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In Topic: I really hope Xigbar isn't the ''real'' villian

17 September 2018 - 07:58 AM

That's almost as bad as the nine year gap between KH and BBS. What was Xemnas and the Organization doing for that long?

Founding the Organization and looking for other members. Remember that flashback in KH2? Xigbar mentioned that he just recently found Marluxia in it.

In Topic: What do you expect to see in the longer TGS trailer for KH3?

16 September 2018 - 05:44 PM

I mean... change Xion to Data Riku/Repliku and I would pick that.

We technically don’t even know if it’s either, so I think it’s a bit early to say it’s Xion.

Anyways, all of these. I expect literally EVERYTHING here.

In Topic: New area of Olympus spotted as part of a Kingdom Hearts III demo in Del Mar,...

14 September 2018 - 10:37 PM

This is great, but I think this oughta be put in the spoilers section.

Hopefully this means we get to meet Zeus in person; remember guys, minor reference =/= disconfirmation (at least not always, anyways).

In Topic: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

14 September 2018 - 09:32 PM

Got two movesets ready:

Intro: Yarn Yoshi forms himself from a roll of yarn.

Notable Palette Swaps: Poochy, Kamek, Baby Bowser, Shy Guy, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi

Idle Animation: Yarn Yoshi gets tired and almost falls asleep.

Grab: Same as Yoshi’s, but he hugs the opponent instead of eating them.
Pummel: Yarn Yoshi headbutts them.
F-Throw: Yarn Yoshi turns into Moto-Yoshi and springs the opponent off his back after a short “ride”.
U-Throw: Yarn Yoshi turns into Umbrella Yoshi and spins around while slightly floating into the air.
D-Throw: Yarn Yoshi spins his legs around on the ground.
B-Throw: Yoshi turns into a cannon and shoots the opponent to the space behind him.

Special Moves:

B : Yarn Tongue; Yarn Yoshi lets out his tongue like Yoshi, but instead of eating whoever’s captured, he rolls them in a ball of yarn. When they come out, they become yarn, which slightly increases their launch ratio.
B + Forwards : Yarn Ball Toss; Yarn Yoshi throws a ball of yarn that deals meager damage, but goes slightly farther than Yoshi’s Egg Throw.
B + Up : Sky Pop; Yarn Yoshi turns into an airplane and does a loop. You can press the shield button to fire three bullets.
B + Down : Mermaid Yoshi; Yarn Yoshi goes underwater (can be seen swimming in ACTUAL water), and comes back up when B is released.

Final Smash: Double Yoshi Exploshi; Yarn Yoshi puffs up, and whoever gets caught up is treated to a cinematic attack where two giant Yarn Yoshis walk quickly and stomp on them.


1: Yarn Yoshi stomps around and stumbles to the right.
2: Yarn Poochy appears and Yarn Yoshi rides him like a bull.
1+2: Several multi-color Yarn Yoshis appear around Yarn Yoshi and joyfully circle him.


1: An army of Yarn Yoshis runs across the screen.
2: Poochy jumps on Yarn Yoshi and licks him.
3: Yarn Yoshi attempts a Flutter Jump, but falls on the ground.

Icon: Yoshi’s egg

Victory Music: Yoshi’s victory music

Kirby Hat: Yarn Kirby

Intro: Incineroar comes out of his Poké Ball and roars.

Notable Palette Swaps: Shiny, Zoroark, Pyroar (Male), Salandit, Mienfoo, Solgaleo, Lunala

Idle Animation: Incineroar roars up into the sky.

Grab: Incineroar grabs with his left hand.
Pummel: Incineroar spits fire at the grabbed opponent.
F-Throw: Incineroar throws them forward.
U-Throw: Incineroar performs a helicopter throw.
D-Throw: Incineroar performs Flame Wheel.
B-Throw: Incineroar suplexes them.

Special Moves:

B : Flame Belt; Incineroar ejects a spiral of fire from his belt. The flame gets weaker with time.
B + Forwards : Darkest Lariat; Incineroar spins around in dark flames hitting people in contact up to seven times. In the air, Incineroar’s body is horizontal. Effects like metal transformation or Superspicy Curry are ignored.
B + Up : Flame Charge; Incineroar engulfs himself in flames and charges upwards, either vertically or diagonally. If the button is pressed at just the right time after a midair Lariat, Incineroar will use a faster but weaker version of Flame Charge.
B + Down : Brutal Swing; a counter move. Incineroar blocks his head and, when hit, grabs the opponent and throws them slightly upwards, then emits a powerful dark aura.

Final Smash: Malicious Moonsault; Incineroar jumps upwards and takes whomever he hits into a wrestling ring. Glaring from the top, Incineroar jumps down and crashes into the opponent, sending them flying.


1: Incineroar tries to stand on all fours, and then stands back up.
2: Incineroar folds his arms and smirks.
1+2: Incineroar puts his left fist into his right hand.


1: Incineroar roars and goes into pose (refer again to concept art).
2: Incineroar sleeps while a Rowlet walks side to side on top of him.
3: Incineroar jumps from far away and lands with his land hand on the ground and his right hand the opposite direction.

Icon: Poke Ball

Victory Music:

Kirby Hat: Incineroar’s ears and whiskers.

In Topic: Create a Smash Bros. Event Match!

11 September 2018 - 11:08 PM

Four Trouble Heroes

You: King K. Rool (2-stock)

Allies: King Dedede, Bowser, Ganondorf (2-stock)

Opponents: Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link (2-stock)

Stage: Kongo Jungle (Melee)

Music: Gangplank Galleon

Description: “Expecting another hero saving the day ordeal? Well, too bad! This time, it’s the kings’ time to shine, especially MINE!”

Victory: All enemies are defeated

Defeat: All allies are defeated