe. Tails, let’s get his attention!

Tails: Got it!

Elise stays behind as Sonic and Tails move towards a coliseum with the Badnik behind them.

Boss Stage: Ruined Coliseum, vs. Egg Cerberus


Eggman: I think what Poopsie needs is a little early breakfast. Sic ‘em, Poopsie!

Poopsie: Grrrraaaaooooohhhh!

In-Stage dialogue:

Sonic: So that’s “Poopsie”, huh? Okay, Eggman, I’ll play with him.

Tails: Sonic! According to the scanner, the Egg Cerberus’s middle head is protected by armor. We gotta find a way to break it somehow…

Sonic: I wonder if the other two heads have anything to do with it…

(When near the Egg Cerberus)

Tails: Sonic, I’ve figured it out! You have to destroy the left and right heads to reach the last head!

Sonic: So that means Homing Attacking those heads to death, right?

Tails: Yeah, five times each.

(One head destroyed)

Sonic: Alright! One unarmored head down, the second to go!

Cubot: Poopsie! No!

(Both heads destroyed; half health at this point)

Tails: Sonic, look. Something’s sticking up from behind his head. Maybe we could use it somehow!

Sonic: Okay, lemme try grabbing it.

(Sonic grabs it)

Sonic: W-whoa! Bad death machine!

Tails: Sonic! Try crashing him into something!

(Hit once)

Sonic: It’s working! The armor’s coming off!

Eggman: Gah! Poopsie, are you okay?!

(Missile Barrage)

Eggman: Blow those two off the map, Poopsie!

(Jumping up, then down, and creating a shockwave)

Orbot: C’mon, boy! Who wants a hedgehog treat?

Cubot: Play dead! Oh wait, he’s supposed to be killing them.

(Hit twice)

Orbot: Oh no! Th-the armor’s off!

Sonic: Hey, never thought I’d see your face, tall and ugly! Playtime’s over!

Tails: Sonic, use the Homing Attack technique you used for the other heads.

(Final head destroyed)

Sonic: Strike 3, you’re out! Back to the Badnik minors with ya!

Eggman: (sigh)…I guess we should’ve armor-plated all his heads.

Cubot: And made it invincible, for that matter.

The Eggman Trio fly out of the coliseum in the Egg-o-Matic. Standing by the ruins of Poopsie, Sonic and Tails hi-five each other as Elise comes running out.

Elise: Sonic!

Sonic: It’s okay, Elise. We won.

When they walk outside into the desert, next to the Tornado, nearly a hundred Egg Gunners, Busters, Lancers, and Stingers fly out towards the three.

Sonic: Aw, man. (Stretching his arms) How much longer is this gonna go on, anyway?

Tails: Let’s split up and grab their attention separately. I’ll take them on in the Tornado. You get the Princess back to town.

Sonic: Sounds good to me. Just be careful.

Tails hops inside the Tornado, which grabs the attention of nearly fifty Badniks.

Sonic: Elise, hold on tight.

Sonic grabs onto Elise, and runs off with her. The remaining Badniks follow.

Action Stage 2: Dusty Desert

In-stage dialogue:

Sonic: Man, Eggman’s cronies do not wanna give up, do they?

Elise: Let’s take another path somewhere. We should be able to lose them somehow.

Sonic: If we don’t, just know that I’m here to smash ‘em.

Sonic: Huh?! Quicksand!

Elise: Sonic! I have a special power within me that you can resonate with the Emerald I gave you. With it, we can move across the sand by pressing the R2 button. But don’t get reckless, because none of my power lasts forever.

Elise: Sonic! We’re trapped!

Sonic: Darn it! Looks like the only through is by junking these creeps.

Elise: There’s an open path near that statue. Let’s try there.

(Quick Time Event)
Sonic: We’re almost out! C’mon, Eli-

The ground rumbles, and Metal Sonic appears.

Sonic: Metal Sonic!

Elise: Huh? What was that?

Metal Sonic: Our defense program.

Metal Sonic lifts his right hand into the air. A giant worm Badnik appears out of the sand and roars, and Metal Sonic leaves.

Sonic: It’s a giant Caterkiller! Run for it!


That was too close! Looks like we missed a very big spot.


Elise: Sonic! Lure it into one of those statues over there!

Sonic: Okay! Got it!

(L2) (R2)

Left path: Just FYI, Caterkiller; I did this same thing to a friend of yours. If his three heads couldn’t stop me, why would yours?

Right path: Man, ramming robots into things almost seems like a tactic, doesn’t it, Elise?

Elise (after either path): Sonic, it looks like the exit’s that way.

Scene 4: It’s No Use

(Animated cutscene)

With not a single Badnik in sight (momentarily, anyways), Sonic and Elise head into a stretch of plains near town. Knowing that they’re safe, he sets the Princess down.

Sonic (huffing and puffing): Well, that was fun. He must be desperate for whatever flames he was talkin’ about

Elise: I can’t thank you enough for getting me out okay.

She notices a cut on Sonic’s arm [an actual cut, unlike in the vanilla game], assumably attained from the battle with the Egg Cerberus.

Elise: You’re hurt…!

Sonic (noticing the cut): What, by this? It’s nothing, I’ve handled way worse than-

Elise: Don’t say that. (She puts a bandage made from her dress on Sonic’s arm) I’m sorry I got you dragged into this…it’s all my fault.

Sonic: Don’t you wanna smile…? (A butterfly lands on Sonic’s nose. Elise smiles, and she flicks it off lightly.) That’s all the thanks I need.

Sonic questions the Flames of Disaster as they continue along the plains.

Sonic: So then, about the “Flames of Disaster” or whatever…is that the reason Eggman’s so hellbent on capturing you?

Elise: Yes. Our country’s name honors the sun god Solaris. When I was 10, my father experimented on him, splitting him two. It was going okay before something happened during the experiment; sometime afterwards, a massive firestorm swept through the castle valley and most of the surrounding city. That’s all I remember since I was so young; it was the same day I lost my father. (She starts panicking a bit) And now that Doctor is trying to cause that same disaster again! What can I do? I can’t let my people go through the same tragedies all over again.

Sonic thinks for a bit, then smiles. He grabs Elise’s arm and starts to run.

Elise: Sonic? Sonic?! Sonic, wait! I-I can’t run as fast as you!

Sonic: Don’t be scared, Elise. Just raise your head and run with me!

The scene slowly shifts as they continue running. It’s around 8:36 AM at this point; Sonic and Elise begin to take a rest on a nearby hillside.

Sonic: Felt great, didn’t it?

Elise: Yeah…I’ve never ran like that before.

Sonic: Well, nothing starts ‘til ya take action. If you’ve got time to worry, you’ve got time to run, simple as that.

When Sonic and Elise head back into town, Sonic feels like he hears something. When he turns his head, he notices an orb of psychokinetic energy heading towards him and Elise.

Sonic: Look out!

He swiftly moves himself and Elise out of the way. A mysterious man floats down.

???: I’ve finally found you. You’re the Iblis Trigger. Your actions will doom all of us, including yourself!

Sonic: Who the heck are you?

???: My name is Silver the Hedgehog. For the sake of the world’s future, you have to be destroyed!

Silver launches a psychokinetic spear at the two, whom Sonic saves.

Sonic: If it’s his future you’re fighting for, I won’t allow it! None of your little mind games are gonna work on me, pal!

Rival Battle: vs. Silver the Hedgehog

Intro: Time for you to disappear, Iblis Trigger!

In-battle dialogue:

Sonic: Can’t we ever be civil about things anymore?

(When grabbing)

Silver: It’s no use!

(When using what’s around him)

How about this?

(When throwing)

Take this!

(When defeating you)

Time to finish this!

(When hit)


(When defeated)

Everyone…I’m sorry…

Sonic and Silver both stand across from each other, panting heavily. They have both been subjected to severe blows.

Sonic: So…wanna give up now or do you not care about your heartbeat?

Silver simply pushes back Sonic into a building. Sonic lands on it and falls down. He barely has any strength left to get back up. Elise watches with concern.

Silver: Is this supposed to be…(pant)…a joke? How could someone…(pant)…like you…(pant)…be responsible for the world’s demise?

Sonic: Dude…(pant)…what’re you even…(pant)…talking about? (pant) Are you a lunatic or something?

Metal Sonic sneaks behind Elise once again.

Silver: Well, it’s not like it matters. It’s no use trying to fight back any further. I have to kill you so the world can be restored in the future.

Elise: Aaaahhh!!

Metal Sonic once again has Elise in his clutches.

Sonic: Elise!

Silver grabs him with energy.

Silver: Turning your back, I see…

Sonic: S-Silver, right? Listen, whoever y-you’re looking for, I’m not him! Put me…down…

Silver: You can’t trick me, you little weasel. It’s time to finally put an end to this!

Just as Silver is about to finish him off…

???: Silver! Stop it!

Sonic and Silver turn to see none other than Amy running to them, armed with her hammer.

Sonic and Silver: Amy?!

Amy tries to attack Silver and defend Sonic, but Silver freezes her hammer in place.

Silver: I thought I told you to stay out of my way! This is my mission!

Amy: Never! Sonic, get outta here! I’ll deal with Silver!

Sonic: Okay, Amy. By the way…sorry if I might of worried ya the other night.

Amy: It’s all right. I was worried, but that too worried. Just run!

Sonic limps at first, then begins to pick up speed and run.

Scene 5: Eggman’s Message

As Sonic goes, he begins to slow down.

Sonic: I think I’m pushing myself a bit too much.

He then remembers that he still has the Cyan Emerald that Elise gave to him.

Sonic: Wonder if I could heal myself with this Emerald?

When Sonic raises the Emerald into the air, it does just that; Sonic feels refreshed. Just then, seven Egg Gunners surround Sonic.

Sonic: Man, I’m gettin’ sick of you scrap heaps. Can’t your boss ever just cut me a break every now and then?

Mission 2: Take out the Badniks (Egg Gunner x7; Egg Buster x5; Egg Commander x1; Egg Chaser x6; Egg Guardian x4) Bonus Objective: Defeat the enemies in the time allotted (4 minutes)

Normal Clear Reward: 750 Rings; can now be replayed freely in the Mission Menu.
S-Rank Clear: 1000 Rings
A-Rank Clear: 500 Rings
B-Rank Clear: 400 Rings
C-Rank Clear: 300 Rings
D-Rank Clear: 200 Rings
E-Rank Clear: 100 Rings
Bonus Objective Met: Egg Gunner Statue

After clearing out the Badniks, Sonic puts his right foot one the head of a Gunner.

Sonic: Another one for the junkyard.

#1974184 Sonic 06 Remake Voice Cast

Posted by Perkilator on 19 February 2018 - 08:58 AM

Sonic 06 Remake Voice Cast (English)

-Sonic: Roger Craig Smith
-Tails: Kate Higgins
-Knuckles: Travis Willingham
-Amy: Cindy Robinson
-Eggman: Mike Pollock
-Shadow: Kirk Thornton
-Rouge: Karen Strassman
-Silver: Quinton Flynn
-Mephiles: Richard Epcar
-Elise: Karissa Lee Staples
-Metal Sonic: Paul St. Peter
-Omega: Vic Mignogna
-Orbot: Kirk Thornton
-Cubot: Wally Wingert
-The Duke of Soleanna: Corey Burton


#1974148 Anyone hear about the new story quests in the JP version?

Posted by Perkilator on 18 February 2018 - 09:58 PM

I think it's pretty cool that in Union X we'll get to fight Snake Jafar! I wonder why Nomura never put Jafar's snake form in the KH games at all in the first place! :O

I guess limitations? Then again, we fought Genie Jafar A-OK, so who knows.